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The massive, and massively expensive Olympic stadium built for the Tokyo Olympics will now reportedly be mostly empty for the majority of the games due to paranoia about the Coronavirus.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Tokyo’s $1.5 billion Olympic stadium, designed to hold more than 70,000 people, was nearly empty for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games opening ceremonies, with just 950 “VIP” guests in attendance.

Friday’s opening ceremonies were “muted” — a theme that looms over the Tokyo Games, which will take place largely without spectators or fans because of the city’s sudden spike in COVID-19 cases.

“Belated and beleaguered, the virus-delayed Tokyo Summer Olympics finally opened Friday night with cascading fireworks and made-for-TV choreography that unfolded in a near-empty stadium, a colorful but strangely subdued ceremony that set a striking tone to match a unique pandemic Games,” the Associated Press reported.

“Tokyo’s skyline goes as far as the eye can see, but from the air, the $1.5 billion stadium built for the 2020 Olympics stands out in the Japanese capital’s urban sprawl,” CNN added. ‘It can hold nearly 70,000 people, but for Friday night’s opening ceremony, most seats will be empty. Organizers said only about 950 VIPs will attend.”

The games are underway now and the first medals are scheduled to be awarded this weekend.

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