By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America - Nancy Pelosi, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Nancy Pelsoi’s own archbishop has apparently finally had enough of her attempting to use her Catholic faith to defend moral horrors like Abortion.

As The Daily Wire reports:

San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone rebuked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Thursday for claiming to be a “devout Catholic” while defending taxpayer-funded abortions.

During a Thursday press conference, Pelosi said that while she feels “blessed” to be a “devout Catholic” mother of five, she does not believe it is her place to prevent poor women from having abortions.

“Because it’s an issue of health of many women in America, especially those in lower income situations, and different states, and it is something that has been a priority for many of us a long time,” Pelosi said in part.

The issue of how best to handle self-professed Catholic politicians who defy Church teachings regarding public support for abortion has become a flashpoint issue since President Joe Biden’s inauguration. In June, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) voted overwhelmingly in favor of drafting a document that could lead to a rebuke of publicly pro-abortion Catholic politicians.

Should Catholic bishops start to deny communion to supposedly Catholic Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden who defy its teachings on abortion? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. Absolutely deny her communion. In our church, we are to confess our sins before we take the break and wine. Am sure she is not doing that. As long as she justifies the killing of millions of babies not just in the US but for paying for them in other countries as well, she is no longer worthy of taking communion. She is continuing in her sin. There is a difference in sinning once and continually doing the same sin over and over again.

    1. Doesn’t the forgiveness of sin require a confession? How can Pelosi partake of the sacrament of communion without confession?

      Or, does she do it all telepathically between her and the Almighty? Does she even know who are the ministers in her parish?

      1. The forgiveness of sin does require a confession but it’s a confession of repentance and turning away from that sin directly to Almighty God and Jesus his son and believing that Jesus died for your sins and rose again. No confessional booths priests or popes necessary. Just kneel on your knees before God and accept Jesus and his holy spirit to live inside of your heart and be your Lord and Savior. If you sin the holy spirit will let you know. The conviction of the holy spirit is powerful! You just let God know you are sorry and need his help to overcome that sin. Whatever it is he will address it supernaturally because He loves you. He does want you to read your Bible though so you can familiarize yourself with his laws and desires for your life. Which are awesome! He knows you better than anyone because he created you and he wants to commune with you in his love. But you need to take the first step as aforementioned above.

        1. Amen to your comments. I was told this by God Himself when I was in the Catholic Church over 40 years ago, saying to me that no man can forgive sins, only God Himself can do that when we go to Him directly.

          1. you are so wrong in your comments. The Priest does not forgive sins….he is the representative of Christ, the one who forgives the sin. The Priest is not forgiving the sin but is the mediator between the sinner and God Almighty. Not too sure that God Himself came down to you with a message about forgiveness….nice thought but highly doubtful

          2. Scripture tells us that Jesus Christ is our mediator with The Father – we do not need to – but is helpful to confess these to a trusted brother or sister in Christ so that they can help us walk away from our sin and not return to it. That is call accountability to one another.

        2. That’s true. But unfortunately Ol Nancy thinks she;s in the right, so that’s something she will NOT do.

          1. Nancy and all democrats will NEVER admit they are wrong or have made a mistake…NEVER Happen


  2. I think it is only right that, if they support abortion, they should be denied the sacraments, as opposed to making a mockery of them. This goes right along with people desecrating the American Flag yet living in a nation that allows them that right. If you have this country so much, LEAVE!!

    1. I’ll append your sentiments with the admonition that people who identify their U.S. citizenship by preceding their allegiance(s) with foreign countries or continents should be transported to the same. By the same token, our leadership should be concerned with the American People, our borders, economy, energy independence, national security and infrastructure. If they pledge support for foreign nations, let them run for office in those locales.

    1. If you are of the catholic faith you cannot deny it by doing things that are not within the scope of your faith. A person doing this should be totally disavowed from the Catholic Church!

