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Playtime is over for the spoiled brats of Antifa.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr has reportedly told federal prosecutors to begin filing a host of federal charges against violent liberal rioters, including sedition, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Sedition is the act of using violence to overthrow the government.

Liberals have carried out a national wave of carefully planned, coordinated, and funded attacks since the May death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.

Using Floyd’s death as the fuse, liberals have used rioting, arson, shootings, and literal bomb attacks to try and destabilize the United States ahead of the November 3 election.

Numerous people have been killed at the hands of liberals, including police officers and innocent bystanders.

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“So far, the Justice Department has filed federal charges against more than 200 defendants arrested during the rioting and looting that has spread across the country since the death of George Floyd,” the Washington Times reports. “However, the charges lodged are largely firearms violations, arson, and offenses related to failure to obey law enforcement.”

That may be about to change.

Barr warned prosecutors the violence could grow worse as we get closer to the election. It appears liberals would grow especially violent if voters do not give in to their terrorist demands and instead reelect President Donald Trump.

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A conviction on the charge of sedition carries a 20-year-maximum federal prison sentence and requires prosecutors to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the defendant carried out an act of violence with the intent to overthrow the government.

Convictions for sedition are rare. In 1981, Oscar López Rivera, a Puerto Rican nationalist and liberal terrorist was convicted of sedition for carrying out a series of 130 terrorist bombings in the United States that killed four people and wounded dozens. 

His sentence was commuted in 2017 by President Barack Obama and he was freed from prison, despite refusing to renounce terrorism apologize to the families of his victims.

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    1. AMEN TO THAT! But, don’t hold your breath. Remember, the communist muslim demonRAT party mafia and their mobs are above and exempt from all laws, all common decency, all ethics and morals, and anything anti American and anti God.

  1. Every Governor and Mayor, who enables and/or supports the Sedition and Insurrection, should ALSO face the same Charges!!

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  2. Since AG Barr stated (above) “Barr warned prosecutors the violence could grow worse as we get closer to the election.” What will he do when Trump wins the election 11-3-2020 and the pro-rioters (not, protesters) ramp-up their rioting massively following his re-election?

    1. “WETHE PEOPLE” will deal harshly with them…we will apply cold steel…vigorously & and repeatedly…to their cranial, thoracic & abdominal cavities!!!

      1. Dealing with rioters — and they should most assuredly be dealt with — is a job for police and related law enforcement. It is not a job for your suggested vigilante justice, which, unless done is strict self defense (that is, unless you are personally attacked first) is as lawless as anything the rioters might do,

  3. Just let “We the People deal them “Revolutionary Justice” – in the same manner as their patron saint, Ernesto “Che” Guevara ,dealt ‘Revolutionary Justice” to his enemies…the good people of Cuba who refused communism…there will be neither commutations nor delays of the sentences!!!

    1. In America, we have American Justice, not so-called Revolutionary Justice, which, no matter what rhetoric you use to dress it up or what side you are on, is simply those who apply it acting as they wish with absolutely no concern for justice of any kind.

    2. Remember Che ended up being hunted down and shot to death in a sh*t hole jungle down in central or South America after falling out with Castro . How these idiots can hold him up as a hero is beyond reason .

  4. This won’t stop until the funding stops and that means Soreass must be charged for aiding in the sedition and his ass ets seized.

  5. All of these rioters that have been burning down buildings and taring down land mark monuments are Terrorists and should have been shot on sight.

  6. As far as I’m concerned Barr can bury them under the jail. Their anti-American commies trying to take over our great country and turn it into a rat hole. USA all the way. Trump 2020

  7. I’d rather they issue an open season – no bag limit on these terrorists. They would be gone by tomorrow.

    1. True Joey but so would a lot of our people . These leftist anarchists are not worth the lives they would take . Even were we to lose one to their hundred the price would be to great . Let the law handle it but be prepared to fight back if and when called upon by the authorities .

  8. One question , what took so long ? It has been obvious from the begining what this is about . ANTIFA and the BLM movement is nothing more than a carefully organized and planned attempt to destroy America . All that was required was the right incident to use for the primer . All can be traced back to one person and the far left swing of the Democrats and their power hungry and greedy .leaders

  9. Lay on additional charges under RICO Law.. [Organized Criminal Enterprise] which will open the legal door to go after those evil [and rich] people who have funded BLM and Antifa and other groups to sponsor this Sedition.

    We the Citizens of America need to see justice well and truly served upon the criminal persons who have tried to destroy the USA.

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