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Although President Biden officially appointed Kamala Harris as his official ‘border czar’ tasked with getting the crisis there under control, Harris still hasn’t visited even one site along its 1,954-mile stretch.

She has, however, apparently sent illegal migrant children who are being held in detention a copy of her book ( on the taxpayers’ dime?).

As The New York Post reports:

Vice President Kamala Harris hasn’t been to the border to address a crisis she was tasked to help fix — but a children’s book she wrote is waiting there for young migrants who are being welcomed into the country.

Unaccompanied migrant kids brought from the U.S.-Mexico border to a new shelter in Long Beach, Calif., will be given a copy of her 2019 children’s book, “Superheroes are Everywhere,” in their welcome kits.

It’s just the latest open-arms gesture by the Biden administration, whose mixed messaging regarding the border and immigration has been credited with the surge from Central America to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Border czar Roberta Jacobson last month conceded that the Biden administration’s messaging to migrants has been inconsistent, contributing to the unprecedented surge.


      1. Her truly evil soul fired in the flames of Hell. Pray that God do what the law will not allow us to do. Strike down the enemies of One Nation Under God, and send them to Hell, where they will feel wanted by their father the Devil.

        1. Look, these morons ride the feminist Trojan Horse off the cliffs of Socialism and Tyranny because they’re slaves to trends, fashions and fads. (Check out all of those tattoos they’re getting…) Once the onerous responsibility, culpability and mass public rebuke of their incompetence chickens come home to roost, they’ll suddenly start wagging their butts and showing tons of cleavage and leg portions (One trick women use in criminal courts is to apply mascara, which cascades down their tear-soaked cheeks for judges and juries to view and sympathize with the defendant.) and lilting voices (Their young offspring bouncing around the room is also a nice touch.) to minimize the resolve of citizens to hang them. LOOK at those Venezuelan Women, who are mired in misery, displaying pained expressions revealing the knowledge that they made their poverty ridden hovel beds, while they chase stray animals for meals and suffer untold economic disasters because of their their votes.

    1. Most people would not know what ”emoluments means, but they surely know what the 2nd Amendment means. We can go after Willie Brown’s Consort on the merits of her Unconstitutional usurpation of our Civil Rights.

  1. Remember when harris made a run for president? Well, she didn’t do so well, and she was not a very well liked candidate.
    Even the democratic voters didn’t see her as a example of the Americas future.
    Everyone’s talking about the border, and I myself have seen the border, and it’s like a third world.

    1. Don’t forget that Obama is pulling the strings and this is his 3 term on steroids to destroy our great nation!

      1. Perhaps. We also see Clinton skulking around in the background. Just her presence will cast a limelight on the shady activities of our hairy-legged Lenin.

    1. Their agenda is to create as much chaos, confusion and crime that citizens will eventually demand they stop all the craziness and THEN, RIGHT THEN they come with full blown communism and a dictatorship, federal police, armed forces and whatever else they can muster to quell all the violence THEY created! Removing ALL your rights (for the good of the public), yeah right! Lock and load!!

  2. way to go, VP!! just shows again your level of intelligence, level of support for a major problem & level of loyalty to AMerica… your strength lies in fake smiles, tossing your head/hair around & throwing your hands about!!! even JB should be ashamed of you…. if Trump had ask Pence to take care of a problem, visit the area, assess, then get back to him, Pence would have this completed in 5 days or less… miss vp, try to at least one time live up to your position

  3. Nice of Kamala to send illegal migrant children (no fault of their own they are children), books to read. But are the books in Spanish???🙄

  4. We have lost One Nation Under God, as illegals will soon be voting for the communist welfare state run by the elites, who will live in the palaces. Has God turned away from the few remaining believers? Like Israel in times of old, are we to be carried away into communist slavery, by the Devil’s children? It is truly a dark day.

  5. she is a disgrace as vice president and a disgrace to THE UNITED STATES. That woman couldn’t find her way out of a Paper BAG. she is has looney the president.

  6. Joe, Kamala, the squad. If this is the best of America, we are doomed.
    We all set back and wonder what can be done to stop them and they keep destroying our country.
    They all have violated their oaths of office and should be removed. It is sad that these fools ever got elected and our nation is paying a high price for their treason.
    People say Trump in 2024 but if something isn’t done, we won’t have a country in 2024. Look at what Joe the moron has done in only 3 months and his future plans. Do you think we can last another 3 3/4 years of his leadership?

  7. Good Morning…
    Mrs. Vice Pres. Kamala Harris ..on purpose.. Poor “the USA” (America) these good people believe in an ILLUSION! suddenly they open’s eyes..brought us incompetence..ignorance ..and follow a bunch “of Politicians” & That 92 % Press too.. ..for sure.. POWER & Vested Interest.. ($$$)
    Charlie G/Sr…………………..The USA!

  8. Hey, considering all the money China Joe has made over his illustrious career as a “public servant” she wants to catch up.

  9. Biden & Harris with there border policies have encouraged the criminals south of the boarder to increase their criminal trafficking of humans. Theses two politicians have become co-conspirators of the human traffickers and should be prosecuted. The USA has become a world wide disgrace under their leadership.

