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A friend of mine who is a high-ranking officer in the New York Police Department sent me last night the highly newsworthy document below. My friend shares my deep concerns about the disastrous leadership of Mayor Bill de Blasio, District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr., and other weak, incompetent, feckless Democrats at the top of New York City’s government.

This letter was written by Lou Turco, President of the Lieutenants Benevolent Association. He argues that low-level quality-of-life complaints are being weaponized to torpedo responding police officers and expose them to civilian complaints, ensuing lawsuits, subsequent taxpayer-financed settlements, and permanent black marks on their records.

The latest specific threat, as Turco sees it, is public reports about the use of illegal fireworks. He describes this as “a game and setup” designed to undermine individual officers and the NYPD force, in general.

Given the roaring debate over law enforcement, the approaching July 4 holiday, and the profusion of fireworks as America heads toward Independence Day, this letter from one leading police officer to his embattled colleagues is worthy of discussion across this great land, as it prepares for its 224th birthday.

June 25, 2020

Dear Lieutenant:

As we have all recently been made aware, there are numerous complaints about the quality of life in the city deteriorating, especially regarding an excessive number of fireworks being set off at all hours throughout the City. We must inform our members of how you are being played as pawns and being disingenuously set up by the politicians of this city. As is typical, the politicians, who have an inordinate disdain for law enforcement, will turn to law enforcement to address and correct complaints emanating from a constituency they have abandoned.

And, this is how the game and setup will play out:

1 – Officers(s) responds to a minor criminal offense or quality of life complaint.

2 – Officer(s) engage with the individual(s) perpetrating the offense(s).

3 – Perpetrator(s) is/are now emboldened to combat police officers as a result of a catastrophically created and imposed criminal reform agenda.

4 – A so called “innocent by-stander” will film the interaction between the officer(s) and the offender(s) and immediately post the video on social media

5 – If the offense leads to an arrest, the District Attorney’s office will more than likely decline to prosecute on all the charges; including resisting arrest.

6 – The perpetrator(s) will claim to have received a phantom injury if physical force was used to effect the arrest.

7 – The now exonerated perpetrator will then file a Civilian Complaint against the officer(s) and, in addition, will file a civil suit against the City and potentially the officers(s).

8 – The Officer(s) will not be indemnified by the city because there is an open Civilian Complaint on the Officer(s).

9 – The “ATM”, AKA – City of New York, will settle and pay the claimant without
even a employing a good faith attempt to refute the claim.

10- Now, with the repeal of 50-a, your CCRB and Civil Lawsuit records will be made public for everyone to see.

All this for enforcing a minor criminal offense or quality of life complaint. The politicians show us no support, do not care for our safety, but have no problem calling on us to fix the problems they have created. In their opinion, cops are simple and stupid and can be manipulated to do what they (the city and state politicians) want done, even after insulting us on a near daily basis. They are using us as pawns in a game where we have been set up to fail.

Until Mayor de Blasio genuinely states and unequivocally commits to having our officers enforce fireworks infractions AND the District Attorneys verbally commit to processing fireworks offenses, our members must employ the utmost discretion when taking action related to incidents involving illegal fireworks.


Lou Turco

LBA | 212-964-7500 | [email protected] | www.nypd-lba.org
40 Peck Slip
New York, NY 10038

Copyright © 2014. All Rights Reserved.
LBA, 40 Peck Slip, New York, NY 10038

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New York political commentor Deroy Murdock is a Fox News contributor and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.


  1. as a former legal immigrant to this GREAT country, I am appalled and VERY DISGUSTED by the way these leftists irresponsible politicians are conducting their states and cities. I still remember the words President Trump used WAY before he was elected: This country will become a third world country very quickly if we continued on the path taken by corrupt and leftists democrats. Boy oh boy, was he right? I come from of such a third world country, I am in fear for what is to come soon if Biden is elected.

  2. De Blasio, Vance and the rest of the feckless nincompoops doomed one of the best police departments, NYPD, in this country. The mayor and the rest have their collective heads stuck so far up their rear ends they will never see the light of day again.

    1. NYC deserves what it get’s,bloomburgler,socialist 3 years,and then they vote for a comunist deblasio.Alot of times stupidity cant be cured

  3. NYPD has Anthony Weiner’s computer, and all the footage about Jeffrey Epstein’s island. The Democrats are ALL implicated in this data. They’re all pedophiles, abusers and kinks. You have to be to be in the D.C. Elite Club! It’s part of initiation. And the oath is renewed frequently, so that all understand they can’t escape, and they can’t snitch. It’s the price of pride, position and political filth. ALL their careers are in that data. That’s why they MUST defeat President Trump in November, so they can BURY all this evidence. NONE of this is about the NYPD. It’s all about president Trump, and these RATS’ political lives, sedition, treason and jail. The sign on Guantanamo Bay says “VACANCY”. M.A.G.A! God Bless President Trump! God expose the filth!

      1. The big one you left out was McCarthy who was after the communists. Once they did him in the communist had free run and you can clearly see it today.

