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President Biden’s Earth Day pledge to slash carbon emissions in half by 2030 will inevitably inspire liberal eco-warriors to get even more insufferably preachy about their crusade to save the planet with reusable grocery bags and metal straws.  

Here are ten facts to stop hypocritical environmentalists from spewing their recycled rhetoric:


  1. Tell China and all the other countries that are the biggest offenders of pollution. To start paying their way. The US has stop allot of green house gasses. But their always room for improvement. But the biggest offender in the US is John Kerry, private jet. Pelosi and her private jet. Anyone that has private jets, and then owning their own private planes.

  2. BOYCOTTING SEEMS TO BE WORKING, somewhat, but we need more PATRIOTIC AMERICANS TO BOYCOTT EVERYTHING THESE COMMUNISTS BACK. I AM SICK OF HEARING another policeman shot a black, it’s always blacks!!! TRUTH; 213 POLICE INVOLVED SHOOTINGS SO FAR, 30 WERE black, 30 we ere black, ONLY 30 WERE bLACK!!! These IDIOTS appear to be UNEDUCATED, they won’t take the time to research the facts. Something REALLY BAD is going to happen SOON!!!! biden,harris & the rest of the commies, you can still turn things around but, honestly, ALL OF YOU ARE LYING COWARDS!!!!

  3. We are going to be beating a dead horse on this “green new deal” America leads the world in taking care of emissions since the 1950’s so why are the Dems bent on ruining what we’ve already taken care of? Oh yeah now I remember “POWER”! None of this crap works & China, Russia & India will never stop polluting period! They could give a crap what we try to do! China wants to rule the world! Did you know that China was trying to make a deal with CANADA to let their troops practice in winter climate? What do you think they’re planning, hmmmmm!

  4. AAN really needs to change their format. Sick of having to click through every freaking article. Nonsensical…

  5. Environmental Control regulations and laws have nothing to do with the environment. They are only about CONTROL! It is also about political parties rewarding their big donors . It will never help you or the environment. It will just make EVERYTHING more expensive.

  6. All fake science manufactured to rape people’s pocket books, brought to you from the communist democrats!

  7. 60 years now we have cordially despised the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks.
    That began to evolve in 2009. Today we hate them with a depth, intensity and bitterness that has no bottom. The estomate is that over the years we have collected 30 million names and addresses. Very soon, now.

  8. Which would have the worst impact on the environment? Automobile gas emissions or defective and decaying power cells from electric cars?

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