  4. I am not Catholic. But I think that if a politician or anyone else defies Catholic teaching on something as morally important as abortion then the church is not standing up for it’s own teaching & undermining it’s own credibility if they serve communion to them.

    1. No one needs to go to Hell. They need to go directly to Jesus Christ. He has conquered death Hell and the grave. Everyone including Nancy Pelosi can be saved from that fate by Accepting that Jesus is the son of God. God in the flesh came down to Earth from Heaven was born of a virgin. Chosen as the human vessel to carry him (Shocker He wasn’t alone in that home as a young boy either she also gave birth to at least 6 others. 2 of the books of the Bible James and Jude were written by his brothers and that home was Jewish As is the entire Bible Read it you will find out. If you want the true historical account of who Jesus is read the book of Luke. His original name is Yeshua. The only reason we call him Jesus is because that is the English translation of his original name from Hebrew. Anyway he was crucified as a sinless sacrificial offering for all of our sins to fullfill prophesy of Isaiah 53 because God does not lie all his words will come to pass. This leads us to the true gospel. The first Adam sinned against God and introduced sin into a sinless world since God is Holy and couldn’t be around sin Heaven had to institute a plan to reunite God’s creation with him again. It took about 4000 years to get around to it but then Yeshua Jesus was introduced as that solution. He performed many miracles on Earth but the Jewish religious establishment at the time rejected him which also helped to fullfill prophesy as you will read in Isaiah 53. So they sought to have him killed because they thought he was a troublemaker and a threat to their religious establishment. But this was Heaven’s plan all along. He had to be crucified in the flesh because you can’t nail a spirit to a cross. John 3:16 So God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. So anyway while still alive on the cross he took all sin upon him and the wrath of God against that sin upon him supernaturally. That is why the Father forsook him for 3 hours because he had to see his own son as sin and punish it accordingly. That is why the sky grew dark. When it was completed there was an earthquake and the veil of the temple tore from top to bottom and he said It is finished. The mission was almost complete but he had a couple more things to do after he died. He had to go down to Hell supernaturally and defeat Satan and take back the keys to Heaven from him. Then accomplishing this he rose from the dead visited the disciples for 40 days and was raptured back into Heaven which is his home anyway where he sits currently at the right hand of the Father. Someday which I believe is to be very soon He is coming back as Lord of Lords and King of things. You need to appeal directly to him though. He said I am the Way the Truth and the Life no one can come to the Father but through me. I have read the New Testament and I can’t find a pope. Not even in the book of Romans where if he was to be mentioned anywhere it would be there. Go directly to Jesus repent of your sins believe in the above story and ask him to be your personal Lord and Savior. He will confirm the adoption into the family of God within your spirit. But you have to really mean it! I hope this message gets to Nancy Pelosi somehow. God loves you but he wants you to repent of sin and accept Jesus as Lord. If you want to know what sin is read it in the book of Deuteronomy 5 though Jesus upped the ante when he came to earth in the book of Matthew 5:21-30. But don’t literally cut off limbs and gouge out eyes. These are just parables for instructions. He just said these things to show that Romans 3:23. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. But it’s ok because all that turn from sin and cry out to Jesus are saved. He paid the price for us. We just have to believe in him and trust him. Being a good person doesn’t cut it. It’s not what we do it’s about accepting what he did for us. Oh yeah and Peter was not a saint he was a fisherman who was one of the disciples but was also the first to recognize Yeshua Jesus as The Messiah and his name wasn’t Peter it was Cephas. He was also quite bratty. If you don’t believe me read the Bible yourself. I believe you may find the Catholic church in Revelation 17 though. Read the Bible yourself if you don’t believe me. I do believe God is against Sodomy which is homosexuality Genesis 19 and abortion since the pagans used to sacrifice their children to statues of other gods. I doubt he takes kindly to the mutilation of his much loved human creation. These are not my political views. It’s all in the Bible and if God said it I believe him.

