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The Michigan Auditor General is now reportedly investigating the role Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer had in the state’s covid-19 nursing home deaths.

As The Washington Free Beacon notes:

Michigan’s top government oversight official is investigating the number of residents who died from COVID-19 in nursing homes as a result of a controversial public health policy mandated by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D.).

Michigan auditor general Doug Ringler announced the audit last week following legislative hearings that questioned the accuracy of state data on COVID-related deaths in long-term care facilities. Republicans have argued Whitmer’s administration undercounted deaths after the governor allowed COVID-infected seniors to return to nursing homes for treatment. The state health director has disputed those claims, saying the data are “self-reported” by facilities.

Whitmer, who was reportedly considered for Joe Biden’s running mate during the 2020 campaign, has come under fire before for her COVID-related public health policies. Shortly after lockdowns began in April 2020, the Michigan governor was criticized by a bipartisan coalition for her seemingly arbitrary and overly restrictive stay-at-home order. The measure permitted marijuana dispensaries and liquor stores to remain open but closed businesses selling hardware and gardening supplies.

Whitmer also blocked state Republicans in July 2020 from passing a bill that would have prevented COVID-infected seniors from being treated in nursing homes.

According to the Michigan State Department of Health and Human Services 34 percent of all coronavirus deaths occurred in nursing homes.


    1. Recalled and hung for murder.. why you all so forgiving when you have a predator like this b..ch killing older helpless people?

  1. She needs to be indicted and convicted and sent to Gitmo for 15 years for multiple manslaughter

    1. You told the truth and were not blocked, you must have caught the globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep, moderators smoking crack .

  2. This woman, like Cuomo, is guilty of mass murder in the nursing home scenarios. A state governor CAN be indicted and tried (unlike the American president), and SHOULD be tried by the people of Michigan for the horror, misery, and death she caused by her loathsome exercise of dictatorial authority. Michigan might as well have been Communist China – rather than America. Are the Democrats going to allow justice to exist, or are they going to smother justice, like they have been doing ever since Donald Trump was elected?

    1. They were doing it subtly for decades , President Trump has exposed their evil, that’s why they hate him, and the rats cannot bribe, blackmail or manipulate him. That also annoys them immensely. God guides President Trump, God protects and strengthens him too

  3. Gretchen planned all of this, plus she shut down almost all of the small business mostly Republican’s while allowing the big money donor’s companies stay open, and she can vacation in Florida. There was good thing that came out of this is when her husband tried cut in front of the line when launching his boat because he was the governors husband and he was told to get to the back of the line. Maybe someday they will figure out who pays their wages.

  4. She used to work for Soros. A really horrible person who is a total hypocrite as well. She and her Husband and children went to their Holiday home whilst Michigan residents were not allowed to go anywhere. And add to that , she allowed abortions to proceed!

  5. Anybody with a speck of brains knows that you don’t infect a nursing home with a virus period. Communist democrats intention to place infected hospital patients in nursing homes with covid-19 by using them as an alternative to hospitals killed many who would not have died from covid because of their isolation from the public!

  6. This is the worst of it, by far, but she stopped people from buying seeds for gardens and blocked use of watercraft. That is denying food to the public. And, oh, there is so much more…. There is supposed to be a recall underway… not sure how far along that is… I was going to put my boat in back in April…. if stopped, I would have said, “who in their right mind would tell people they could not use their boat?”

    I live in the great state of Michigan…. Detroit area is what usually rules in voting, and condemned-o-crats have the wool pulled over the eyes of too many people…. And, I still say that over half of the people who voted for the donkeys are turning over in their graves, literally.

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