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Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) revealed he has quietly raised an adopted Cuban son for the past six years. Gaetz’s announcement comes one day after his fiery debate with Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA) over markups on the Democrats’ proposed police reform legislation.

The congressmen got in a heated back-and-forth during the House Judiciary Committee meeting when Richmond said he felt “angry as hell” at his Republican colleagues for “introducing amendments that are a tangent and a distraction.”


The Daily Wire has more on Gaetz’s surprising revelation, further explaining his righteous indignation yesterday.

“For all those wondering, this is my son Nestor. We share no blood but he is my life. He came from Cuba (legally, of course) six years ago and lives with me in Florida,” said Gaetz. “I am so proud of him and raising him has been the best, most rewarding thing I’ve done in my life.”

“As you can imagine, I was triggered when (to make an absurd debate point) a fellow congressman diminished the contributions of Republicans because we don’t raise non-white kids,” he said. “Well, I have.”

In an interview with People Magazine, Gaetz revealed that he began raising Nestor shortly after he arrived from Cuba around age 12, with the exception of a period of time when Nestor lived with his biological father during his junior year of high school.

At the time Nestor came to the United States, Gaetz was dating Nestor’s older sister and the boy’s mother had just died of breast cancer. People Magazine notes that Gaetz declined to elaborate on Nestor’s relationship with his biological relatives.

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  1. At least he is making a difference in a child of color’s life, not killing millions of unborn black lives through abortion. I guess not all black lives matter.

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  3. It is terrible to hear the DEMs constantly preach from a platform of ignorance and know they have a chance in November. From Richmond’s insult to Pelosi’s pandering with Ashanti Kente cloth, to Durbin’s tokenism, the DEMs are buffoons, even without Biden’s daily/hourly gaffes.

  4. This is typical of liberal democrats, theye want what they want and see nothing in the middle or look at a different viewpoint. Bipartisan to them is we get everything and you get nothing. If we don’t get our way we play the race card and say you don’t understand. We all live under the same laws, except for congress, they make them for us to live under but they never do, and I don’t care if you are black, brown, white or anything else. They, congress, never pass anything that they live with.

  5. Black racists like him need validation from whites telling them they are special above just mere equality. That is why they will riot and condemn anyone who says all lives matter or god forbid white lives matter also. This is what marks him as a racist while he and his like-minded crowd like Sharpton ignore the 93% of blacks killed by other blacks and whites killed by the police. Chicago, Detroit, LA, New Orleans, Philadelphia, St. Louis, etc. murders are ignored every year by this politician who does nothing and doesn’t want to address the 2,925 blacks murdered in 2018 of which 2,600 were by other blacks (most gang related). Instead he, as most BLM chapters, only wants to throw white in racism to avoid this most painful subject that has caused the death of over 80,000 blacks in the last 30 years.

  6. I know MANY white adults who are raising children of color. That is such an absurd statement, Richmond should be kicked out of the House for sheer stupidity (and take AOC with him).

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