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A school board in Florida has now voted to strip the names of Confederate generals off of six schools and give them new, more politically correct, names.

As The Hill reports:

A school board in Florida voted on Tuesday to rename six schools that were named after Confederate leaders.

The Duval County School Board voted to change the names following a month-long debate, The Associated Press reports.

Names that will be changed include: Joseph Finegan Elementary, Stonewall Jackson Elementary, Jefferson Davis Middle, Kirby-Smith Middle, J.E.B. Stuart Middle and Robert E. Lee High.

Wokeness is now apparently infiltrating everywhere, even in ostensibly red states like Florida.


    1. That’s fine. Since Bill Clinton, another southerner, was impeached and tried on the Senate, we will also rename all streets, schools, and towns with the name of Clinton. Even if he was acquitted.

      1. Someone else posted as Dan Tyree. I had that problem when I used to post on the renewed right blog before they stopped taking comments. Oh well. I’ll go on record opposing changing the school names

  1. Another bunch of fools trying to change what happened years ago. Hope that they are happy.

  2. Ignore history and it will repeat itself. This is destruction of history which is even worse! Look at the Muslims that destroy history. Now they have no education, no wealth, no culture, just failure forever. Oops, and what success can the ‘blacks’ claim to have for the past three thousand years? I am waiting.

    1. They invented voodoo and hip hop. And added jobs in the law enforcement and court system. And improved meth recipes

      1. That type of ignorance, renaming schools and tearing down of statues, belong to the group of wasted efforts and destruction of History. Why don’t the School Boards spend that much effort in real Education, for Students who are only being indoctrinated in Socialism? The Socialist all think that everything is owed them, whit out effort on their part. Socialism, has never worked any where in this world, where it has been tried and never will work!

  3. If Confederate names have to go, then take all JFK, Obummer, and any other president’s names off of schools as well.

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