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Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) is apologizing to his constituents for his decision to object to President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College win amid the Capitol riots.

Lankford found himself under fire from black voters after building goodwill with minority communities in his state following his attempt to challenge ballots cast in battleground states. Many minority voters saw Lankford’s attempts as casting doubt on voters in cities with large numbers of black Americans.

In a letter addressed to his “friends in North Tulsa,” the site of the worst incident of racial violence in American history, the senator asked for forgiveness.

The Tulsa World’s Randy Krehbiel reports:

His decision to raise issues about the presidential election in several key states — most of them with large African American populations — hurt and angered many Tulsans, however, with some leaders saying he should resign or be removed from the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission.

“What I did not realize was all of the national conversation about states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, was seen as casting doubt on the validity of votes coming out of predominantly Black communities like Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Detroit,” he wrote.

“After decades of fighting for voting rights, many Black friends in Oklahoma saw this as a direct attack on their right to vote, for their vote to matter, and even a belief that their votes made an election in our country illegitimate.

“I can assure you,” he said, “my intent to give a voice to Oklahomans who had questions was never also an intent to diminish the voice of any Black American.


  1. You never did anything wrong . It’s just people can’t see through the hate that think you did. I for one think you said and thought should have been said . No apology’s need.

    1. Apology not only “not needed”, apology is extremely objectionable! It hasn’t won any votes from the other side, Senator, but it has diminished any backing you had from Conservatives (i.e. the 75+ millions who voted for President Trump in the last election.

      1. You are right Amawalk 2 . I was in hopes people would read between the lines like you did thin again I though I should have said I wouldn’t vote fore him if I could, should he run again. I should also have said he played into their hands , gave them power over the congress. Show’s he is weak and doesn’t want to loose votes. But I hope he does>

      2. Absolutely “NO APOLOGY” should have been required from you, if there was provoked intimidation, please inform your voters and the rest of US, the 75 million plus who voted Legally for President TRUMP. I still cannot understand how our Supreme Court came about to “validate” the upwards to 16 million ILLEGAL VOTES, and then disenfranchised our “WE THE PEOPLE” 75 million LEGAL VOTES.

        1. It’s easy to explain . Some have skeletons , the others have NO spine , Roberts has ongoing Brain seizures issues .

    1. Who are you that you think you speak for all the minority voters? You are just like most democrats, you think you have the only voice. Anyone that disagrees is subject to your self appointed ruling class. If you dont like what the senator says, tell him because you certainly dont speak for anyone else.

      1. Chief, you took a huge and wrong step in ASSUMING that Sugaree was talking of minorities. Sugaree made no mention of race, you simply made a stupid assumption.

      2. Everything is about race…it’s soo old I don’t even think about it anymore. Where I grew up the KKK and Jim Crow was and is the Democratic Party and they have convinced you they weren’t. Have you been this stupid all your life? Every hear of Bull Conner? Huh!!

      3. Because MOST of us know fully well this election was stolen thru 6 or so counties in 6 states. A RINO has No spine and blows with the wind. You have your opinion Chief but I know plenty of Minority voters who also feel this was a rigged election. Many from Cuba who have seen this exact type of election 1st hand as we have now.

    2. How many votes did you cast for Biden? I am very old and a Christian, I believe that two wrongs do not make a right. There is proof and people are being arrested for illegal acts. Even one bad vote is two many. I believe that anyone who condones those acts is a traitor we should all question the honesty of the win. I live in Massachusetts where there is undeniable proof that the Ballot was Rigged.

      1. Sir, it was rigged in all those states. They can’t win playing fair, They have to cheat. I will NEVER call Biden my president. He is totally illegal.

  2. Trust me, these senators who are groveling and apologizing are only trying to save their jobs. They really deserve no respect at all and should not be reelected. They have no backbone and don’t care about the citizens they are supposed to be working for. Pitiful.

  3. He won’t be a rising star in the Republican Party much longer. If you lose your Black friends, they were not your friends to start with.

  4. Why apologize? Did one of the democommunists THREATEN YOU? You did nothing wrong. The election was STOLEN by rampant voter fraud that was seen over and over even right on video.
    It appears you are nothing but a RINO, a “turncoat”, and hope you enjoyed THIS “election” because I am afraid it may be your last “win” TRAITOR.

