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Former Vice-President and presumptive Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden has been stunningly silent over the past several weeks as chaos and lawlessness have swept across America.

Seemingly every major city experienced riots and looting, and Biden was nowhere to be found.

While this embarrassing lack of leadership can simply be attributed to general cowardice on the part of Biden and his aides, there is another reason which is even more likely. Namely, that there is a question Biden is absolutely terrified of answering: whether or not he supports defunding and abolishing America’s police departments.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that Biden, who was one of the key authors of the 1994 crime bill and himself helped to support legislation which trampled Americans’ civil liberties, would be afraid to answer this question.

Abolishing the police has, in a matter of weeks, gone from a fringe issue advocated for only among the far-left to a “mainstream” one championed by many regular Democrats, and one that may soon be passed into law starting in Minneapolis.

Yet Joe has been utterly silent on this issue, and it’s long past time for him to give the American people a straight answer. As Dan Backer, a lawyer from Virginia who has a record of standing up to other powerful Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, and Barack Obama said:

The American people deserve a straight answer to this question, and it’s long past time that Joe Biden gave them one. If you agree, retweet Dan’s tweet or share this article so we can ensure Joe Biden is finally forced to answer the real questions.

UPDATE: In response to Dan Backer’s viral campaign to get a straight answer out of Joe Biden as of June 8 at 2:21 pm ET Biden’s presidential campaign came out against calls to defund the police, pitting the presumptive Democrat presidential nominee against social justice activists on the left. Campaign spokesman Andrew Bates said Biden supports reforms including community policing programs and diversifying police departments.

Do you think Biden’s proposals will satisfy his extreme base or will they dampen their enthusiasm to vote? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Jake Walker has written for American Action News since the summer of 2019. His passions include geopolitics, history, and contemporary American politics. Jake's arrival in Washington, D.C. followed a rural New England upbringing in a tight-knit family.


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    1. Biden is not that stupid. He knows that the few idiots who are pushing to abolish police departments are destined to be removed from office, possibly violently. When you take away the only organization that pretends to provide justice, you are left with ANARCHY. Now I now that is what ANTIFA and ONE WORLD ORDER want. That will bring our nation DOWN. But for those who still desire order and safety, it would be the end.
      Folks, get more guns. Get a lot more ammo. You are going to need it.
      The options are now down to two
      O. Turn back to God as per II Chronicles 7:14 is not an option.
      1. Slavery
      2. Revolution.
      God help us.

  2. He is afraid to open his mouth and be asked hard questions about his political actions. That and having to speak without a script and coaches in answering questions. This man is useless, senile, and is the problem.

  3. Hillary tried that head injury bit but she couldn`t do it.She has to tell the world just how smart she is. She going down with her concussion story. Biden is all done with his misquotes and his Cornpop fire brand forgetfulness. He had 8 years to turn around the things that still need to be turned around. Trump is taking away the gravy train money from the elite and they don`t like it. To you people of color you are being used. To those of you people burning robbing and killing people in the name of a petty crook named Floyd? You`re hurting the wrong people.

  4. Joe Biden is showing himself as puppet to the Democrat Party! He’ll pick a woman as USVPOTUS, then resign because of health issues by chance he gets elected ( which I don’t think he will get elected!). Therefore the progressives/leftist will have the first woman ever in the USA’s history as POTUS!

  5. It will be interesting to see how this plays out with his “base” on the lunatic left. Best case scenario is that he sticks to his guns on this one – and numerous leftist voters stay home in disgust on Election Day.

  6. If you want a straight truthful answer form a democrat, especially hiden Biden, they will have to be questioned before Jesus!

  7. “But let me assure you that I was 100% for it before I was against it.” By the way, could you repeat the question, uh, topic, uh, you know the thing ….

  8. Let me answer that clearly. “I was 100% for it before I was against it” By the way, could you repeat the question/topic about the thing, you know what I’m talking about. My record speaks for itself ….

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