      1. Scripture does not need much deciphering. When lawyers get involved with interpreting such topics, particularly political lawyers (And the bulk of them are lawyers, including Numb Nuts) you’ll be inundated with jargon that confuses the gentry. Did you know that the U.S. is now under “Noahide Laws”? Supposedly, Christians would be subjected to beheading under those statutes for practicing “Idolatry”. Makes one wonder why Jews are imposing their ‘beliefs’ on the rest of us.


  6. Damn Nancy, Have you ever thought about how many future democrat voters you’ve help kill over the years? And that’s the LEAST worrisome aspect of your vile decisions. Which one would have discovered a new miracle drug, or found a cure for cancer. But thanks to people like you, we’ll never know. Luckily neither me or any of us get to judge you for this…but make no mistake, you WILL be judged.

    1. Have you ever thought about how many future Republican voters are dying because 98% of those dying from COVID-19 now are unvaccinated. It’s rumored these people are anti science , are anti-government, anti-vaccine and don’t care what other people think especially their own children and spouses

  7. Exactly how does the bishop’s “stand” NOT apply to ALL of Christianity? The 6th “You shall not murder.” commandment translates murder of the “most innocent”. IMO -We must stop all abortions.

  8. Pelosi and similar Catholic politicians have not been taught or do not understand the theology of the True Presence in the Holy Eucharist. Perhaps the Church should restrict the reception of Holy Communion to only those Catholics who do believe and live the True Presence of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. This would eliminate the blasphemy of these politicians, who exploit the Holy Eucharist to their advantage, and other Catholics who similarly misunderstand the True Presence. Perhaps a wake up call to the Church Herself?

  9. You are not a Catholic if you believe in abortion and should excommunicated from the Catholic Church

    1. Pelosi was excommunicated once already back during the Obama administration . It was the previous Pope that excommunicated her . I do not know if it was or even can be lifted . But I would warn the Pope and Archbishop . Thomas Beckett excommunicated King Henry the First back in the 12th century and because of that was murdered by Henry’s minions . Something I wouldn’t put past Pelosi and her pals . Those who have crossed the Clintons have all to often paid the heavy price .

  10. Not only Catholic Bishops but the Bishops and leaders of ALL DENOMINATIONS need to rebuke their respective flock members.
    Thou shalt not kill!!

    1. You are so right, every church leader should condemn abortion and outright blasphemy of our politicians. The best way to avoid having an abortion is not do that which makes babied or be smart enough to use protection against pregnancy.

  11. I think it is high time to deny communion to all pro-abortion Catholics in the United States. For those who have supported abortion for many years it would be best to excommunicate them now.

  12. I agree with the Bishop! Not only that Pelosi abortion should not be used for a form of Birth Control! If you can’t afford to have children make sure you use precaution. All churches that have communion you are to have received Jesus Christ as your personal savior and agree with His teachings. We pay taxes to support our nation with things for good not bad!!

  13. CINO (Cathoilics In Name Only) should have been refused the Eucharist years ago. Glad the bishops are finally waking up.

  14. Abortion is anti-Christ, anti-God, and anti-Biblical. Only those who worshipped Baal and the other idols were the ones sacrificing babies and children. God specifically says He knits us together in our mother’s womb. If the catholic church is going to stand as a biblical church then they need to be calling out these horrendous sins for what they are and calling members to repentance. And yes, denying the sacraments.

  15. Any Catholic to receive Holly Communion must be in a state of Grace. Sponsoring of killing innocent unborn, or just born alive, is mortal sin. She is unworthy to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion. He same goes for Biden, Kerry, or any other Catholic supporting barbarian killing of innocent life.

  16. Oh, she’s Catholic. She attended every Bar/Bat Mitzvah in the 5 Boroughs for most of her life. That means she’s a Catholic.

