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Teachers in San Diego are now under fire for providing in-person instruction to unaccompanied minors being housed at the San Diego convention center.

This in spite of the fact that the migrants have a much higher rate of Covid-19 infection than the rest of the population and the teacher’s own students, who are legal citizens, are currently being forced to receive instruction only online.

As Fox News reports:

EXCLUSIVE: Unaccompanied child migrants housed at the San Diego Convention Center have an alarmingly high COVID-19 infections rate – but local teachers will be providing them in-person instruction before their own students.

Hundreds of migrant girls have been housed at the facility as the Biden administration is trying to figure out how to handle a crisis of unaccompanied children flocking to the southern border.

Of more than 700 unaccompanied girls transferred to the center, at least 82 have tested positive for the virus as of Tuesday afternoon, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services told Fox News Tuesday evening.

All of the girls had been tested before being transported to the temporary facility Monday, with 59 testing positive for coronavirus. They were being housed separately and anyone injured or ill was being treated on-site by staff from Rady’s Children’s Hospital, although children with serious illnesses are not taken to the facility, to begin with, and go right to a hospital.



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  1. And this proves the illegitimate claims of the teachers that they are afraid of the virus in American classrooms. Today’s teachers (but not ALL of them) want to get paid for NOT teaching their students. Typical socialism, and completely anti American.

  2. Any immigrants which tested positive for Covid should NOT be allowed to enter USA. I am a retired teacher. I caught flu, etc when students came to school. Working parents often sent their children to school sick. Also, my grandchildren were forced to have virtual instruction on the computer. My grandson fell behind. He is in Kindergarten. Migrants are going to spread COVID all across our country. Teachers are at risk of getting ill or die from COVID. Also, these teachers should be quarantined; to slow the COVID for speading.

  3. This is totally disgusting, using taxpayers money to school ILLEGALS those so called teachers should NOT get paid with taxpayer money. 😡😡😡

  4. If ever there was a reason for standardized testing, this virtual learning nonsense is a gold plated reason. Of course the teacher’s Union will be opposed to this, because it would be proof that they have not done their jobs, and took money for doing next to NOTHING,
    The Members of the teachers Union will always talk about how difficult their jobs are, how dedicated they are, and what hard work it is, but don’t dare impose any performance metrics on them that are finite, and not just subjective evaluations, Oh the horror. How can anyone question their incredible dedication…..and guess what?…what do you want to bet they’d like a RAISE because of the Covid-19 danger, even though they aren’t there in person to be exposed to it???????????????

  5. We should have not let any of these kids into the United States period.they should have been stopped at the border tents should have been set up by Mexico/America together. They should have been bused back to where ever they are from. This tactic that our Democrats are doing is absolutely wrong. They want sick children to enter our country and continue the process of COVID-19 to continue killing American. The Parents of these unattended children could have cared less about their kids or they would have come with them. They chose money over their kids. You bet the cartel paid them. American Lives Matter.

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