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A suspected operative of China’s Ministry of State Security, the country’s leading intelligence agency, Christine Fang or Fang Fang, gained access to California politicians through her affiliation with a local college’s Chinese Student Association. She targeted U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) during his 2014 re-election campaign by acting as a political “bundler” that helped raise funds and gain support from crucial Asian-American voters. U.S. intelligence officials believe her mission was to gain access to and influence Swalwell, which may have been accomplished when she managed to place an intern in his office. The nature of Swalwell’s relationship with Fang has been called into question, as she has been surveilled having sexual relations with two Midwestern mayors.



      1. What do U mean?! Every1 knows DEMOSOCOMS R NEVER guilty of anything, they always do what’s best 4 the serfs! There is no need 4 sweeping anything under any rugs. The Marxists/Socialist /Media & Silicon Valley will CLEANSE all!

        1. When will folks catch on to what I have been saying/ The News media is Public Enemy Number One. The Democrats are Public enemy Number two. All of our other enemies pale in comparison to our internal enemies which I just mentioned..

      2. He’s the big guy he got his millions also, the Chinese will call in the debt, I don’t trust the communist democrats.

      3. Pelosi is on it, she believes there is nothing to see here. JB doesn’t even know who Sweatwell is…he probably thinks he may one of Hunter’s partners.

      4. Do not kid yourself Joe Biden was very much involved in the China affair. Hunter was his bag man. Who knows who else was getting a kick back while Biden was VP . No one in the Obama could be that stupid not to know or getting a piece of the pie

    2. Yes it can. “Duh, I didn’t know.” Ignorance is not a defense, get him out of Congress.

    3. It is a Treasonous act. but look at all the ones who have sold us out, like Clinton for one. nothing gets done to them. they are allowed to keep walking around and doing no good acts. Our justice system is no good. depends on how much money you have to buy off the judges.

  1. Treason cut and dried. Being a Democrap, nothing will come of it. Perhaps the American citizens should do something about this!

  2. Swalwell, the fart boy ,caught in a Honey Trap with a Chinese SPY…..and Pelosi, who will forever defend ANY Democrat no matter what they do, says she has complete confidence in him…the House of Represenatives is a total and complete bad joke on the American People.
    It’s all just O’tay if you are Democrat you are above the law! Swalwell doesn’t have a shred of integrity, otherwise he’d RESIGN.

  3. I guess because he is a democrat it doesn’t matter who he is sleeping with and passing along secrets. I would like to wipe that smile off his face. He must think it is a joke he is selling out our country.

  4. The article identifies Fang as a suspected Chinese operative affiliated with a student organization. But it does not specify her citizenship. Is it not illegal for a foreign operative to involved in an American political campaign? If she is an American citizen, that raises other legal questions. And how complicit has Swalwell been in her illegal activities? Obviously the Biden family are not the only ones with nefarious Chinese connections.

  5. This typical bigmouth Dam needs to be removed from Congress, charged with treason and prosecuted accordingly. Why he is even holding any committee positions is the million dollar question of the day. If this ignoramus got caught with his pants down, how many more California pols did she compromise… Calling Director Radcliff….

  6. Can’t tell me he’s not up to his eyballs in treason after all the blaming Trump of treason. Whatever the communist democrats accuse you of is what they are doing. Its time to start over.

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