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The surviving family members of Philadelphia murder victims are teaming up to defeat a notorious prosecutor backed by liberal billionaire George Soros.

A new series of ads by the Protect Our Police PAC feature crime victims, including the surviving family members of murder victims, telling their stories of how Soros-backed Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner is putting a radical liberal agenda ahead of their plight.

“He cares more about the criminals than he does about the victims,” says Shaki’ra Wilson-Burroughs.  Her brother, Sgt. Robert Wilson III, was a Philadelphia police officer gunned down in the line of duty in 2015, The Washington Times reports.

The Times reports:

“I know many local mothers whose sons were murdered and they are seeing their cases unravel,” said Maria Martinez, whose son, Brian Lawhon II, died after he was viciously beaten at a 7-Eleven in 2019. “Some guy gets off, it’s like deja vu. You think losing your child would be the hardest part, but dealing with Mr. Krasner has been just as bad.”

Police charged a 26-year-old White man with murder when Mr. Lawhon died from his injuries at a local hospital. But Ms. Martinez told The Washington Times that Mr. Krasner’s office worked hard to lower the charges to aggravated assault.

She recently learned from a friend that the case had been continued. She said that when she reached out to the assistant district attorney he acknowledged that was true.

“He said he was sorry he’d forgotten to notify me and, at the end, said sort of ‘oh, by the way, I’m not handling your case anymore,” Ms. Martinez said. “He gave me the name of a woman who I called and was told she was on vacation. That was three weeks ago. I haven’t heard a thing.”…

…Terri O’Connor’s husband, James, was a Philadelphia cop killed while executing a murder warrant in 2020. When Mr. Krasner tried to visit the hospital where Mr. O’Connor had been taken after his shooting, Philadelphia officers barred his way and refused to let him enter.

“He never called me,” Mrs. O’Connor told The Times.

Krasner was elected to the position in 2017 after a PAC backing his campaign was given $1.45 million by Soros.  That amount alone was more than had ever been spent by any candidate for district attorney, pushing Krasner into office with just 38 percent of the vote in the large field of candidates.

Once elected he embarked on a radical leftist crusade that’s proved so disastrous the Philadelphia Democratic Party refused to endorse the incumbent for re-election.  Krasner has refused to charge numerous criminals, reduced charges for violent crimes, and instead spent resources on political crusades such as suing pharmaceutical companies and trying to have the death penalty declared unconstitutional.

Krasner faces a May 18 Democrat primary against Carlo Vega, a 35-year Philadelphia prosecutor he fired as part of his leftist agenda.  The winner of that Democrat nomination is all but assured of winning the November election.

The U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, William McSwain, has publicly cited Krasner as the cause of an epidemic of violent crime in Philadelphia, including the fatal shooting of O’Connor by a man who was freed from an earlier arrest after Krasner refused to charge him.

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  1. Only when a white policeman shoots and kills a black man do we hear about a shooting in the news.

    1. Because he’s a liberal democrat. Don’t forget you get who you vote for so thank the people in Philadelphia.

  2. The victim’s families should hire an attorney that specializes in class action suits and sue DA Larry Krasner along with the city. George Soros should be deported and his funds in the USA frozen or seized. He is a communist traitor.


  4. Look prison don’t want Soros HELL don’t want him lets put him in a cardboard box and throw him in the swamp and let the snakes and alligator get him because Soros is a big fat rat

  5.  soros is paying all his acolytes thru Penguin and Simon & Schuster both owned by Bertelsmann who Soros financial interest the books are meant to stop Trump in some way of form, Pence, BO Hilary and 1/2 of the dem party have received a book deal.

  6.  soros is paying all his acolytes thru Penguin and Simon & Schuster both owned by Bertelsmann who Soros financial interest the books are meant to stop Trump in some way of form, Pence, BO Hilary and 1/2 of the dem party have received a book deal.

  7. George Soros is probably the evilest man on earth. I hope he gets his just rewards somewhere down the line. The sooner the better.

  8. Soros owns both DOMESTIC TERRORISTS ORGANIZATIONS ANTIFA and BLM but also he owns the entire Democratic Party. Democraps love Criminals in FACT most are Criminals.

  9. The same scenario is in all the demonRAT cities and states. Soros money is behind all this division, racial hate, violence, death, destruction, and mayhem. Why he is allowed to have any power in our country is beyond me. The countries that have suffered under his tyranny either have banned him, or, like Russia, has a “dead or alive” warrant out for his wicked, evil, “sorry excuse for a human being” behind. Hitler was his hero, and still is, so it is easy to see that this piece of excrement is indeed the most wicked man on the face of our planet, and the democrat party worships him and they keep taking his money to destroy us and our country.

  10. Getting rid of Larry Krasner would amount to cutting the big toe off a hydra. We need to remove the heads of the globalist monster.

  11. Soros is going to wake up some morning soon, lying on his back in Red Square, looking at Russian Militiamen

  12. Georgie had better mind himself. He is an old, old man and he has one foot in the grave. And all his gazillion $$$ he cannot take with him. There is such a thing as Divine justice in the hereafter and we all must face it: yes, even Georgie.

  13. Evil will be called good and good will be seen as evil. Welcome to the last days. Be ready for your last day – you never know when that might be.

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