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A new poll has now shown that the majority of Republicans believe that the jury in the trial of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd reached the wrong verdict.

The jury found Chauvin guilty of all three charges against him, including the charge of second-degree murder.

As The Hill reports:

Nearly half of all Republicans questioned in a new poll said that they believe former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was wrongly convicted of murdering George Floyd.

A total of 46 percent of respondents to the CBS News-YouGov poll who identified as Republican said the Hennepin County jury reached the “wrong verdict.” Only 10 percent of Democrats said the same thing.

Among all respondents, 75 percent said the jury reached the right verdict, while 25 percent said it did not.

The 25 percent of Americans who said they believe the jury reached the wrong verdict also said they strongly disagree with the ideas of the Black Lives Matter movement, CBS News noted.



  1. They got the 75% and the 25% mixed up…typical USA polls. Derek took out the trash, give him a bonus!! KAG!!!

        1. Americans should stop propping up athletes and actors and especially medias and corrupt politicians especially the anti-American democrats , rhinos! That is lowering standards to pacify all that hurts all , that is also the liberal agendas!

      1. It’s called “accountability”. George Floyd was already dead, he just hadn’t stopped breathing. The fentanyl overdose in his system was already killing him. He got what he deserved.

        1. Floyd put himself in the position that got him killed if he had not been involved in criminal activities, he would have died of his overdose by himself.

        2. The original video showed him complaining that he couldn’t breah when the officers removed him from his car. He said it multiple times, including when they were putting hom in the back of the police car. He said he couldn’t breath. He said he had clausrophonia. The officer trird to make him comfortable by opening the windoe so he could get fresh air and he even turned up the A/C. Still he kept saying he couldn’t breath and he added “I’m dying. I’m dying” they then took him out of the car and that is when he started tefusing to do what the officers told him to do. They were trumying to hand cuff him anf he was fighting them. WHY this first half of the tape was not shown as evidence through any part of the trial is a question no one was shown. I swer this was on the very first tape..on television..and yet it was not used at trial. You are right. He was already dying before they took him into custody. He knew he had OD ed. Perhaps that he was held down with pressure on his neck longer than hr should have been..but he still would have died. He should havr gotten a NARCAN injection or two…..??? Why wasn’t he..probably because he was not unconcious…

        3. Comply and dont die . Get your day in court which is your right . Resisting arrest is not your right . Its simple , stupid !

      2. SON ? this is a grown Man , a convicted Felon . Who had just comitted a Crime not to mention the Resisting Arrest that he was committing at the time . Plus he had just enjested a lythal dose of drugs and failed to tell Police . NOT my SON !

        1. See what some people consider actions to be martyr! Why do blacks always have racism following them especially black Americans? See how easy it is to have them as easy targets for hate and division especially by a government to make Americans to hate and divide for easy control! Certain actions cause certain consequences! Elemental thinking { Duh! certain actions done without fore thought of the outcome} can cause positive or negative consequences! Not all blacks are criminals and not all cops are racist like the medias want people to think so at a stale mate because how to solve these problems need work on both parties especially within the black community!

          1. make all criminals follow the law with no bias. and stop supporting black on black crime. and stop men killing ex girlfriends, wives and children.

        2. Like bidumb child, 50yr old, Hunter. You are no longer a child after 18. If you are, we sure send a lot of children to war.

      3. If it were my son I would be questioning myself on where I failed bringing him up. He was not deservedly the martyr or gleaming pillar of society everyone is building him up to be

      4. My Son was taught better, he respects the law and knows that if a Police officer tells you to put your hands up YOU put your hands up. The most helpful way to protect your kids, teach them not to break the LAW in the first place.

      5. If you want to know, Goggle George Floyd/Judge Judy and get a gander of the person not even a father could love.

      6. If my son was a convicted felon, and continued to do illegal drugs, passing counterfeit money, and resisting arrest, I probably would not be blaming the cops

        1. well you see what it got them, I’m sure they really give a shit about him they got 26 mil from the city.

      7. How would you feel if your son was a life long dope head, drug slinger , Armed Robber ( stuck a gun in a pregnant woman’s stomach and demanded all her money) had been in and out of prison 9 times, has resisted so many times to count in traffic stops. Had 8 once’s of Fentanyl up his ass and swallowed a hand full when he was stopped. STOP making a hero out of this DIRT BAG !

      8. If my son turned out to be the trash Floyd was I would not fault the officer at all. Floyd made his bed at an early age. He sealed his own demise. No problem. The officer does not deserve the verdict.

      9. My son is not a drug addict or a criminal and would comply with police order, so I don’t need to worry about it.

  2. George Floyd committed suicide, plain and simple. Had the whole thing gone down 3 or 4 hours later, Derek Chauvin and the other three would have been investigating a drug overdose death. The infamous “knee on the neck” didn’t killed Floyd. A lethal dose of fentanyl did that for us. The drugged out idiot ended up where he belonged.

