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The Secretary of State of Kentucky, Michael Adams, released a scathing statement on Thursday which denounced Democrats for a century of failing to implement proper measures to prevent voter suppression.

The statement comes in the wake of a shameless attack by the Democrat party of Kentucky on Georgia’s new law to tighten Voter ID restrictions.

Adams’ statement went on to describe in detail just how the Kentucky Democratic party refused to expand voter access, in spite of its century of being in control of the state legislature:

“Kentucky Democrats did nothing in the century they controlled our government to allow even one day of early voting in our state,” Adams said. “Now the Kentucky Democratic Party has the gall to attack Georgia – another state where it was Republicans, not Democrats, who expanded voter access. The Democratic establishment should drop the hypocrisy, and thank the legislators of both parties who have joined me in bringing Kentucky voting into the 21st century.”

The Kentucky Democratic Party’s chairman has attacked Georgia’s recent election legislation as “racist & undemocratic”. That legislation slightly modified Georgia’s expansive election rules – which were enacted by a new Republican legislature and governor in 2005 following over a century of Democratic control – and which still allow for extensive early voting days and generous absentee voting options…

The Democratic Party controlled the Kentucky House of Representatives without interruption from 1922 through 2016, yet it never passed a bill to extend voting by even one hour, let alone the three extra days of early in-person voting passed by the current Republican-held House…

Democrats held the office of Kentucky Secretary of State for 97 of the 125 years that the office has been elected, rather than appointed. Never did a Democratic Secretary of State make an effort to expand voting opportunities as the current Republican Secretary of State has.




        1. What about reparations to europeans from American continent indians who gave them Syphillis that killed many europeans? We all get reparations, lets have a spending party and watch our economy collapse in 20 years when the Chinese and Japanese stop buying our T-bills.

          1. Ok what about the europeans that wiped out entire Native American Tribes those who no longer exist

  1. If the last election was any indication, Democrats should apologize for 101 years of voter suppression.

  2. slavery has been gone for so long that no one is even close to it the only thing any body deserves is what they work for


  4. Its wonderful to see TRUTH in print on this issue. Democrats are selling us a load of Hypocracy;
    as well as LIES. Everything they do is POSTURING!

  5. The corrupt politicians act of 2021. The demonazis pass this and there will never be another real election again.

  6. Forget reparations. The Northern Armies fought to free the slaves in the South. Many died including my Great Grandfather in that great conflict. My family has paid reparations in blood and because of great Grandfathers death my Grandfather and 5 siblings were raised in an orphanage. They paid in tears.
    This article is about the expanded voting that eased the requirements for voting but protects our votes by asking to prove who is voting. That it! Nothing more or less and the MSM is only parroting those that will use any excuse to divide us.

  7. Funny how dems “forget” their past. They were the slave owners, the kkk and passed Jim crow laws. The Republicans undid it all but the clan. That they broke apart and the dems rebuilt it. They call for reparations but forget 2 things. One that was done ready 40 acres and a mule was offered at the end of the civil war. Two they are the ones who would owe if anyone does but like always they want to shift the blame and make everyone else pay for their wrong doing. Voter ID is a must. You need an ID to buy beer smokes drive get a library card get a bus card get an apartment, house ya know just about everything. So how is showing it to register to vote or to vote suppression? Are the dems really implying that minorities are incapable of getting an ID? Oh wait they are just listen to the speech Biden gave in Milwaukee when he said minorities were incapable of using the internet. Wake up America the dems dont care about people of color you are just a political pawn.

  8. Reparations are all but impossible to cover for any group’s unfair, and immoral treatment.

    What we need to do is simply agree what went wrong. Money can’t cover anything, especially when it was so long ago.

    People just need to get along. paying someone’s great grand-children because someone “punched them in the nose” – or absolutely worse – only fuels the fire. There can never be enough money to cover that cost. My family came from Europe, but was no part of slavery owners or Native American killers. Not everyone has acted against another human so immorally, only some.

    i could really spend time here talking about “hate crimes” and such…. I think most crimes are hate crimes, just not interracial or other differences. Soapbox removed.

  9. Any challenge the woke Demoncrat mob cannot reverse, they immediately attack and label it as RACIST. Any four-year-old can see through such a flimsy gaslighting job.

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