  17. I’m not Catholic but I’m a Christian. Either way I don’t believe in abortion. I’m tired of politicians claiming to be a devout Catholic but claim it’s ok to kill unborn babies. I stand behind the Catholic Archbishop. Pelosi says it’s for health reasons for women to abort, that’s not so. They got pregnant and don’t want to be bothered. Why should the baby pay for woman’s not using something to keep her from getting pregnant. I know that the pill isn’t 100%. I got pregnant twice. But with all the other birth control, it can be prevented.

    1. You should read the book by Dr. Day, who claims churches are where Satanists indoctrinate their flocks. I was raised Catholic, but it became apparent to me that so much symbolism and ritualism is not necessary. I absolutely believe in God. So far, His Bible has accurately described our current debacles to a tee.

  18. Actually she should be thrown out of the catholic church.. that’s exactly how I feel. Why do we have to pay for abortions. Why don’t you just given birth control pills it’s cheaper maybe they’re lazy but you know everybody has to take responsibility for their own selves. I don’t want to see a child being killed because the mother decide she doesn’t want it or she can take care of it and she shouldn’t had sex in the first place that’s how I feel without protection of some sort.I don’t know how Nancy Pelosi can lift her head off the pillow in the morning after all the things that she and the Democrats have done to this country.

    1. Do you honestly think she would care if she were thrown out of the church ? 👺👹💀 She serves her new masters .

  19. If they support abortion they shouldn’t be allowed to join any Christian denomination. They cannot claim to know Christ and condone murder.

    1. You’re on the right track. Pogroms have been conducted in virtually every communist/socialist nation, ostensibly as some political maneuver to eliminate dissidents. The bottom line on abortions is that our leaders are embracing a totalitarian ideology that they possess the power over life and death. Currently, the Global campaign to effect “Sustainability” of our resources entails culling billions of human beings. No matter how ‘sensible’ such inhuman attitudes are made to appear, they still define a soulless cabal of dictators.

  20. These people are not Catholic by condoning the Murder of innocent children,the last I looked
    Thou shall not kill is still one of the Ten Commandants.

  21. She and Biden have never been devout Christians. They are as Evil as they come. They use the Catholic religion to convince people that they have good intentions even though it goes against all Catholic teachings. Hell will be a lot hotter when those two get there,!

  22. Is that really surprising about Pelosi. Finally someone called her out on her utter hypocritical, evil beliefs. I just don’t know how she, Biden, and others that support their godless views, can give no consideration about their eternity. I feel so sorry for them.

  23. Pelosi has shown, just like biden that they moral connection to any religious group.they have proven many times their distain for the American ppl. They live and breathe corruption and arrogance!

  24. “just” got outed? Anyone with half a brain knew she was a fraud from the start – both as a Catholic and also as a politician.

  25. She should not just be denied communion, she should be ex-communicated. She is commited to and furthers the murdering God’s creation.

  26. EVERYONE who supports abortion, government funded or otherwise, are Godless people. The Bible talks about God being there in your mothers womb while you formed. Chew on that

    1. When you are faced with a possible abortion you tend to take a pro life stand quickly. I thought I had miscarried my daughter once so I went to an abortion clinic in SF to confirm it. The ultrasound showed the fetus as not being viable and I was given 24 hours to make a decision. I was vomiting so much I did not believe them. I went back to my hotel room and cried and called a friend who prayed with me. I decided not to do it and see what would happen. A few days later another ultrasound showed a healthy fetus with a very strong heart. I carried her to term. It is hard to forget the ominous atmosphere if that clinic though. They murdered with no conscience. It felt truly evil!

      1. You made a good choice. Women are the most crucial human beings on our planet, because without them there would be no human beings on our planet. Abortions are now a business, including the partitioning of fetuses to sell those parts on the black market. Globalists seek to cull billions of humans in order to maximize resources, and tyrants simply kill because that power is irresistible to those despots. Once Numb Nuts gets us into a war, the subsequent Baby Boom will occur as the process of rebuilding our population repeats. I think you’ve realized what Role women were destined to play.