  3. Surprising? To who?
    1) Drug dealer was in the car with GF when the police walked up.
    2) He had already been doing drugs and alcohol when the police walked up.
    3) He claimed he couldn’t breathe while in the police SUV, meaning the drugs were already starting to terminate his life. It’s very likely he swallowed the drugs he had on him like he’s done before.
    4) Chauvin’s knee was on his shoulder blade as proven by a picture taken at a different angle, so no choking.
    5) GF died of a drug overdose.
    6) Police had called emergency services in an effort to save him.
    Those are the facts that came out in court. So he’s not guilty, of anything except trying to help him and doing his job. GF was just another druggie violent criminal that passed away due to drugs.

    1. The only reason he was convicted was the jury was scared to death of the outcome if they didn’t!

    2. #4 was what I observed. I thought I saw the knee from the shoulder area to the base of his skull. Never saw it ACTUALLY Touching neck/nape area. But, with all the cop haters out there, I’m not surprised one bit at guilty verdict

  4. I can see the trial was very unfair. He was guilty before the trial. He didn’t stand a chance.

  5. There was a time, when if you had a bad seed that did bad things, the family dealt with it. There were very rare times when an uncle took his savage nephew behind the barn and buried him, with prayers that God forgive his evil soul.
    I gladly say very rare times, back then, because families trained and mentored children, sometimes with the help of a large tribe. Children were not dropped into government indoctrination programs intended to preserve the power of the bureaucracy and the elites. “We are victims, and forget God, Big Brother will protect and care for us”, just like they have been doing for decades in Chicago?
    Today, neglected children are drawn to evil and too many end up murdering each other, like the tribal warfare of old times. Unfortunately, they hurt innocent people as well.
    In places like Oakland and Chicago, people are forced into sex slavery, just as before the Civil War, which the Southern Democrats started and lost, though one them did assassinate President Lincoln.

    1. African tribe taught early explorers all about slavery of Africans, also In the caveman days each clan fought for survival and the winner made slaves of the captives! The movie “Apocalyipto”” by Mel Gibsen is a example of early slavery and sacrifice!

  6. I believe reasonable people not looking for a scapegoat believe Chauvin guilty of improper and illegal conduct, but that the “murder” conviction was political and probably resulted from an intimidated jury.

    1. Yes, especially the floyd family just received a 27 million dollar settlement!?! How that happened, anyone’s guess, definitely POLITICAL THEATER!!!


  8. I guess I’m missing something because I did not know you could be convicted of second-degree third-degree murder and manslaughter, which does not make sense. I felt that he should’ve been convicted of manslaughter. I don’t think that he is a murderer and it certainly wasn’t about race, But he went a little too far. I agree I was shocked at the video and wondered why they didn’t just shackle his feet and put him in the cruiser. Obviously he fought them earlier getting him into their car but later after he was subdued, they should have shackled His ankles and Put him in the car. I hate that he died and definitely Felt that they used too much power and did the wrong thing. That really makes me sad even though it really cannot be proven that they were really the cause of his death and not the drugs. Of course there needs to be some changes in policing. But more changes need to be made in behavior of the people. Respect our cops. No you do not have the right to not comply. Compliance is protection for everyone involved.

  9. Floyd was a drug addicted felon who was committing a felony and OVERDOSED on drugs. Not my hero.

  10. What about the pregnant woman who GF held a knife on… I guess she didn’t want her name even brought out by the public relating to GF. He got what he deserved!

  11. The important but missing information in the above is how many Ds, Rs and Independents were surveyed. Without that info, the total percentages are useless.

  12. I said it a while ago, guilty or innocent, he would be found guilty as the jurors would be scared to vote innocent. I thought the knee on the neck lasted to long and once they got him down he should have removed the knee.

  13. Typical tool for the anti-American democrats trying to promote racism and civil unrest to make American hate and divide for easy targets to control, it seems to work especially among black folks as if the medias need more reasons to give to the anti-American democrats tools the medias propaganda LIES and now for fraudulent means of all elections, the bought out biased medias LIES!

  14. My question is how could he keep screaming I can’t breathe, IF he couldn’t breathe????? THAT’S why people who are choking while eating have a signal they give to other’s because they can’t TALK!!!!!!SO there’s no way he was choked out and killed.