    1. Why is it that the Republicans will always apologize to the Dems but not the other way around? Why is it that the republicans think they have done something wrong ?

  5. What about the numerous black voters that fully support the 10 day delay for an audit? Thats all that was proposed – it wasn’t throwing out anything.

    Are they that worried about a simple audit ?

  6. Yeah…keep pretending the elections weren’t ‘rigged’, even, in Africa when ‘they rig-elections’ ya need ‘ID-verification’ to vote!

  7. Shouldn’t have apologized it makes you look weak and stupid should have simply stated if it was the other way around, would they have been concerned about cheating? When you challenged the fact that some of these places illegally changed voting rules and discriminated against conservatives in their changes. If the BLM was concerned about fraud would we have had such an uphill battle? No they would riot and burn more cities. If clyburn the most useless and stupid conman In government had been treated as they are treating our president would BLM just sit back and say oh well. Then white folk who feel like they have been screwed over should have the same rights as black folk, for equality sake after all that’s what we want right? EQUALLITY?! This whole thing could have been avoided had we just done the election the way the state constitution demands Remember the democrats have encouraged the burning and looting and occupy of the cities without worry. The BLM riots caused more deaths and damage than the few that broke into the people’s capital building. The democrats are the ones responsible. And as they become more tyrant it will get worse.

  8. When will some people of “color” stop seeing themselves as “victims” because of the color of their skin? Especially when there are so many successful people of color in all branches of government and private sector. To question the legality of the vote has nothing to do with color. Truth is all that is required and if the vote is questioned that only means that it can be verified or shown as a fraud-so everyone should want that. So no apology should be given for asking a question.

  9. Every single thinking person knows that the numbers of people aledgedly voting for a semi ambulatory cadaver from the inner cities is a very hard tale to swallow. Why would anyone vote for that guy? Especially being a democrat with what the democrats have done to our cities over the years they have run rough shod over them.
    I just want to see them. I want to know those votes are real. Until then, I don’t beleive it. <—-Period

  10. North Tulsa he apologizes to for STANDING TALL until he fell down and CAVED LIKE A LITTLE GIRL IN A PARTY DRESS?

    WHAT ABOUT THE voters throughout the state that elected you to not only CONTEST THE ELECTIONS, but to STAND BY YOUR CONSERVATIVE ROOTS!

    DID YOU TELL THEM before hand that it was ‘only politics, and whatever they tell you to do, is the way you will act?…

  11. I can’t believe he’s apologizing to those traitors but no big surprise because the republican party isn’t a patriot party they say they believe one thing but does something opposite not to be trusted they need a patriot party member in high courts and all in politics because these people don’t have the people’s interests in mind. This is a disgrace 😤 we the people say kiss our asses you are all fired and need to be removed from office right away scum the lot of you. Ass kissing traitors.

  12. Why is it always about skin color and not the core issues? He caved to the leftist propaganda rather than the facts, coward.

  13. I sure hope Oklahoma is watching and the good midwest people there see what a loser this man is. I hope he’s up for re election in the mid terms cause you all have your chance to vote this RINO out. Be great for our conservative party. Bye Bye loser. The blacks don’t appreciate your so called apology either. Give it up.

  14. Unless there’s some missing text here, all Lankford said was that he’s sorry some people misinterpreted what he did.

  15. Do not let them take you into Apologies , What you did was right . There is still more coming out about the Elections . Their was Fraud, how much is the question . Do not suck up to the Democrats they will hang you .

  16. It was a valid objection to make . Congress should have objected to the electoral college vote until there was the investigation. … the only thing anyone wants is a true and fair and legal election .. you shouldn’t have apologized for doing the right thing . You have now compromised your own integrity . I thought you had more inner strength and wisdom .

  17. The senator almost grew a spine, but it disappeared when he thought the spine had become politically inconvenient. What is ironic is that he would have made more political points in the long run by standing up against voter fraud than by caving in to it.

  18. He stuck his finger in the wind and now he’s feckless. If he can’t vote his conscience then he’ll vote his pocketbook!

  19. Yes James, you are a good “comrade”. Never speak up when there are concerns about honesty and integrity. Good comrades “tow the line” and follow the ‘word of the people”. Shut up and sit down you angry nasty white man !

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