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A new poll is showing that Joe Biden’s popularity has faced a steep decline with voters as the traditional ‘honeymoon period’ draws to an end and political and economic problems continue to melt.

As The Hill reports:

President Biden has maintained a relatively high overall approval rating at 55 percent, though his support among fellow Democrats has seen a decline in the past couple of months, according to a new Reuters-Ipsos poll released Wednesday.

Despite this, the biggest decline in support for Biden this month occurred among members of his own party, particularly among those under the age of 40, nonwhite Democrats, and those without a college degree, according to the poll.

According to the Reuters-Ipsos poll, 48 percent of respondents said they supported how Biden has handled the economy, down from 52 percent in April, while the percentage who disapproved of his economic policy performance ticked up 4 percentage points to 43 percent.

Meanwhile, while Biden has promised to fulfill his commitment to combatting the “epidemic” of gun violence across the country, approval of his job performance on the issue experienced a drop of 8 percentage points overall from April to June amid a series of high-profile shootings across the country, with a decline of 11 points among Democrats.

And with the economy in shambles, inflation rising and crime soaring Biden’s approval will likely only continue in one direction: downward.


  1. Imagine that, the you ain’t black crowd that voted for the most popular dandelion picker in history & a washed up mutt from CA that couldn’t even win a primary in her home state or raise money on her knees… loosing popularity…

  2. Could there have been a worse choice for president or VP? I don’t think so. With Biden screwing up our economy and our Border Czar refusing to go near the flash points on the border we are really in an emergency position.There are multiple recounts going on at this moment to prove the election has been compromised and we are being led by a pretender and an impostor. The pretender isn’t the legal president and the impostor isn’t fit to hold the office she is representing.

    1. Actually, Kamaltoes was a beneficial pick for the purpose of appeasing feminists. She’s also demonstrating why gender should not be factored into campaigns for public office, because people like her believe they have free rein to impose authority upon their subjects due to they’re ‘protected’ status as a minority politician. Odumbo demonstrated such an attitude: If you opposed the edicts of that commissar, you were a RACIST. Now this dimwit has her gender to bolster such a claim.

  3. This toxic administration is a train wreck that has already failed. I am trying my hardest to figure out if there is anything positive that someone could say about this administration. I just wonder if the entire O’Biden team wakes up every morning to a Socialist agenda then plans on how to make things worse in this country.

  4. “Honeymoon period” ?…more like a “screw job”….I can’t believe his approval rating is even in the double digits…. more like…minus….this whole mess is just unbelievable….I’m still stunned that there are actually people who think this is someone who should be leading our country….did everyone see his creepy whisper video….yikes…cringe….

  5. He wasn’t ‘popular’ during his campaign. One look at the ‘crowds’ his rallies drew would indicate he was not a viable candidate. This election was a coup, and like (other..) Third World Nations, the regimes that arise from such ‘elections’ will prove to be dictatorial.

  6. They got what they wanted by cheating. Hasn’t taken some of them long to find out what they thought they were getting didn’t materialize. Shame so many woke up so late.

  7. Everyone that has a conscience knows Biden isn’t the true President. He’s a liar, cheater, thief and a total pedophile.

  8. The polls are lying about the number being that high! Dementia jo has taken the lead on being the worst president ever in the United States of America in just over 100 days stripping that record from Jimmy Carter, which is very happy now that he is no longer the worst!

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