  15. Don’t you love how the parents and relatives come out and defend what a good person they were. They have you believing that person was a choirboy who never did nobody no harm. He /She was a church going, helped the neighbors, and praised GOD. Yet they never knew where they were, or what they were doing. Didn’t know if they were in school or not, if of age. Forgot about the times they had to bail them out of jail or loan them money to keep from getting shot or beat up. Then go on TV and tell the world the same. All the while, looking for a GO Fund Me Page or wrongful death money from the Police because of there racist actions. Doesn’t matter what their child did or the actions they did to cause the Police to act.
    The same story every time. Yet when a white person is shot by the police, no TV coverage, no lawsuit, no mom on TV crying, no riots, no looting, no destruction, no demands to take away guns, no demands to defund the Police, and no one gives a darn. The same thing happens when it is a black on black crime.
    One can only reason that it doesn’t pit the white against the black scenario that the Democrats are trying to push in this nation. Which is a sad point. Our nation has came a long way since MLK and the Civil Rights Movement in 1964. Not to say that we are perfect. But we had made a lot of progress towards :”All Men Are Created Equal”. Opportunities for every person are available if they just use them. What is real today is that more people are taking the easy road because of technology and forgetting that hard work is the key to success. People today believe they are entitled to the good life and it should be handed to them. Nothing is free in this world. Nothing. If you want something, you must work for it. That is the rule of life. Parents are supposed to be teachers of their children about life. We are not doing a very good job. Own up to it. Do better. All of us need to do better. No one race, color, creed, religion, is to be left out of this equation. It starts at home. Every home. \
    Don’t fall for the race war that the Democrats are trying to push on us. They are trying to divide America so it will make it easier for them to conquer and kill all of us or those of us who survive. Please do not take the COVID Vaccine. They do nothing but set you up to DIE!

  16. Chauvin is a tool, but he was used as a BS racial scapegoat!! Floyd was a drug using piece of sh#t, he made his life and bed and paid the consequences of what HE created and the fools who worship him are no better than the pos floyd was!!😘

  17. Again with the “awaiting approval”??? See it’s just like the communist biden party!!!

  18. Floyd killed himself with a drug overdose. Had he not done that he would be alive today. This is a sad case where the bad guy is being honored and the good guy jailed. This is just a sigh of our times.

  19. He was not guilty, the Judge should have sequestered the jury, well actually he should have changed the venue. More importantly how the hell can the family get a 27 million $ settlement BEFORE the trial started??? We are at a point that the biden regime’s actions don’t even have to be true, they lie & deceive DAILY, and msm has their back!!! What a TERRIBLE TIME IN AMERICAN HISTORY!!! biden and his ENTIRE regime WILL GO DOWN AS THE VERY WORST presidential administration EVER!!!

  20. Derrick Chauvin was/is wrongly convicted of george Floyd’s death along with all the other US Officers

    that helped in taking george floyd to justice

    with all the crimes george floyd had done that day alone

    he needed to be permanently eliminated

    and cowardly lying liberal medias are trying to make us US public believe that they’ve talk to the jurors

    that helped convict Derrick Chauvin, their testimonies, that they weren’t under any duresses at all

    “SURE, my ass!!!

    I promise that if they would’ve brought back a guilty verdict against Derrick Chauvin

    all those innocent jurors most likely would be seriously attacked or dead by now

    in all very serious terrorist attack

    and that’s why Derrck Chauvin needed to be unlawfully convict

    but antifa would have murdered more innocent blood

  21. no surprise to me. the jury was scared because if they had guns they were too afraid to use them.

  22. Another innocent man goes 2 jail, If it was a white man we would not even know about it!

  23. The whole Department of Justice run by the DemonicRATS is a joke. They make heroes of convicted criminals and attack innocent God fearing people. Floyd spent most of his adult life in Jail. He nearly was responsible for a pregnant lady having a miscarriage, holding a gun to her stomach and then 5 of his thug associates came up to her apartment and ransacked it. He had Freemason tattoos on his chest, and on that day had hair! In the trial the Chauvin in attendance had a different face, the images we saw of “Floyd” had no hair. The original video showed him after coming out the store trying to get away with a Counterfeit $20 bill, resisting the Police at his own car, he refused their request to get out, and in his own car said “I cant breathe” Eventually they persuaded him out then he again resisted arrest and refused to get in the Police car. He was still alive when they took him away. So who knows what rally happened?

  24. blm is a communist movement created to divide and destroy our country! Remove all communist democrats from office! period.

  25. Unbelievable that 46% of us did not see the video. Anyone who saw the video saw a murder. Go out and try pressing your knee on a friends neck for nine minutes and see what happens . All the testimony and other crap, he said, she said, they did is secondary. And of 12 people not even one could find chauvin innocent.

  26. I agree the police officer was doing his job! The man did not cooperate! 27 million should not have been given to family either! Give it back! If they had raised him correctly he’d be alive today! He was defiant! According to all the reports Maxine Waters was using her big defiant mouth!

  27. Mr. Chauvin, didn’t intend to kill George and should have only been tried with Manslaughter. It was a knee jerk reaction, because of all rioting, Mad Max’s comments and one jury member not telling the truth when questioned when asked if they had formed an opinion or heard what happened. This trial should have been allowed a change of venue.

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