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A contestant in the state-level Miss USA contest for Nevada made a very strange kind of history on Monday when they became the first transgender individual to ever be crowned ‘Miss Nevada.’

As ABS/CBN reports:

A Filipino-American trans woman is set to compete in Miss USA 2021 after winning the Miss Nevada title on Monday (Manila time).

Besting 21 candidates for the crown, Kataluna Enriquez wore a sparkly rainbow dress she designed herself during the Miss Nevada USA pageant.

“Congratulations to our new Miss Nevada USA,” read the latest post on the Miss Nevada USA Instagram page, which showed Enriquez with the pageant’s executive director, former Miss USA Shanna Moakler.

“History made!” it added.


Enriquez will now go on to compete for the title of ‘Miss USA.’

Does Enriquez’s crowning signal the beginning of the end of the Miss USA pageant? Let us know what you think in the comments below.




    1. Package check PLUS DNA check.
      DNA does not lie.
      Barry Age 76
      PO1 USN RET
      Vietnam 3x (Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club)

    1. Surely, more of them to come… hope no earthquakes, fires, flood. or strayed meteorite strike USA…

      1. Hi this Is disgusting. What is happening to our country. I am a veteran along with my daughter and husband. I think it should be disqualified

  1. this is most disgusting! what is our great country coming to? this “person” should not be allowed to enter the contest under these circumstances…

  2. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. God I hope this thing stays in Vegas!! I wonder if he/she still has the junk hanging low..

  3. History made? This is the kind of history we want our country to be making….when up is down and down is up…..have a “transgender ” competition if they want…..don’t taint the rules and guide lines of a traditional competition….it’s becoming that anything against the “norm” is being pushed on the rest of the population…..whatever “they” decide is suppose to be the flavor of the day…..they can turn themselves into trees for all I care….just quit imposing it on the rest of us….our world and decisions still count…contrary to this “woke” world….

  4. Pretty soon, they will allow for trans-gender men to women to compete in the Olympics. Wait… they already do that…. Where is the line? I bet they won’t let them serve in the military…. What!??? They already do that…. Well, we sure won’t spend military funding, US taxpayer funds to perform the surgery or do any counseling…. WHAT??!!!

    “Male and female created He them”

  5. I am just glad I am older and married…. I could not imagine meeting someone and dating them, only to find out it’s not what you think…..

  6. This is absolutely disgusting and is carrying things too far! What is wrong with the people of Nevada to encourage this type of nonsense. Women need to compete in every area of endeavor with natural born women not men who cannot make it as a man. The gender you were born into is who you are and no amount of cosmetic surgery can change the abilities God gave you at birth.

  7. That thing should be entered in the ” Mentally Challenged Contest”. What part of MISS, dont they understand. Stop feeding their dillusions.He will never be a woman.

  8. The other contestants didn’t stand a chance once this thing divulged his/her/they/its sexual status. Of course, they’re all probably just fine (NOT REALLY) with this obvious “politically correct” statement by the Nevada Pageant’s Selection Committee. If I were just awakened after a 6 month coma, I wouldn’t believe I came back to the same place I left. What a fkng joke.

  9. I blame the Miss America Pageant for letting a mentally deranged contestant to participate in the event. I wonder what the swimsuit parade looked like??? These people are sick and millions will not watch a sick, mentally deranged boy who thinks he is a girl to play in this game. Sad state of affairs.

  10. Nevada is as nuts as California. Gods judgement will fall on you. There is no such thing as transgender. There is male and female. If you have a penis you are male, if you do not you are female. You do not have a choice no matter how many hormones you take, or how many surgeries you have. If you are confused, you are just nuts.

  11. this is just the !st step ,on the road to NO moral or truth of what was created by God Originally when the world was made 10,000 years ago. ITS the road to hell on a slippery slope .

  12. Where is the photo of the ‘swimsuit’ competition? This is a crock of bull…this mental case only won because the judges wanted to allow this evil mindset to get attention….Satan is in control….

  13. She has a right to define herself however she wants to. If we wish to make DNA checks part of the rules then we should go ahead and do so. I think the Miss USA contest is something we should leave in the past. We have more important things to celebrate than someone looking sexy.

