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As tensions with China continue to rise with the foreign ministry firmly opposed to new sanctions brought on by the Trump administration adding nine more Chinese firms to the Pentagon’s list of companies that are reportedly linked to the Chinese military, take a look at this list of prominent Democrats who are paid to push China’s agenda in Washington.


    1. If ya can’t differentiate between fake-news, and, what’s really goin on, by now… you’ll be needing psychiatric help or at the very least, an exorcist❓

    2. The New York Post, a paper founded by James Madison put the story of Hunter Biden on Twitter before the election and Twitter took it down. The MSM refused to cover it and, when word got out called the story a conspiracy theory that had been debunked. Fox News covered the story and informed us that the DOJ had begun investigating Biden in 2018. Now as you know censorship and suppression of free speech are in high gear. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany was born and raised in what was East Germany. She is a graduate of Karl Marx University. I say that because she has called the de-platforming of POTUS by big tech “problematic.” She knows for a certainty that this is the first step toward consolidation of power and tyranny. Think of it as high tech book burning. Some on Fox still state facts: Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Jesse Waters, Jeanine Pirro, Greg Gutfeld, Garrett, Pete Hegseth, Brian Kilmeade and Dan Bongino for example. One America News and Newsmax are conservative news sources . The main stream media is completely left biased and heavily edits the news, often presenting stories in such a way as to underscore their point of view. Now we are learning that conservatives need to be re-programmed or re-educated. An attorney for PBS was caught on a microphone stating that children of parents who voted fro President Trump need to be taken away from their parents and sent to re-education camps. This is the language of Mao and it is inflammatory and dangerous. The hard left is not kidding. They are Marxists who intend to completely silence debate and dissent in this country, consolidate their power in conjunction with other globalists in the world and rule, period. If you believe in the Constitution as written, value your protected liberties and the American way of life you must now make an effort to be informed, vote wisely and stand for our country. I will. As President Reagan stated: “Freedom is a fragile thing and is only one generation away from extinction.” I am a direct linear descendant of three patriots who fought in the Revolutionary War and the grateful and proud daughter of a career military father. I must stand against the regressive left and do all I can to hand America to the next generations as the Constitutional Republic it was founded to be. This is our 1776 moment.

  1. Time for any communist on American payroll to resign as soon as possible they are not wanted past, present or future!!!! nor are they welcome ever!!!!

  2. Why any of this people are in jain now. ???? Where the hell is swallwell??? Pelosi ?? And others DemRats Goons. Where is McConnell Romney?? You sure as hell missing a bunch.

  3. It would take little effort to make the same connections to Joe Biden, Cuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, and quite a few more in both houses of Congress.

  4. How did it happen with out the FBI being privy to it in the first place ? Any of this ! God said he was going to expose all of this crap.

      1. Mustang, you have GOT THAT RIGHT! Conservatives have been shafted! Will probably never see another Republican president in my lifetime! When the judicial system has become tainted – there is no other recourse than what founding father Jefferson recommended be done to stop a tyrannical government!

  5. these people have no shame and certainly no respect for this once great country that gave them the chance to be what they are but not what they have become all of them selling out their country for a few pieces of silver. sound familiar They will rot in hell

  6. Feinstein is a traitor and should get the punishment she deserves. She has Alzheimer’s so she won’t know she’s in prison. Biden admin needs to be spied on or China will own us

  7. Why wasn’t this information given to the public before the election, so we can vote these traitors, out of office. U just elected one of the biggest traitors, in communist, dementia,puppet,slo,joe, and his crackhead, son who are in the pocket of china,we can’y allow the hidenbiden,criminal,cartel to run our country, Start impeachment immediately, we have all the goods on them already.They have stolen the election,with proof every where. The fake news media,just covered it all up.

  8. Its never to late to protest this massive election fraud by the dems. Dominion Voting Machines to manipulate and fraud the transfer of votes from Trump to Biden is criminal. Rise up and protest by non-violent civil disobedience movement across the 50states no work pens down and challenge this in the Supreme Court as the people of this country will voice their claims with evidence, or the entire nation shall declare civil war. Eighty percent in govt. is supportive, and will wait for the call to challenge this corrupt govt of Biden.

  9. Our incoming, invalid and illegal president is on the payroll. as is his family and God only knows how many others. The proof is there, but the deep state is deep.

  10. Every politician needs to be removed from office they are swindlers and they don’t even follow the laws they put in place so why should we . If it’s good for we probably don’t want it, you’re the new Hitler party “democrats ” we the people are watching and biden best not ever let those illegal immigrants inside our country we don’t want them if they don’t come in the right way. We the patriots will rise up to fight the injustice you are bringing on our people.

  11. Hmmmmmmm! I wonder what these people have to hide!!!! They should be given a thorough investigation!!! China collusion????? I think I will start investigating them on my own; if I find any thing that looks money laundering, etc. I will notify a trustworthy newscaster to see what can be done about it!! I will also talk with the FBI, but I will let the FBI know that they will not be the only ones to get this information!!!

  12. Why do you have these click bait pages? It just as easy to list them on several pages, we won’t stay on this fiasco, they are all crooks

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