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Candidates who embraced Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s “Green New Deal” went down in flames in 2020.

A new poll may show why.

Despite claims from the Left that voters are demanding radical action to stop so-called “climate change.”

A new poll of 1,200 registered voters, conducted for the Competitive Enterprise Institute finds that despite non-stop indoctrination from the media and political figures that “climate change” is deadly and tax hikes can stop it, virtually no one is willing to pay higher prices or taxes.

When asked “How much of your own money would you be willing to personally spend each month to reduce the impact of climate change?” the most popular answer was “$0,” at 35 percent.

Half of those polled were not willing to spend more than $10 to reduce climate change.  Only 24 percent of voters were willing to spend more than $50.

Only 25 percent were willing to pay more to replace their gas-powered car with a “green” electric car that runs on toxic heavy metal batteries from open Chinese pit mines.

That’s bad news for the “Green New Deal,” which comes with a $5 trillion price tag.

Among those who claim to be concerned about climate change, the concern appears to be mostly virtue signaling.

70 percent of Democrats claimed to be concerned about climate change but only 37 percent are willing to give up gas vehicles – a centerpiece demand of the “Green New Deal.”

The poll is hardly slanted.  The sample was 36 percent Democrat, 30 percent Republican and 34 percent independent.  55 percent of respondents approve of President Joe Biden’s job performance, in line with other polls.

While Biden won the 2020 election, by denying he opposed fracking and the “Green New Deal,” down-ballot Democrats who ran on it were decimated, losing 12 House seats and nearly losing the Senate.

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  1. How can 55% of ANY grouping of people agree that Pedo Joe is doing a good job as Pres? The guy is freaking brain dead! Actually, the less he does the higher his approval rating gets. What does that tell you?

    1. My thoughts as well. What Retirement Home for Former Democommiecrats are they polling? I’ve about a half dozen friends who voted for Slo Joe & Ho. Every single one has apologized for voting for the Senile Fool.

      1. The polls are taken inside CATHOLIC cult holes….Catholic is socialism. ALL CATHOLICS are socialists. Failure of a hundred nations, a thousand years of exactly 100% failure. Vote for ANY Catholic and you vote for a true history of perfect failure.

        1. I’m Catholic and a Republicans. As to the cult issue, study cults before you make an uneducated opinion. I preach against Socialism, Democratic idiocy, Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the many other hypocrites in Washington. By the way, do you know the difference between doctrine and dogma? As to AOC, Biden, Pelosi, they are Catholic in name only as they preach against what the church teaches….Just because the fake news highlights their Catholicism doesn’t make them faithful Catholics any more than it makes you knowledgeable about the Catholic Church. You cannot see past your anti-Catholic bias to observe objectively. Yet, I will fight for your First Amendment rights to say anything you wish but back it up with reality instead of unfounded judgements.

    2. The Slo Joe&Ho crowd are SOO brainwashed they’ve lost all ability to think and reason on their own!! It’s irritating and laughable to listen to them preach their loyalty to this STUPIDITY!!!

      1. Yep, no brain! Remove brain, insert dogma and you have a brain dead CATHOLIC TRAITOR ZOMBIE forever.

    3. Catholic is socialism. ALL CATHOLICS are socialists. Failure of a hundred nations, a thousand years of exactly 100% failure. Vote for ANY Catholic and you vote for a true history of perfect failure.

  2. “Po Po” AOC. Her “cooper drooper” juggernauts are saggin a little lower each day with these poll results. Gettin closer to Piglosi’s level each day.

    1. AOC is CATHOLIC.. Piglosie is CATHOLIC. Bideni is CATHOLIC.. A hundred nations, a thousand years and exactly 100% failure. Do not forget Coocumomo the other CATHOLIC traitor.

        1. Ocasio-Cortez was born into a Catholic family in the New York City borough of the Bronx on October 13, 1989, the daughter of Blanca Ocasio-Cortez (née Cortez) and Sergio Ocasio-Roman.

  3. I find it very dishearten that 55% of the people approve of the job Biden is doing. Goes to show MSM propaganda is still working in their favor despite of the real unimagined harm his Administration is doing to our country.

    1. Doancha know that he is doing great with the pandemic, babysitting everything Trump put in place. Helluva pres.

  4. “While Biden won the 2020 election “ is a false statement. He lost and everyone including the lying dcraps knows it.

  5. she can drive… does she know how?… whatever she wants.

    But if she doesn’t like my choice, she is free to tell me in person, on my property, with MY WITNESSES!

    1. Crusty, she probably has the Tesla that drives itself. Anyone who didn’t know what a garbage disposal was, isn’t the brightest bulb in the room. Actually, she’s an embarrassment to women.

    1. That poll was taken when? November 30? January 30th? I think a redo would be clear now. Jobs killer Biden. Oil wells are disappearing thanks to Biden.

  6. There’s no way in hell 55% of any one unless all he polled was progressive socialists would think that braindead fart at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is doing a good job. This has to be more fake news

  7. AOC does not even take care of her Grandmother. She is a low life who blames everybody but herself for not helping her Grandmother. AOC is the devil , after all anybody else anybody else would HELP their Grandmother . AOC has no morals

  8. You are telling me 55% approve of the border invasion ? Millions of illegals pouring in that will have to be supported with healthcare, welfare, schooling, housing, and translators. The add in crime. Because, what they don’t have, they will take from citizens.

