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Troubled New York Governor Andrew Cuomo refuses to resign even though a hotline set up by impeachment investigators received over 200 complaints about his conduct.

Cuomo, whose decision to cram COVID-infected seniors into nursing homes appears to have killed thousands, has been accused of inappropriate touching or sexual assault by at least 11 women.

New York state legislators are now considering whether to impeach Cuomo and remove him from office.

“The chair of the chamber’s Judiciary Committee, Charles Lavine (D-Nassau), disclosed the figure as his committee held its first public meeting focused on impeachment in nearly a month. The tips were received via a hotline set up by Davis Polk, the law firm the Assembly retained to help conduct the investigation,’ POLITICO reported.

“In total, Davis Polk has spoken with attorneys for about 70 people who may have relevant information,” said Lavine. “And Davis Polk has also been in contact with four government agencies about potentially relevant information — document requests and interviews.”

In addition to the allegations of assault, impeachment investigators are also looking into claims Cuomo had state employees help him write his book “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

At least eleven women have accused Cuomo of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and unwanted touching.  Ten of the women are publicly named and seven are his own current or former aides.

Those allegations are the bulk of the likely impeachment charges against Cuomo.  He likely will not be impeached for his decision to, early in the COVID-19 pandemic, require nursing homes to admit residents who had tested positive for the virus, and banned nursing homes from testing potential residents.

That decision placed 4,500 infected people into confined buildings with the sick and elderly, sending New York’s death rate skyrocketing to over 6,000 deaths in nursing homes alone.  Cuomo then took steps to hide the deaths from federal investigators.

Despite killing thousands needlessly, Cuomo wrote a book praising his “leadership.”  American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic” was hailed by the mainstream media and Cuomo touted as a potential Biden Cabinet nominee until the nursing homes deaths and sexual assault allegations were revealed.

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    1. Capital Punishment would be warranted if any of his victims were silenced, so to speak. I think perhaps Trump was in the process of discovery in the case of Clinton. Maybe he was waiting for a second term as a Lame Duck to bring her and her erstwhile husband into court. His first term would have accorded him the means to pursue draining that particular segment of the swamp.

        1. I wish that was true. Hillary is a bad penny, and she’ll show up somewhere to finagle her influence with Numb Nuts and his consort. Her husband is keeping a low profile, so we can be thankful for small favors.

        2. But their corruption lives on…..and their tentacles are still everywhere.
          They are the source of the destruction of integrity in the FBI, DOJ, even states’ attorney generals.
          They normalized elites being above the law and bold-faced lying.
          They gave the democratic party its attitude “do whatever it takes to get and keep power”.
          They started us on this path to the end of our Constitution.

        3. I might add that, should Commie-La Harris invoke the 25th Amendment on Numb Nuts–and it appears that will be the case, if you’ve heard his disjointed, incoherent mutterings–you’ll most likely witness the resurrection of the Hildebeast in Washington.

      1. President Trump is still President He never left. Most of the Cabal have been dealt with Military are in control at present and their Commander in Chief is President Trump. Media still lying

    2. No…he needs to live to see how people really do not love him and to suffer the consequences. “my opinion” you are being too harsh!!

    3. Fifteen thousand counts of negligent homicide equals one death by lethal injection……………………………….unless he wants to take his brother with him.


  2. When is he going to be held accountable for all his crimes. What’s taking so long? If it was a Republican he would be in an orange jumpsuit by now. Putting him in charge of the governor’s COViD committee is height of hypocrisy!!

    1. I’m in agreement, but you must know these people are lawyers, or they have prominent attorneys advocating for them. The process of law must be carefully administered and adjudicated without haste and/or prejudice.

  3. Why iln the world is this company accepting an ad for a Chinese piece of equipment. They are going to smother us and ANA is helping. We need to boycot this publication if this continues

  4. His hate, and TDS backfired. What goes around comes around. God is great. Who is next? Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Sanders, Chuki Schumer, Pocahontas, Jack Dorsey, Jeff Bezzos..and et al…

  5. The lowest form of elected official is the one that uses his official authority over others to take advantage of them. The Clinton Syndrome.

  6. Cuomo is the highest paid Governor earning over $200,000 per annum, more than a President! President Trump earns $120,000 per annum that he donates to good and worthwhile causes. This so and so had more people killed than any one else, Whitmer coming in a close second

  7. Time for signature blocks on these claims. These tips are just rumors from unknown sources. PENAL CODE – TITLE 8. OFFENSES AGAINST PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION CHAPTER 37. PERJURY AND OTHER FALSIFICATION
    Sec. 37.01. DEFINITIONS.
    (2) “Governmental record” means:
    (A) anything belonging to, received by, or kept by government for information, including a court record.
    (3) “Statement” means any representation of fact.

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