    1. And we have the right to our views on her/his definition….and we also have more important things to celebrate than someone confused about their gender….

  14. Yes, this could easily signal the end of the pageant. Let’s encourage all aspiring contestants to, instead, focus their time, talents, money and efforts on feeding hungry people, housing homeless people, clothing those who have to wear rags, visiting those who are sick and in prison, etc.

  15. I am totally against transvestites, those who are the actual transgender, competing against women on any level or event but if the person has had a full and complete sex change there might be room for discussion. Realize that DNA is not absolute and some of those who have had surgery were classified as intersex, not transgender at all, and it is those for whom I have sympathy for they are being wrongfully added to the transgender construct.

  16. So sad for all of the equal rights that women have fought for over the years….they are all being given back to men!!! How insane is this?

  17. This should not even be considered. When a person is born, they are either male or female. Change parts, give shots, cut off something, add something will not change who they are or want to be. This is sick.

  18. I thought the pagent was to select a Miss Nevada. If it’s for transgender participation, the pagent should be renamed Mister/Miss Nevada.

  19. WTF is wrong with you people?????? You can’t tell me with a straight face that this isn’t the worst case of pandering this WEEK. Are all the schwanz-less females in Nevada ok with this??????

  20. Just wait until a man beats a Venus or Serena or some 6’5” dude joins the NBA and dunks on them all. These are sports filled with leftists and they deserve to be bested by men for allowing this and voting for the people that say this is going to now be normal. Do whatever you want in your personal life but don’t ruin culture or “science” as the lefties try to claim. One way to stop all of this is to check testosterone levels or testosterone inhibitor levels. If either is too high, you’re not allowed to compete as a woman just as they test for other enhancement drugs. Notice how you never see a woman join a man’s sport as a man? Because we all know that the science is that, overall, men have strength over women. It is in the DNA – science! There may be 1 or 2 women in the world who just happen to be extremely manly and could compete but extremely rare. Not only that, but can’t we just have some things that are manly and some that are womanly and celebrate our differences instead of breaking them down all the time?

  21. The contestant looks quite ‘pretty’ on the surface. But I thought the message of the pageant was about total womanhood, more than just walking about on stilettos and looking ‘pretty.’ If I as a genetic woman with a woman’s fate of child-bearing and motherhood in store and had to compete with this, I might feel dehumanized and I would be PISSED. How ’bout YOU?


  23. What utter bulls*&t!!! This country is going down on biden/harris COMMUNIST REGIME. This is scarey, we HAVE TO END THIS ENTIRE REGIME!!!

  24. How many legs does a dog have if you count its tail as a leg? Four! Calling a tail a leg don’t make it one. Calling a male a female, even if he has a dicktorectomy and hormone shots to make his boobs double Ds, don’t make him one.

  25. Wake up people, this satanic. These people have been given over to the dark evil. We as God’s creation need to stand in unity pray for deliverance for these people in deception

  26. I will definitely not be watching it. This pageant has gone down in the last few years and has become too politically.

  27. Only biological women should compete, these
    bozo leftists are trying to turn everything upside
    down. Then turn around and say we’re anti everything. I don’t dislike gays or transgenders
    but this is a women’s competition and should
    stay that way.

  28. This is just wrong! So ridiculous that “she” can even speak of womanhood! Have a child, have a period, and go through menopause and then you have the right to call yourself a woman!

  29. NO, NO, NO! if this person was born a man and still has his male baby making parts then he is still a man but dressed as a woman.
    Shame on you for destroying yet another female based show that I watched every year but will no longer. Thank you so much!

  30. There are, according to my college classes, only two genders, male and female. You can cut your stuff off, get boob job, grow your hair long, make your booty big, and wear a dress the rest of your life, but you will always be a man. Your DNA is not altered in the least with your sex change. My personal onion is you don’t really change gender with surgeries, you simply become a freak. May God save us from this stuff.

  31. Bad enough when you don’t know who you are but when you don’t know what you are, that’s worse.

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