    1. So true, the Dems are corrupt and many, if not all, appear to have sold their souls in exchange for their political success. WHAT GOOD IS IT FOR MAN TO GAIN EVERYTHING YET LOSE HIS SOUL?

      Very sad that so many would turn their backs on Almighty God for power and prestige in this life when the next life will be eternally lived out in heaven or hell. The doors of hell are locked from the inside by those who occupy it.

      Dear God, may YOUR MERCY wash over the many who fail to see the truth – that eternal life ONLY comes by Jesus Christ and that we can do nothing to earn our salvation.

  4. Correction: They’ve set up the city for failure so let it burn until voters grow up and realize they’re being had AND used.

    1. Don don’t think the youth of today will ever grow up so you are wishing for something that isn’t going to happen.

      1. Yes they will. That’s the sad part. They keep being promised the moon and always get poo so why do they keep doing it

    2. Again
      Dont they remember it was a republican who brought law and order and a democrap who tore it down

  5. Of course they did but until the voters grow up and send them packing one way or another, there’s no sympathy. This is a self inflicted injury and the city can rot.

  6. NYPD set up pre riots?? look at status Today vs pre riots??
    Blame Mayor & Governor for demise
    & lose $$$ for New Years Eve & Macys Parade alone
    OK Mayor.
    Your call.

    1. LIEberal Demoshits don’t give a damn about what’s good for America!!! LIEberal Demoshits ONLY care about what’s good for LIEberal Demoshits!!!

    2. The Democrats should not be allowed to have police protection as they leave all of us without them..let’s do as I say not as I do..disgraceful and shameful

  7. The ones that will pay the price is the residents of NYC, particularly those living in the low rent districts. The ones that can’t afford to get out of Dodge City.

  8. The enemy here is the CFR, U.N., DAVOS, E.U., and all INTERNATIONALISTS. They will be eliminated in the near future despite the fear of CAMERAS. It has arrived. The evil in both the HOUSE and the SENATE is beyond deadly. It is both sides that takes their marching orders from K – STREET. The upper level of the military is a total educated planned fix. It starts very soon, i.e. the backlash to the evil paid for lunacy. 244 years into empire come to a close and will be followed by 20 years of mental agony and horrific death. This is where the higher power of DEITY emotionally gets you through. Do not fear using your weaponry. This is what it is for. The TYRANNY is the deep state treasonous scum. NOW they must die for a rebirth.

    1. Dan: Nothing will change until we get rid of the Federal Department of Un-Education. The public government schools are graduating truckloads of illiterate zombies.

  9. I stand with the police on this one. I have said all along they should go home and wait to be begged to come back to work. The idiots running New York have reduced a once great city to a shithole. If they think the federal government is going to bail them out when they lose all revenue I hope they have another thing coming. The police are being literally thrown under the bus. This is pure insanity. Why cant DeBlasio and AOC and others be removed for LACK in every way. Sadly Cuomo is the only one better than goo to do something but I dont think that will happen. It’s so sad, beyond sad, what they are allowing to happen.

  10. In this day and age, why would anyone want to be a cop? It is worse than a thankless job, and if you have to shoot a criminal you had better make sure he is not black.

  11. What is the real reason anarchist want to get rid of the police? and why are so many democrat politicians supporting them? If they are successful what does it meant for the rest of us?

  12. NYC has the best police in the world, unfortunately it also
    has the Worst cowardly Mayor DiBlasio, (a yellow streak
    runs down my back) he took HIS MOTHERS NAME because
    he is ashamed of his fathers GERMAN name, it is said his wife was a hooker and no white woman COULD STAND HIM,
    He won the election with only 17% of the vote, Dems outnumber Republicans 7 to 1 in NYC.
    It shows how a bartender with no talent, no common sense
    no loyalty to this country can get elected to a position she
    has no experience to hold, it shows how a son with only his
    lying mouth will take advantage of his father who was an
    excellent governor to win an election and after serving two
    terms is still needing something he has never learned,
    HOW TO BE A GOOD GOVERNOR. This is what happens to states who vote for Democrats out of obedience to a party
    that has changed to one of Socialist thoughts and terrorist
    actions to take power AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE UNTO THEMSELVES. Why mayors and governors have no backbone
    to stand up to protestors and cowardly step aside from carrying out their duties in PROTECTING ITS CITIZENS.
    This is your new Democratic party, is is now like the old
    Southern Slave Holding, KKK, Anti Civil Rights Act, they
    used fear, ignorance, terror, murder, rape and burning, lynching as their way of holding power, the same way the
    terrorists act today after being trained by ANTIFA, Marxists
    Hamas and paid for by George Soros, Socialists and people
    who HATE THIS COUNTRY, in other words DEMOCRATS.

  13. DeBlasio has been pissing on the police force since he was elected. And the people of New York have just begun to pay the price. Will they elect him again???

  14. So Deblazio wants to help the criminals further their careers? Looks like it’s time for a career change for New Yorks finest! Seems like this situation calls for tough love, let them reap what they’ve sown.

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