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After months of criticism and pressure, and an announced trip by former President Trump to the border, President Biden’s ‘immigration czar’ VP Kamala Harris rushed down to a quiet stretch of the Texas-Mexico frontier. There, while not admitting there was a border crisis, Harris blamed the surge of illegal immigration purely on ‘root causes’ in Central America, rather than on any specific policies by the Biden administration.

Meanwhile, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, says there isn’t a border crisis, and the establishment media does its utmost to provide Biden cover by not providing coverage. Unfortunately for Biden, Harris and Mayorkas, the numbers say otherwise. And so do the majority of the American people, according to the most recent polling.

According to Nolan Rappaport an executive branch immigration law expert who also served on the House Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Claims, illegal border crossings have reached a 20-year high. He notes in The Hill:

In the four months before Biden took office, illegal crossings averaged 70,000 a month. The number rose to 97,640 in February, the first full month of Biden’s presidency; to 169,204 in March; and to 173,686 in April; and it was 172,011 in May.

He adds that no matter of White House spin can convince the American people that there isn’t a crisis. Even worse for Team Biden, most Americans blame Biden and his administration for the crisis. They also support returning to the stricter and more effective policies implemented by President Trump.

According to Rappaport, the entire crisis is strangely self-inflicted. This is something I have stated several times, here, here, here and here.

Just one month prior to being sworn in, Biden said he wasn’t going to implement his radical immigration campaign promises right away, writes Rappaport. Apparently, Biden understood that if he ended Trump’s ‘remain in Mexico program,’ and the rest of his border security measures too soon, it could cause a surge of 2 million immigrants at our border.

Biden said it would probably take six months to prepare for implementing new border security measures. But, Rappaport notes, Biden inexplicably made most of the changes on Inauguration Day.

And America has seen the terrible result.

Rappaport’s piece in The Hill documents the vast gulf between Team Biden and the American people over immigration and border policy:

Harvard CAPS/Harris poll that was taken between June 15-17, 2021, found that 74 percent of the registered voters polled think the surge in illegal border crossings is a crisis that must be addressed immediately.

This is particularly significant because 84 percent of them underestimated the number of illegal crossings. Only 7 percent knew that there are between 150,000 and 200,000 illegal crossings a month. 

Only 36 percent think that Biden should continue his current border security polices; 64 percent think he should issue stricter policies to reduce illegal crossings.

Most voters (68 percent) think that Biden’s immigration executive orders encourage illegal immigration, and 55 percent think that his border policies are increasing the flow of drugs and crime into the United States.

More than half (55 percent) think that Biden should have left former president Donald Trump’s immigration executive orders in place.

Eighty percent (80%) consider illegal immigration to be a “serious” problem, and 43 percent responded that it is a “very serious” one.

Sixty seven (67%) percent think that illegal crossers should be turned back to Mexico.

A majority (61 percent) believe that the flood of tens of thousands of unaccompanied alien children is Biden’s fault.

These surprising poll numbers show that the border crisis Biden denies, and the media hides, is far worse politically than he realizes. As Americans continue to learn of the horrible extent of the self-created border crisis Team Biden continues to deny, expect this to become a major campaign issue in 2022, and likely in 2024 as well.

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  2. Our total idiot of a President is living in an alternate universe and is being fed false information by his handlers.

  3. It’s not a crisis, it’s an invasion orchestrated by Biden. Why do you think he does nothing to thwart it. Were I president, I would use force, including lethal force, to stop it dead. They’d soon get the message that you don’t travel 2,000 miles to die at the end of a gun.

    1. Biden is brain dead. Ireland ignored the ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS over 1500 years ago. Ireland is still a destroyed nation. Now the ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS are doing the same to the USA. All defense must be mustered. Biden is a CATHOLIC TRAITOR.

  4. The Dems lust for perpetual control tops whatever the people of this country want. If they are not stopped in 2022 & 2024 then the future of American citizens will look pretty bleak after these policies are allowed to take root.

  5. There has been more chaos in Biden’s first few months than we’ve seen in decades.
    Just think about it, we’re simultaneously witnessing:
    ❌ The highest number of illegal immigrant apprehensions in 21-years
    ❌ Rapidly increasing inflation alongside skyrocketing prices of critical goods
    ❌ Widespread unemployment coupled with a MASSIVE shortage of willing workers
    ❌ +1,000 missiles raining down on Israel, our most important ally in the Middle East
    ❌ Energy insecurity at levels that would’ve been unthinkable under President Trump
    Biden and Kamala have FAILED the American people in every imaginable way, and world leaders are taking note.
    We cannot and will not tolerate this embarrassment any longer.

    From the freedom loving patriots of a commie free America!

    1. Critical Race Theory indoctrination being forced in our schools and the Military as well as many of our largest corporations. The control of our public tax funded schools by the Marxist Teachers union headed by Randi Weingarten. The destruction of two years of our children’s education while these Marxist union member teachers enjoy full pay and benefits. They obviously hate children shown by their desire to stay away from them in the classrooms. I am preparing to sell off any shares in my IRA’s of corporations who are forcing Critical Race Theory.. It is imperative that all American citizens read and learn about the roots and authors of this TOXIC MARXIST THEORY. It is being forced down our throats by the smallest minority in the USA who controls 70% of all wealth in the USA. This group also controls our Media and the Teachers Unions. It is about time this group came out into the light of day and admit their hatred of America and her citizens.

  6. Biden’s pathological lying history is bare for any 1/2 a brain cell endowed ‘researcher’ to ‘reveal’…the corrupt MSM just ignores it….would not put it past them, as do google, twitter etc., to expunge their’files’ of all relevant materiel in this connection…


  8. According to the biden crime family all is in line for their drug enterprise and hunter is supplying drugs with every purchase of monkey art he produces!
    The communist democrat party is a cult and too many people have been drinking the Kool-Aid!

  9. Well all the pedophiles need children to abuse? Since Military are cleaning our all D.U.M.B.S and rescuing millions of children, they needed more “Stock” They also require more illegal voters seeing as democrat’s are fast getting Voters remorse for voting for the Ghost and his giggling sidekick

  10. Ireland ignored the ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS over 1500 years ago. Ireland is still a destroyed nation. Now the ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS are doing the same to the USA. All defense must be mustered. Biden is a CATHOLIC TRAITOR.

  11. No, there isn’t a crisis. It is an invasion and Biden knows that because he planned it.

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