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The Supreme Court has now accepted a case challenging the state of New York’s restrictive concealed carry laws.

The case could potentially allow more New Yorkers to finally be able to practice their right to carry firearms for self-defense without obstruction from liberals in Albany.

As Bearing Arms reports:

The Supreme Court’s streak of avoiding Second Amendment cases was broken on Monday, as justices granted cert in a case called New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. CorlettFor over a month now, the Court had been considering whether or not to accept a challenge to New York’s concealed carry licensing laws, but in the meantime SCOTUS has turned away several other cases dealing with the right to keep and bear arms. Many gun owners had been growing increasingly frustrated with what they see as the Court’s reluctance to address the issue, even with what’s supposed to be a solid majority in favor of protecting the right to both keep and bear arms.

That frustration has likely turned to elation for many of those gun owners, with the Court accepting the case today and determining that it will decide the question of “whether the State’s denial of petitioners’ applications for concealed-carry licenses for self-defense violated the Second Amendment.”

That question is worded slightly different than the one posed by the plaintiffs, which asked the Court to decide “whether the Second Amendment allows the government to prohibit ordinary law-abiding citizens from carrying handguns outside the home for self-defense,” but the core question still remains: are the rights of average, everyday citizens violated by the state’s discretionary “may issue” laws that don’t recognize self-defense as a valid reason to carry.

The Court’s acceptance of this case is going to lead to a meltdown by many on the Left. Expect court-packing rhetoric to grow red hot from the likes of Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and other anti-gun Democrats who’ve been threatening the Court with “restructuring” if it took a Second Amendment-related case for well over a year now. Gun control groups have also leaned in on the idea of packing the Court full of anti-gun justices, and they’ll likely be beating the drum for Democrats to nuke the filibuster and pack the Court to either prevent or overturn a decision that strikes down New York’s draconian “may-issue” laws.


    1. Yeah, as a lifetime resident of the once great state of New York, it offers some hope. After all, it is the jobs of the DOJ and SCOTUS to reign in states that infringe on the rights of Americans. They just haven’t been doing that job for decades. The 14th Amendment was added, in part, to make certain that states did NOT infringe on our God given/natural rights and yet it is so often ignored. “We the People” need to hope and pray that the proper decision comes from the highest court.

  1. Let’s hope that they rule for the 2nd amendment. I believe that they will. It would be great if they struck down the need for a carry permit. The founders of the the nation didn’t mean for us to have the government’s permission to go armed

  2. It is abouttime that the SCOTUS showed some common sense, and gained some fortitude on this subject. The decisioun SHOULD be a no brainer. What part of “keep and bear” and “shall not be infringed” is hard to understand?!?

    1. You sound a lot more confident than I feel on this. SCOTUS has disappointed us in significant ways lately. They could be making it easy to restrict everyone more.

  3. Hard to believe they’re going to get off their lazy asses and rule on ANYTHING! Where were you when we needed you, SCOTUS?

    1. SCOTUS is CATHOLIC and they do not like guns. SCOITUS has been CATHOLIC for 50 years. That is why no second amendment stuff is allowed there.

      1. They’re (SCOTUS) predominantly Jewish. Ginsburg’s demise may have reduced their influence, though. Since you’re so concerned about their religious backgrounds, please relate the diocese each of these ‘Catholics’ were affiliated with?

  4. Not in NY -“whether the Second Amendment allows the government to prohibit ordinary law-abiding citizens from carrying handguns outside the home for self-defense,” You cannot own a pistol”PERIOD” unless you have a State issued permit. Many gun stores will not even let you handle a pistol unless you are already permitted. Crooks in NY make you pick one out (blind) lay it away, then apply for permit to own THAT pistol only ! Process repeats with each pistol purchase. Note from a friend -> DO Not Move to NY State, then walk in to a sheriffs department to register your collection. There will be a squad car at your residence before you get home, and all pistols will be confiscated. You then wait for a judges decision!

  5. You mean like when they accepted ‘challenges’ to gay marriages? We know how that turned out…

  6. Just more Democrat Party efforts to destroy the American Constitution piecemeal. These damn people are just “no good”. Americans – never EVER vote for a Democrat again, for anything.

  7. I have no faith in SCOTUS. Kavanaugh and Barrett are an embarrassment
    ² and Roberts is compromised by his visits to Epstein’s pedo island

  8. The FOUNDERS gave us the BILL OF RIGHTS, then they added the SECOND AMENDMENT TO GUARANTEE THOSE RIGHTS. The liberal garbage have ben trying o take our wepaons for about 100 years.
    The road you are on liberals, will take you to aplace where the sun doesn;t shine.

  9. States are to obey the Constitution. Where in the Constitution does it delegate to congress to restrict firearms. And where in the 2nd. Amendment does it say firearms can only be carried in the home.

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