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The Democrat mayor of Rochester, New York has now apparently become a target in a massive drug investigation.

Mayor Lovely Warren’s house was raided on Wednesday in connection to a months-long drug investigation and her husband has now been charged with drug and gun charges.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Monroe Country District Attorney Sandra Doorley said during a Thursday morning press conference that authorities have reached out to Warren in connection to the investigation but have yet to get a response.

Doorley also promised forthcoming charges and refused to deny or confirm if Warren is tied to the bust.

Granison pleaded not guilty on Thursday morning to two counts of criminal possession of controlled substance in the third degree and criminal possession of a firearm, according to Rochester First…

  • There has already been 2 kilos of crack cocaine confiscated from the busts, which equates to a street value of more than $60,000. Three firearms have been confiscate and more than $100,000 in cash was recovered.

Will the voters of Rochester continue to support a mayor whose husband is openly engaged in flagrantly illegal activities, or have Democrat voters become so used to corruption that they will vote for almost anyone with a ‘D’ next to their name? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. You mark my words, this Demonrat will not face any charges and you can’t tell me she had no idea that her husband had crack in the house. You won’t hear a peep about this on MSM, but if this were a Republican mayor, it would be front page news and the lead story on every MSM station! What a sham!

    1. By and large, these public officials are lawyers. They’ll use every trick in the book to dissuade law enforcement officials from pursuing arrests and/or convictions.

        1. According to Priests and people returning from death, God forgives all sins, though judgment can be uncomfortable. Removing evil people from having the ability to hurt others might be righteous, but simple hanging frees vermin from the consequences of karma in this world. Long prison sentences, with the best quality of life extending healthcare, is the most intense punishment that we can deliver.
          Let the TV in her cell play continuous comments from grieving people, whose relatives, were murdered in her fiefdom, during her reign of terror.

          1. No I can think of punshments that fit the bill a your phone calls will do nothing to people lke these whit no morals. ethics, or feelings.

    2. Your right about that 100%!!! If the letters of the alphabet, DOJ, DHS, FBI start looking into most of pelosi’s chamber of COMMUNISTS A LOT OF PEOPLE SHOULD BE INDICTED AND SENT TO PRISON!!!

  2. Similar shenanigans occur nationwide. There was a mayor (Liberal, of course..) of an adjoining city arrested during a prostitution sting. He actually offered an undercover police woman drugs in exchange for sex. Another town farther down the road experienced a similar arrest of their (Liberal..) mayor for secretly filming young boys at a camp event. If Bubba Clinton’s reign in Arkansas was any indication, there would be jails overcrowded with mayors and other officials.

  3. what people just don’t seem to get; is that if you are a Democrat Politician you are above the laws for the common people..this will take a Hillary Clinton twist, and the Mayor of Rochester will be deemed a hero for standing by her husband in his time of need, just like Hillary did when Billy Boy messed around left and right….it’s what Democrats do, it’s never their fault somebody else is always to blame.

  4. ” … have Democrat voters become so used to corruption that they will vote for almost anyone with a ‘D’ next to their name?”. My guess is that those Demorat voters are pleased that THEIR mayor is engaged in drug activity, and are too stupid to realize where illegality on that scale is headed.

  5. Don’t you know Piglosi, Schumer & other demoncrats are guilty of this to and sex trafficking. Why else would they go on such drastic, illegal ways of stopping boarder control. They are the drug lords.

  6. When the lesson taught in the inner city schools is class warfare, and education leaves many with no real job skills, the elites cleverly warn their victims of the victim’s own inferior nature. “You foolish farm animals need Big Brother to direct your lives.”
    “D” stands for Democrat and Deceiver.
    Is it so unexpected that the party that started the Civil War to preserve Southern plantation slavery, is the same party today the runs the welfare plantations, like Chicago.
    LOL: Was mayor Light Headed, AKA Lightfoot, an overseer in a past life, or just sold African neighbors to slave traders? Look at the murder rate that she facilitates in savage Chicago.

  7. Blacks vote for blacks. Don’t matter if the candidates are criminal, a crackhead, or just plain stupid.

  8. I saw where some people are in something a cult, the Democrat Cult. Members of a cult seldom know how brain washed they have become. Remember some of the old religious cults?

  9. The situation in Rochester, New York is typical of what happens when you elect a black democrat socialist woman as mayor. Take a look at the current status of Washington D.C., Atlanta, and once beautiful Chicago. That is the big three but, I am sure there are a couple more that are going down the tubes from incompetence, crime, and degeneracy.

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