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Even though America is still within the first 100 days of Joe Biden’s presidency, most voters are telling pollsters they approve of his performance on the job. According to a poll conducted recently by the AP and the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, the president gets high marks from 60 percent of those surveyed. 

Along party lines, Biden’s handling of the novel coronavirus pandemic is viewed favorably by 70 percent of Democrats and 44 percent of Republicans. Some analysts would say the latter figure lines up nicely with pollster Tony Fabrizio’s post-election autopsy for the 2020 Trump campaign that concluded it was the former president’s mishandling of the COVID crisis that did the most to alienate GOP voters and drive them into the Democratic camp, at least at the presidential level.

Importantly for the GOP, which is still trying to figure out how best to proceed in the post-Trump era, a 

new Rasmussen Reports survey found that 51 percent of Republicans considered likely to vote in 2022 thought congressional Republicans had “lost touch” with them over the past several years. 

While 41 percent of the likely GOP voters surveyed said their individual representatives “have done a good job representing the party’s values,” their criticism of the congressional party is an ominous sign. It’s true, Rasmussen Reports said, that the numbers were a marked improvement “over previous surveys dating back to 2008” but with well over a third still dissatisfied with what the party in Congress is doing it will likely be difficult to bring the pro and anti-Trump forces together on any affirmative plan to win back the majority in both chambers. 

“Democrats are far more satisfied with their representation in Congress,” the polling firm said as, “62 percent of Democratic voters say Democrats in Congress have done a good job of representing Democratic values, while 32 percent say their party’s Congress members have lost touch with Democratic voters from throughout the nation.”

Other findings revealing in the survey include:

Sixty-five percent (65 percent) of voters not affiliated with either major political party think Republicans in Congress have lost touch with voters, while 51 percent of unaffiliated voters say Democrats in Congress are out of touch.

Voters under 40 are more likely than their elders to say Democrats in Congress have done a good job representing their party’s values. Voters with incomes over $200,000 a year say Democrats in Congress have done a better job than Republicans of representing their party’s values.

Among all likely U.S. Voters, just 29 percent think Republicans in Congress have done a good job representing Republican values over the past several years. Most (59 percent) think congressional Republicans have lost touch with GOP voters from throughout the nation, down from 63 percent in 2018, but 12 percent are not sure. 

Forty percent (40 percent) of all voters believe congressional Democrats have done a good job representing their party’s values over the past several years. Forty-nine percent (49 percent) disagree and say they’ve lost touch with Democratic voters, but 10 percent are not sure,” the polling firm said in a release.

The survey of 1,000 U.S. likely voters was conducted on February 28 and March 1, prior to the passage by the United States Senate of the COVID 19 federal stimulus bill adopted without Republican support and has a +/- 3 sampling error. The bill now heads back to the House where Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to call it up quickly rather than go to a conference committee to iron out the differences between the new bill and what the House passed last week.

Peter Roff is a former senior political writer for United Press International who is now affiliated with several Washington, D.C. public policy organizations. He appears regularly as a commentator on the One America News network. Reach him by email at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter @PeterRoff.

Peter Roff is affiliated with several Washington, D.C. public policy organizations and is a former U.S. News and World Report contributing editor who appears regularly as a commentator on the One America News network. He can be reached by email at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter @PeterRoff.


    1. Who are they polling? Anyone with a working brain can see that Biden isn’t capable of speaking in coherent sentences. Exactly who is behind the curtains running the show?

  1. And What???
    The Libetards ARE in touch??? Yeah RIGHT!!! Give me a break!!!

    Fact is…the entire system is out of touch with reality, BUT the conservative side is at least “leaning” toward reality!!
    The Left has just completed left the planet!!!

  2. I hope those democrats like their new fascist state. It might look good now, but when resources aren’t available, welfare goes to illegals and not citizens, jobs disappear, and everything this country was founded on is gone, will they still be so supportive? I guess, if they truly believe a communist country is a good idea. The republicans are so weak and that is why their numbers aren’t great. Too many RINOs we need to get out of office! NEITHER party is following the constitution.

  3. Who did you pole only Communist Democrats. If you all could do a true pole and stop lying. That would be different. But we have had good poling in a long time, because you only pole Democrats.

  4. Republican leaders have been out of touch with rank and file conservatives since Ronald Reagan was in office. The bushes were absolutely intolerable as conservatives. They promoted more liberal government programs and policies than the D’genrats they defeated for the office.

  5. Not so fast! ! ! Take note of who bought the POLLs who are the pollsters? ? ?
    LIBERALS . . .need I say more? ? ? These polls have not an ounce of credibility.
    Vietnam 3x

  6. Can I see your poll questions and you sample, meaning the area you polled with accompanying numbers (data). I think you clowns designed a poll, along with data manipulation, to get the results you wanted. Please answer me and let’s figure out how you can get me the research paper and oh the methodology section too. I am sure you will not because I don’t even think you know what I am speaking about. disgusting

  7. Not just the GOP members, but both parties in both the Senate and the House are sorry these days. Ratings on The New American Freedom Index for last year show most members scored poorly when judged on adherence to the Constitution. Some scored less than 15%!!!

  8. I know this much; the Republicans sitting in Congress NEED to get off their butts and walk down and vote and put America First; we need MORE Marjorie Taylor Greens, Josh Hawleys, Rand Pauls and a lot less of you old school “go with the flow” lazi arses in the @GOP; you guys like Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Mitch McConnell are just letting our rights and America freedoms slip right out of your constituents homes and we are NOT happy with you.