  28. Birth control starts in the “ BEDROOM” and NOT in the “Abortion Room “! Nancy doesn’t want to take a stand against Abortion, because Planned parenthood donated Lots of money to her campaign and under the table money to get bills passed for them. Typical Catholic …. Church on Sunday and molesting and raping children during the week. The Priest has NO room to condemn , they know every other priest that is a Pedophile and look the other way !

  29. I’m not Catholic so I don’t know all of their rules but I do know abortion is against their rules. As far as when the mother’s life is in danger, I don’t know what their rules are. I DO know abortion because giving birth would be inconvenient for the mother like the democrats are pushing is nothing more than MURDER. There is a great way to avoid getting pregnant that falls in line with Catholic rules-DON’T HAVE SEX UNLESS YOU INTEND TO HAVE A FAMILY.

  30. Those politicians who claim to be Catholics and support abortions shouldn’t even be allowed in the church.

  31. If she is receiving Communion she is committing a Mortal sin. She would not receive Communion in my Parish, neither would Joe Biden.

  32. You can’t support abortion for convenience and be Catholic or even Christian. Ending a pregnancy because it might be inconvenient for the mother is MURDER. In spite of the LIES Pelosi and her leftist demonrats want to spew, abortion because the mother doesn’t want to carry the child to term and give birth isn’t a “health” issue, it is MURDER. The best way to prevent pregnancy is to abstain from sex. Everyone, including the Pope, need to understand that abortion is murder. God told us not to murder.

  33. If Pelosi gets one more face lift, she will have a beard. She already has a hairy chest. This is only speculation of course, as I would not be interested in seeing it, especially after eating. This woman is demon possessed and bent on bring our country down.

  34. Abortion is wrong no matter what the reason! A child is a person from conception . No if or ans about it! God says so and there should be no discussion! I have pray for years for me to see Roe vs Wade over turned! What the Bible says is God’s words! The only one! You can’t sugar coat no matter how you want it! The radical progressive democrats in our nation if they don’t repeat will have a lot to answer to! In the Bible TRUE, not in the Bible LIE! Nothing more to say!

  35. When claiming devotion to a belief system, one follows the tenets of that system. If one doesn’t follow the tenets of that system, the system is at fault for condoning the violation.

  36. This bulldog looking RACIST pos, speaker of the house, I am quite sure she doesn’t even believe in GOD!!! Her own bishop says she is not Catholic!!! The DEVIL will take this pos, and I can hardly wait!!!

  37. A good Catholic is not measured by how many children on has in minimal time frame!!
    This woman has her own agenda, and it is not hooked to the Catholic Faith !

  38. Don’t fund the Murdering Abortions, Democrats! I can see spending that money on educating the “poor women” on making a decision to or not to have a baby, period. Once the sex party starts and with a decision being made to go all the way, taking that innocent’s life away IS NOT AN OPTION. Too bad, too sad, poor women, and own it.

  39. Why am I not surprised, murder of these babies is on her hands and May God do justice on her and her family the same that pelosi has done to these babies. The church show not allow politicians who are catholic and agree with abortions should not receive communion. If you lie to the church than you lie to God. Evidently pelosi and Biden are from a different cloth of hypocrisy and lies.

  40. Honestly, I did not even know that she was Catholic. I thought she was Jewish. I am relieved to know that she is not part of the mishpachah.

  41. God will be the final judge. Personally I believe all those promoting Abortion should NOT receive the sacraments, unless they start with a true confession. You can’t say your are a Christian and then vote for a Communist. Pelosi and other so called Catholics are being hypocrites. In the end only God can issue the final judgement

  42. As a Christian you are to obey the word of God and the murdering of babies is against Gods law. Pelosis actions are not that of a Christian. You cannot change Gods word to fit what you want to believe.