    1. Don’t we pay taxes to staff Border Patrol Stations? If our borders aren’t being guarded, then we can fire each government employee up the chain of command for dereliction of duty and misappropriation of funds.

  9. This aoc is the VERY WORST RACIST IN POLITICS, ALSO OMAR, THE OTHER TWO, forgot names, anyway! She spews pure RACIST drivel!!! Giving out t-shirts, and not helping grandma in PR??? Claiming PRESIDENT TRUMP OWES GRANDMA!!! This woman LIES ALSO, remember she was so scared at the capital 1/6 she was “afraid for her life”, SHE WAS NOT IN THE CAPITAL, SHE WAS ACROSS THE STREET!!! LIES, DECEIT, INABILITY TO ANSWER THE HARD QUESTIONS, THIS IS OUR GOV’T? NOT MINE!!! THIS aoc IS A HUGE PIECE OF EXCREMENT!!!

    1. “..aoc is the VERY WORST RACIST IN POLITICS..” Well, she picked the right party, then. Democrats approved Jim Crow Laws and organized the KKK. I wonder why those protesters who tore down statues of past ‘racists’ didn’t focus on the Lincoln Memorial? Old Abe didn’t think much of black people, you know.

  10. We’ve been programmed to be constant consumers and that has to STOP But New green dealeo “forget about it” til Bill Gates sells all his mansions👅

  11. Of the prefrontal lobotomy patients selected to poll, 55% approved of Biden’s performance. Hey, it takes one to know one.

  12. Put these idiot democrats in a vacant piece of land and let them try their green new deal experiment themselves. Let’s see how long they survive. No help from outside sources, and they need to live like they want to dictate how we are supposed to live. I wonder where they will get half of their supplies since they obviously don’t understand that petroleum provides far more than just gas to run our vehicles!

    1. My idea is to send them to the South Pole, where liberals claim huge ice melts are occurring, which will culminate with the flooding of coastal cities under hundreds of feet of water within a week…or two. (AOC gave us 12 years, so there’s still time to reverse the trend!!) Their job will be to monitor these ice melts, and report hourly temperature readings to Washington for detailed analysis. I would designate ALGORE as the onsite chief ‘scientist’ in charge of these people. AOC will be her onsite Deputy Chief.

  13. Too many young Americans who have been brought up on Marxism, and Gender Racial Equity that the Marxists on the Left created to divide and conquer America with the help of Legacy Marxist Media, Wall Street, and Globalist Marxist Oligarchs like Bill Gates and Barack Obama are being defeated at State and County Levels all over the Country. Real American Patriots, Classic Liberals, Conservatives, and Liberaterians need to keep the pressure on these Communists who are trying to destroy our Country being vocal, and stand up for Freedom, and Liberty our Founding Fathers created for We the People through the Constitution.

    1. Young people are trying to fit in. It’s a learning process that adolescents must endure to be adept at social interactions. Marxism and Socialism sound great. No classes of people will exist, everyone makes the same amount of money, costs are controlled so the population cannot be gouged for staple supplies, and no matter what race, gender, sexual orientation or species you identify as, you’re equal to each person. I would subscribe to such an ideology if I didn’t know it was the means for tyrants to construct a regime that will oppress those populations, slaughter millions of dissidents, install their relatives and cronies in high public offices, and imprison or assassinate citizens who challenge their authority. In the U.S., many of these traits are starting to appear.

  14. AOC is a CATHOLIC TRAITOR just like Pelosi and Bideni. Catholic is socialism. ALL CATHOLICS are socialists. Failure of a hundred nations, a thousand years of exactly 100% failure. Vote for ANY Catholic and you vote for a true history of perfect failure.

  15. Does anyone see an uncanny resemblance of AOC’s picture to a certain despot of the 1930’s? If I were running in opposition to AOC, I would run thousands of posters with the two familiar images side by side and point out the neo-nazi/facist ideologies and proposals of AOC and the “squad” that parallel that of the chief perpetrator of WW II, Adolf Hitler. The real scary thing is that Chairman Joe and his far-left Politburo actually give her racist ideology credence and seem determined to bring a Marxist form of control to bear. This would include control over our thoughts, health, education, economy, and every other aspect of our lives. And they do it with the help of social media control and the majority of the media. Anyone see a parallel to the censorship on social media and the book burning in the 1930’s? Anyone recognize the parallels between what is happening to our country today and that of the Chinese Cultural Revolution?This insideous infiltration of policies and ideas with “progressive-sounding” monikers that hide the real intent of the Marxists needs to be identified and stopped before it is too late.

    As an aside to Gregory, your post is well stated, and as a Protestant, feel sick that only one mainstream Protestant denomination has not given in to the small but highly vociferous crowd that demands that marriage be performed for all couples, regardless of their “preferred” sexual orientation. Despite the equality given by civil unions in every aspect of their lives, this small group has literally and effectively “rent asunder” the United Methodist Church. Evidently the Bible as well as the Constitution seem to be nothing more than platforms that can be changed on a whim by those bent on destroying values that have seen society through thick and thin for the last two thousand years and two hundred fifty years, respectively.

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