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Cyrus Vance, Jr., the Manhattan District Attorney pursuing possible racketeering charges against former President Donald Trump, could be a villain right out of central casting, with a notorious record…and an even more notorious father.

Vance is stepping down as Manhattan’s chief prosecutor, but if he secures an indictment against Trump it would cap off a career marked by liberal causes, wild accusations, and dark family ties.

Vance’s Office Defends Jeffrey Epstein

Vance became Manhattan DA in 2010, and within months found his office helping out a famous name.

Jeffrey Epstein.

The billionaire liberal has been convicted of child sex crimes – but Vance’s office was asking a New York judge to reduce the pedophile’s sentence.

Vance’s office claimed that since Epstein had only been convicted of raping one child, he didn’t deserve a sentence for someone convicted of multiple rapes, even though the sentence had been handed down on account of Epstein’s rabidly predatory behavior.

The stunned judge ruled against Vance’s office, writing “I have to tell you, I’m a little overwhelmed because I have never seen a prosecutor’s office do anything like this. I have done so many [sex offender registration hearings] much less troubling than this one where the [prosecutor] would never make a downward argument like this.”

Vance claims he had no knowledge of the bizarre case, but most people are skeptical the Manhattan DA’s own office would seek to reduce a sentence, in a well-publicized case, for a famous person, without the DA being involved.

Vance Dropped Sexual Assault Charges Against Harvey Weinstein – Drawing A FBI Probe

Vance’s generosity to liberal sex predators also extended to notorious rapist Harvey Weinstein.

It was Vance who intervened when Weinstein was accused of sexually assaulting a model, dropping the charges against the liberal celebrity and political donor.

“A lawyer hired by Weinstein at the time had given Vance a donation of $24,000 and another attorney made a $10,000 donation after the DA’s office decided not to arrest Weinstein,” The New York Daily News reported.

The corruption was so apparent the FBI began investigating Vance.

It would later be proven Weinstein was a serial rapist.

Vance Pursues Trump Campaign Chairman

But not everyone is the recipient of Vance’s efforts to reduce criminal sentences.  Vance famously pursued Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, indicting him on 16 different mortgage fraud charges.

A court threw out all 16, declaring that since Manafort was already charged with that crime in federal court, trying him in state court would be an obvious violation of the Constitution’s prohibition on “double jeopardy.”

It was Vance, not Manafort, who was flouting the law.

“As we have said from the time the District Attorney announced charges against Mr. Manafort, this is a case that should never have been brought because the dismissed indictment is a clear violation of New York law,” said Manafort attorney Todd Blanche.

Cyrus Vance, Jr’s Notorious Father, Cyrus Vance

For the Vances, assisting notorious figures and pursuing radical liberal causes is a family tradition.

Manhattan DA Vance is the son of Cyrus Vance, Jimmy Carter’s infamous Secretary of State.

Vance famously resigned the position in 1980, in protest of Carter’s efforts to free Americans held hostage by Iran.

An outspoken advocate of closer ties with Communist dictatorships, Vance demanded the United States cede to Soviet demands – despite being the United States’ own Secretary of State.

As Secretary of State, and a virtual Soviet agent, Vance attacked Americans who criticized the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and attempted to negotiate with Iran through the terrorist Palestinian Liberation Organization.

He resigned in protest when Carter sent in a military rescue team to free the Iranian hostages and Carter officials, not trusting Vance to not tip off Irans, did not inform him.

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  1. What pieces of work the Vances are? They must be in competition with the Cuomos and then the Bidens! On and on….

    1. Let’s not forget Belosie and her wonderful nephew, Newsome. WHY do people keep electing these criminal politicians from criminal political families? They are just like any other crime family.

  2. Anything that’s tied to pedophile joe, including his appointees is a lie, actually more destructive for AMERICA. Does anyone know what biden did with the 17 million dollar’s that PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS USING FOR BORDER WALLS, That 17 mil was what was left after dumb ass STOPPED the wall?!?! I mean really, that’s a lot of money, where did it go, what’s it being used for?? biden when campaigning he was going to unite AMERICANS & BE TRANSPARENT, WHERE’S THE MONEY biden, maybe hunters acct??? Where’s the transparency, what do you do with all the “infrastructure” money, I know your precious ILLEGAL’S are costing US AMERICANS, NORTH OF 850 MILLION PER WEEK. THIS REGIME HAS TO GO, THE DISHONESTY, THE LIES, THE DECEIT, THEIR “WAR” with the only PRESIDENT THAT KEPT HIS PROMISES, TRUMP WILL GO DOWN AS THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER, and PEDOPHILE biden, the VERY WORST

