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Parents of children attending a Seattle elementary school are now expressing their shock and outrage after the school became a target of a break-in by a homeless man while students were present. In addition, there have been numerous other disturbances that have resulted in forced lockdowns at the school due to a massive homeless encampment that has formed by the school during the Coronavirus lockdowns.

As Fox News reports:

One Broadview-Thomson elementary school parent, Bryce Nicolls, joined “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday, and said that the situation has spiraled “completely out of control” after an unknown man entered the school with students present.

“They have broken into the school. The school has been on a shelter-in-place lockdown multiple times due to one of the people at the encampment having a gun, and there’s fights there constantly,” Nicolls said.

In the one instance, the school was broken into, Nicolls said that an unknown man was able to find one door that was slightly ajar and slip through.

Additionally, Nicolls added that parents of the baseball players that utilize the elementary school field received letters urging them to look for hypodermic needles prior to games before use of the field was suspended entirely.

It appears, as one of the parents remarked, that the City of Seattle is ‘choosing the people at the encampment over our children…’


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