  43. Deny Communion for Pelosi and others that support abortion and using public money to pay for abortion. The Holy Bible says abortion is a sin. Period. Has nothing to do with poor or oppressed women.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. Can you provide me with a reference to the Holy Bible where it says that abortion is a sin? I am Pro-Life – I am just curious. I was just trying to say that Pelosi’s logic is way off course. It’s beyond having an illogical argument, it is atrocious to think that all poor (low income women) need or want an abortion. It is up to a woman to decide what she wants to do, but I agree, this should not be tax-funded. I come from my own racist family who act as though they care about human life and that everyone should have the opportunity to be a mother, but secretly think that these babies should be aborted.


  45. To the tens of millions of Catholics who have had an abortion or believe that abortion should be legal, just stop giving money to a religion that want you to burn in hell and obviously hates you. To the Catholic Church you might as well be a gay or lesbian.

  46. How does Nancy pray? Is it “God, forgive me and accept these infant souls that I provided the funds to murder?” To repent, she would have to continually pray because as soon as she hangs up her prayer with God she is sinning again. No communion for Nancy, she can’t get past asking for forgiveness.

  47. I am so sorry that she and others continue to insist that having an abortion is a right that God would approve of. Instead that is absolutely not true as God is the one that helps the babies to be created in the womb, so therefore He does not approve of killing that baby with an abortion. Unfortunately Nancy and all others who believe this is okay with God, or that it is their right to have abortions, will one day, if they do not repent, be standing before Him and He will be telling them they are not going to enter heaven!

  48. ‘jhesus’ was a fairy tale that the CATHOLIC TRAITORS believe in. Catholic is socialism. ALL CATHOLICS are socialists. Failure of a hundred nations, a thousand years of exactly 100% failure. Vote for ANY Catholic and you vote for a true history of perfect failure.

  49. Those who support abortion should not be allowed to partake of the Eucharist (Holy Communion) in Christianity.

  50. Absolutely deny them Communion you need a clean heart n soul to receive the Body of Christ and their willingness to kill babies is enough reason to deny them. Any priest who does not believe this is in denial of God’s commandments.

  51. She is only of Catholic Faith when convenient to be . The rest of the time , Pelosi worships at the church of Hypocracy

  52. Way to go, Catholic who say they are for abortion should not be aloud to take communion. You are to be in grace with our Lord first an not supporting abortions paid for by the government. The only one who can judge her is the Lord

  53. Nancy could care less what her bishop has to say when she has the pope on her side. She and Francis can change dogma as they please and they please to make life better for themselves by getting rid of the kids of the poor.

  54. The bishop should do something that is REAL. Excommunicate her and make it stand. Ban her from attending church or mass. He would do that if HE were honest in his criticism of her.

  55. Her argument regarding the poor is so disingenuous! The poor need more love and education and information on abstinance grace and adoption as well responsibility for the life they carry…The fact that the government sponsors this atrocity does not go un noticed…by its citizens and those in the world we can INFLUENCE. instead it’s the path of least resistance…The Speaker and the President need to be above politics especially as professing Catholics….just denounce your faith and there would be little to no criticism… what’s the point of reinforcing your lack of credibility? The church must be strong also in maintaining its credibility by denouncing such so-called parishioners…

    Both CHRISTand Paul stood strong in the face of hypocrisy, and Paul did so to Peter’s face, brother in Christ and the Church’s first POPE when playing politics with early Jewish converts….It is the OBLIGATION of the present church to do so publicly and let GOD manage the consequences!

  56. Nancy’s got a false conscience. Too bad she doesn’t have scruples, since she’d save everybody a lot of heartache. She is a lost soul who is full of hate, meanness, venom & is toxic to all around her. What she needs to remember is that the priest takes the place of Jesus in the confessional, that it’s Jesus’ Body & Blood received during Mass, AND you cannot be in a state of mortal sin when you receive Christ. This is a SACRILEGE! Rather than proclaim herself a CINO, she should become an Episcopalian.

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