    1. Biden has the money and he probably hid it into something else.
      Biden is one of the largest pedophiles there is He hd an underground port which was under and near the Capitol building. What they found under there recently is so sick. Pelosi and Obama are involved.When people saw buses in back of the building at the same time of the Antifa terrorist riot. That is how they were removing dead not sure if any was alive. When I read they get that can’t think of the name that they drink the blood they sell it.
      And all the aholes can think what to do is keep using President Trump as a distraction from their Crimes. They are chicken shit to go after the real criminals who are kidnapping and killing kids.
      And to say President Trump is notorious and a notorious father is insane.
      Go get the biggies. Biden should be exposed instead of being in the WH.

      1. Candi, if they go after them , their own name will prop up and they can’t risk that.

  3. I am assuming he has no relation to the Vance that is running to take Sen Portman seat in OH. /// This story doesn’t shock me anymore after the FBI corruption IRS targeting even apple pie men have to know we are a banna republic.

  4. Looks like Libs can not help themself. They love to rewarding criminals, does not matter if is rapists, murders, colosal crooks like Clintons, Vandals rebars like Antifa and BLM, crooks is a Congress Pelose and Squid, Waters in a lead so why we are surprise of some DA in New York.

  5. Stop persecuting President Trump! He is a good, great, smart man, and really has more ethics than any Democrat living or dead. His opposition just cannot help themselves – it is so obvious they are so far intellectually below him, and display their dirty political ideas, every time they open their mouths. They behave more like the mafia and ruin the whole political scene in our beloved country.

    1. I had an aunt Mimi. She was my favourite aunt…and she was VERY smart, just Like YOU!

      1. How nice!! Not everyone thinks I am VERY smart…just try to evaluate situations in a common sense way.

  6. How is it that the crooks are running the country? Fed, state, city. All crooks in charge. How do we get rid of them? Elections aren’t working, they can be rigged. Can’t fire them, we have no clout. They do need to go.

    1. Our constitution gives us direction on what to do when the government is corrupt, like it is today. They both begin with b – and since ballots aren’t working I pray we do not have to use the second means, the 2nd amendment.

  7. This still not enough for Americans to stand up and say “ENOUGH?” What will it take? We won’t unite til all our houses burned and businesses looted. The crazies are running the asylums. Greed and pursuit of more power is trumping our safety and freedom. What you lose or give away today. Won’t be returned. Wake up. Look at your children and grandkids. Media to blame. Few causing this chaos. Just need to unite and stand together. No violence when ur enemies are scared of own shadow. Look how they are when confronted and stood up to.

  8. Seems like a communist country sometimes – ban this person – ban that person- America doesn’t behave in that manner. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, as long as it’s a legal activity anything (almost) goes. Prosecuting illegal activities is necessary, otherwise people who like disruption would double that type of behavior.

  9. Sad we the Americans have not been informed of this before. Or did I miss this information. Just sad and wrong. We need people in office that will let us know what has happened.

  10. I have learned one thing about Democrats. After the JFK assassination in 1960, it became apparent to me that they were behind that murder. LBJ was leader of that unholy party and I am sure he had “something” to do with that. I would like to see another full investigation. They will eat their own if they feel it necessary!!!

  11. Vance is running a political vendetta case against Trump, and his other little pal there in New York is doing the same. We don’t do that in America. And by the way, I remember Vance Sr., he was a fool.

  12. And the DEMs fight to protect people like that.and support them . No wonder we are where we are ,that is in deep dodo

  13. This guy Vance Jr is a creep and now feels he is credible enough to conduct proceedings against Donald Trump. Give me a break. Not even news worthy!

  14. Possibly investigate Vance’s visits to Pedophile Island? Or taking money for keeping quiet? What a cheek! These are very corrupt excuses for law officials who themselves have skeletons in their closets and dont like an honest person who possibly can investigate their own behavior Follow the money. President Trump is 100% clean. He cannot be bribed, blackmailed or coerced. And they dont like it!

  15. So, another corrupt lawyer. I wonder what the percentage is regarding honest lawyers as opposed to corrupt ones? It seems the honest ones may be in the minority.

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