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The Democrat primary race for mayor of New York City has now descended into chaos after major discrepancies were found in the vote, with the board of elections admitting that they ‘mistakenly’ added over 100,000 fake ballots to the race.

As The Wall Street Journal reports:

The New York City Board of Elections will redo its tally of votes in the Democratic mayoral race after inadvertently including tens of thousands of test-run ballots in its count, a board spokeswoman said Tuesday night.

Hours earlier, the board published on its website the preliminary results of ranked-choice voting tabulations, showing former sanitation commissioner Kathryn Garcia had vaulted to second place, trailing Eric Adams by fewer than 3 percentage points.

The Board of Elections spokeswoman said there were 135,000 dummy ballots inadvertently included in Tuesday’s count, which caused the discrepancy. They hadn’t been cleared from mandatory prequalification of the system conducted before elections, and to what extent the dummy ballots affected the count isn’t clear. Election officials planned to redo the ranked-choice voting tabulations on Wednesday.

Eric Adams, the candidate who has been previously leading in the vote was so incensed by the fiasco that he threatened to reject the results, as The Hill reports:

The board’s initial tweet came not long after Adams, the Brooklyn borough president, released a statement pushing back on the new count, saying he was seeking clarification from the city Board of Elections.

“The vote total just released by the Board of Elections is 100,000-plus more than the total announced on election night, raising serious questions. We have asked the Board of Elections to explain such a massive increase and other irregularities before we comment on the Ranked Choice Voting projection. We remain confident that Eric Adams will be the next mayor of New York because he put together a historic five-borough working class coalition of New Yorkers to make our city a safer, fairer, more affordable place,” he said.

The error drew swift backlash from journalists and election observers and plunged an already-complicated election into turmoil.

It seems that after months of attacking conservatives for raising legitimate questions about the 2020 election, the tables have now turned on many Democrats.



  1. “Dummy Ballots”, I think that about sums up Democratic voters mentality in general doesn’t it? Of course the problem is, they meant to use the dummy ballots in the general election to have them cast for the Dem candidate vs. the Rep candidate. These dopes can’t even get their fake ballots run in the correct election! (Sarc intended).

      1. Yes . Now that they were allowed to ” Win ‘ the way they did . There will never be another fair election ? SCOTUS could have helped fix it but , they were ” influenced ” not to .

  2. I’m glad this is the first time this has happened. Whew, imagine what would have happened in a larger-scale election!

      1. Thanks to the do-nothing Americans who allow it with a easy defeat at capital protest. Now the anti-American democrats and medias can do anything and everything they want because of easy cowards and defeatist!

    1. It will Now because Americans allow the anti-American democrats and rinos and their tools for hate and division of America to get away with the 2020 elections voter fraud and anything and everything, so it is just as much Americans fault as it is theirs!

  3. Supreme Court needs to drop the hammer on election methods, but I’m not so sure anymore that they are not bot and paid for also.

  4. This is a real conundrum ! Democrats cheating Democrats when everyone knows that Democrats NEVER cheat on any elections ! ?

      1. You used the word bern, that had to hurt some libby snow flake sheep, moderator little feelings . . . . .

  5. they just DO NOT learn from their past mistakes, what a SHAME. But I take no pity on any of them.

  6. The commiecrats are causing confusion in their so called election to force the pro police candidate out without being obvious. That’s how they roll. If you don’t march with them then will destroy you. It’s all about divide and conquer

  7. The USA for all elections must adopt the good old fashioned Canadian System of Voting- paper ballots

  8. No blue area in the country, that means blue counties in red states like Maricopa county in Arizona and Fulton county in Georgia, can be left to their own devices when it comes to elections. They are not good enough, they are not smart enough, well of course they are smart enough they’re Democrats.

  9. Nothing the National Socialists do is on the up and up. They forgot to stash those ballots for the midnight count.

    1. Socialism is a very appealing doctrine to certain people, particularly those who’ve been conditioned for decades by the media and political campaigns to implement the scheme. What these unwitting people do is erect a regime that quickly discards their altruist sheep’s disguises, and bare their despotic fangs once they have a political majority. Obama was such a sterling example of this trait, he should have been preserved in a bottle at the Kremlin.


  11. Here we go again, leave it to the LIBERALS DEMOCRATS they can SCREW UP a wet dream. Stupidity and Ignorance runs deep, VERY deep. These IDIOTS should be in Jail, enough BS from these MORONS fire ALL OF THEM, they are USELESS!

  12. This crap has been going on for DECADES. There is irrefutable proof that organized crime got involved in the 1960 race on behalf of JFK. It has been established, through extrapolation, that it’s likely Nixon actually beat JFK in 1960. In 2012, so much voter fraud was found in upwards of a dozen states, that it’s likely Romney not only beat Obama, but beat him handily. 2020 speaks for itself. A group of physicists did a forensic audit on 23 Dominion machines, taking the code apart line by line, and after 4 months of work, it was determined the likely outcome should have been Trump 82.2m votes, Biden 48.1m votes. Funny how the cheating always works against Repubs…

  13. Who would want to be elected under those false conditions? They would have to be very hard up to take power through false pretenses and corruption; if it were me, I would want to be elected fair and square; I would feel like a real heel, if I assumed power through falsified votes. What about being honest and honorable and representing the people honestly and with integrity. If they are stealing the election by cheating, what else are they CHEATING — surely they have absolutely no qualms about cheating the people, about lying, about being dishonest and about disrespecting the Country and the flag for which they are supposed to stand for.

  14. L ISTEN UP….GOD Says….ALL TRUTH Shall Be REVEALED. NOTHING Will Be HIDDEN. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  15. MSM and other people said there isn’t any signs of massive voter fraud. With 100,000 fake votes discovered, I think they just had that narrative blown completely out of the water. If it happened in this election then it happened in the 2020 national election. This also means Giuliani needs 2 get his law license back. Here’s the proof he was telling the truth.

    1. When they say is was only 100,000 fake votes, it actually means 1,000,000 fake votes, AMERICANS know how globalist media always manipulate their numbers .

  16. Told you so!! If there were 100,000 “DUMMY BALLOTS” COUNTED IN THIS MAYOR’S RACE, think how many MILLIONS OF VOTES ARE “DUMMY VOTES” that were used to make sure Joe Biden won??! Besides, NANCY PELOSI AND DIANNE FEINSTEIN are stockholders in DOMINION VOTING MACHINES!!!

  17. The Dems are now fixing the elections if the Democratic party candidate doesn’t appear to be crazy enough.

  18. Here we go again. “Inadvertently” is the term they use. You’ll hear that again and again. How about “intentionally but you’re not supposed to find out” instead.

  19. Dumbocrat New York figures a way to defeat a winner after the true popular vote comes in by stuffing the ballot box in an obvious communistic way, Comrades this is the way to regulate the “Masses of the People whose opiate is religion” just like Marx, Trotsky, Lenin Stalin,and Beria said. Just wait for the show trials of dissidents and the banishment to Gulags. What a CROCK!

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