  9. The GOP is “Out of touch!” Better said “overwhelmed by the democrats’ power” or led by the RINOs who are in fact democrats. In other words conservatives have only a few politicians representing them and the rest of the GOP are RINOs, especially the party leaders. Currently the republican party is moot and a new CONSERVATIVE party needs to be created to replace the weak RINOs who do not represent conservatives.

  10. There they go again, polling corrupt satanic nazi democrats and claiming they are conservatives.

  11. If it’s the RINOs they are talking about, you know, the Republican sector of the swamp menagerie; it’s not that they are out of touch with their constituents, it’s that they don’t give a hoot about us. They’re in Washington, D.C. to make a comfortable nest egg for themselves while following their own agenda. After all, they feel the American drone population, just wouldn’t understand what is best for them. So, they vote their “conscience.”

  12. This is obviously written by a moron. Are you related to China Joe, or all the other crooks that run our country, from both sides of the aisle. REAL FACT, WE WANT ALL OF YOU TO RETIRE !!!

  13. ….joke ….barely has 20% of approval in a great day…..
    Don’t wait today MUST sue Nancy Pelosi for gross negligence causing the wrongful dead of Ashli Babbit in the Capitol riot, she was unarmed, who gave those orders to the the Capitol police to shot an unarmed person without first giving prior notice of that they will be shooting at them , violating the law.
    No one is above the Law not even the POTUS, Nancy fired the experienced Capitol chief of police days before the riots and placed an inexperienced person to be in charge, refused the offer from the POTUS TRUMP to have 10,000 troops to stop riots in DC, there are multiple videos that show how the Capitol Police let the rioters in the Capitol and also guide them to the chambers then inside to ambush them and gun down an innocent person.
    We The People want the Law to be upheld even to everyone, no one is above the LAW.
    Now the say the Capitol police that shot Babbit is in hiding who is helping him to do so, and why they haven’t open an investigation!!!.

  14. I don’t anymore believe this propaganda piece than I believe pigs can fly. Democrats have to pay the same high gas prices the republicans do at the pump, the same high electric bills, the same high grocery bills, cost of everything going up. They will also have to pay the same higher taxes as the rest of us. So this is a bunch of bs.

  15. Republicans are NOT dissatisfied with Republican legislators; they are dissatisfied with the Washington establishment “leaders” of the Party, but they don’t vote them out in primaries because they don’t pay enough attention to who they are.

    I stated to myself there is no way in this world that was a legitimate survey, so I went to one of my area shopping centers. Armed myself with a folder and some paper with a question. ” Do You Approve or Disapprove Of The Performance of Joe Biden/Kamala Harris ” To This Date?.” (3/6/2021) I figured that I could speak to about 100 people. Well I got lucky and over 2.5 hours, and scored 139 people who actually answered verbally, 123 Disapproved their efforts to date 88.5% While 16 said they were better than Trump, notice they did not say if they approved their efforts or a Biden/Harris rating of 11.5%. This is in Southern New Jersey. I had so much fun, I might do it again. The real thing that truly bothers me, is the “FACT” that our Supreme Court has failed to maintain its jurisdictional responsibility, and is now a political based function of our government.

  17. You will all be surprised at who is really running this Clown show. Its all pantomime. To wake the sheeple up!

  18. Even if they think they’re out of touch it doesn’t mean they’re stupid enough to vote for Democrats.

  19. Who is running the government, the people or the pollsters. Folks, the polls say what the powerful want them to say, these people know the quadrants of the population where their desired results are most like to be found. Polls cannot be trusted, period!

  20. I have to bite a nail to keep from agreeing to totally false articles that is incorrect.
    The biden administration is like 30%, and that’s giving them a break at the moment.
    Everyone knows biden is out for revenge, and the real President Of The United States Donald J Trump… is probably laughing at the biden delusional.
    Here’s the truth… what Trump accomplished in four years the Democratic Party (this includes biden) hasn’t done in 50 years.
    ((((all of the executives orders)))) really
    Why ????? Anyone knows that if something works why do if differently? The Covid came just in time to slightly benefit the democrats, and it’s not as much as you think.

  21. Do you really think we are going to get in a twist about stupid polls that can be manipulated like the election……duh….

  22. Yes we can do away with the GOP but that will leave us with nothing but the united democratic communist party just like all Marxist/communist countries where you no longer have a choice of who to vote for as they are choosen by the party and their is no opposition so go ahead and become another country without any freedom or rights except those dictated by the party.

  23. They’re out of their jurisdiction. There are no ‘Republicans’ among our leadership. If there were, we wouldn’t be paying for abortions. Homosexuals would not be sanctioned for marriages by government edict. Our troops would be stationed on U.S. soil and poised to defend our shores. No “Hate Crime” Laws would be legislated. No Affirmative Action policies would exist. Global Warming apostates would be judged mentally unbalanced, and slated for psychiatric treatment. (Who in their right mind would stand shivering from the cold, while they’re whining about Warming?) NO MORE FED! Our borders would be sealed tight, and double the number of border patrol officers and immigration agents would be rounding up illegal aliens and sending them packing. No trade schemes would sideline American workers by authorizing the offshoring of our factories and services. I’m an arch conservative (Or couldn’t you tell?) Trump was steering America back onto the tracks of a sustainable, prosperous, sovereign and peaceful America. The train wreck I call Numb Nuts is calling in his markers to dismantle what’s left of our republic.

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