  10. The first black woman VP was stolen by a woman that is not even black and laughs uncontrollably about everything. But, the worst thing about her, is that she is anti-American right along with all the other globalist democrats. They all have ill will for our country.

  11. All Democrats are “no damn good”, and the higher their political positions, the worse they are. Americans! Never, EVER vote for another Democrat – even for dog catcher.

  12. VP Harris, are you going to have a book signing party at the border for just illegal aliens with no new meida questions to answer!!!! That way you can satisfy the news media about coming to the border with no questions to answer!!!What a bunch of hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. It is a well known tactic, if you want to hide your international BRIBE MONEY, write a senseless book and send the copies to a warehouse or incinerator, and let that account amass a fortune while you do nothing but keep your bargain with Satan.. Worked great for Clinton, Michael Obumble and Bernie Sanders, along with many many more!!


  15. Just getting things set up before they put them all in uniform and require membership in the DemoCommunists youth movement.

  16. Why would you give a book written in English to children who can’t read write or even speak English seems pretty stupid to me But Democrats always do stupid things

  17. Not to worry. It is part of the assimilation process. The “immigrant” children have easily taken to using the pages for TP just as Americans do.


  19. People around the world must learn that their government is not their pal. The notion that some public official is going to focus their efforts to advantage and protect someone because they’re female, black, homosexual or lack citizenship status is the folly of fools who don’t understand how politics functions, nor do they understand that governments are not authorized to conduct these activities, or legislate laws for such a purpose. The minute some demagogue starts corralling a faction among the gentry, then ministers to that group to arrange for their special dispensation, the people should rise up in protest against these activities. Perhaps those ‘victims’ are just too stupid to discern their exploitation. That same naivete and lack of intelligence could explain why they can’t function in a capitalist economy.

  20. Were they donated by the VP or are the taxpayers paying for them? I know the Democrats tried to get Trump for supposedly making money with his hotel, lets hope this is not another case of hypocrisy. I wonder if she’s also invested in the darn masks they have America wearing. The whole darn thing is an enrichment of the political elites in Washington.
    Aren’t they supposed to be representing us. I think they’ve lost focus. They only seem to further their own agenda without so much as a second thought about what their constituency wants or needs.

  21. Are REAL AMERICAN PATRIOTS SEEING WHAT’S GOING ON??? harris, supposed to fix the border CATASTROPHE, what a JOKE. She WILL NOT TRAVEL TO THE BORDER, to see what’s happening, she’s AFRAID, since lying biden made her border tsar she’s DONE NOTHING, NOTHING, but she makes sure they get her books, and she’s going to Guatemala FOR WHAT??? This is a such a TRAVESTY, AMERICA IS BEING ATTACKED FROM OUR OWN ILLEGITIMATE president, and his ENTIRE COMMUNIST REGIME. Wait till the Az. audit is finished, then we will see how biden and all his dwarfs STOLE the election!!! That’s just Az, wait till others do the same!!! Why does the current communist regime want to stop the audit, why do they want to STOP THE Georgia election reform when it’s basically just asking for voter ID, we have to show ID for just about EVERYTHING!!! LYING DECEITFUL HYPOCRITICAL biden and the rest of the SCUM, need’s to be ousted, FOREVER!!!!

  22. What was that suppose to do. She has still not visited the border. She needs to be removed from the V.P. Position. She is doing what she wants and not doing the job Biden gave her. She is useless on her feet.

  23. The book is a joke compared to her civil rights violations as Attorney General of California. The real questions are when will she be prosecuted for them and where are the NAACP and ACLU when it comes to her thousands of individual crimes? Aren’t the NAACP and ACLU supposed to stand up for the thousands of minorities whose rights she violated?

  24. Other than the fact that the words in the title are awfully big for young children, it’s fine that they’re being handed out – kids who don’t speak English or Spanish can look at the pictures, right? The point is, she’s not visiting those children.

  25. File Abuse charges against the Ho at the World Court subjecting a child to the Ho’s WILLFUL IGNORANCE is Abuse of the WORST KIND.

  26. She couldn’t sell her dumb books so she donated them to helpless, captive kids that can’t refuse them!! What child cruelty!!

  27. A significant factor in these articles is that they’re a means to distract the public from something going on; something big, like a major collapse of the economy, or another war being orchestrated (That would be my guess. Biden has already issued a threat to Iran.) Once liberals gain power, and they can enlist the media in their campaigns, they’ll create a profusion of issues and controversies for the public to fret and analyze, while they drain our coffers and install their friends and relatives into government offices. Numb Nuts just relishes his ability to keep our heads turning in circles.

  28. Scandal!!! She doesn’t even qualify to be Vice President. 

    Jacka** Kamala Harris the laughing hyena.

  29. On the tax payers’ dime of course. The liberal way. Sell them to the government and let the tax payers gift them to the children. Why didn’t she gift them to the children? How many bilinguals did they send down to read them to the children who couldn’t read them?

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