Think this is far-fetched? Think again…

Some experts are predicting that surges in COVID-19 could spark a new wave of stay-at-home orders in the states that have reopened or partially reopened following their initial pandemic-triggered lockdowns.

While some governors may resist calls to shut down their economies, others will likely be more susceptible to persuasion despite the political pressure to revive the economy as quickly and responsibly as possible.

Think this is far-fetched? Think again. The entire country of Lebanon has locked down for a second time.

Here are the states that may be affected if the worst-case scenario comes to fruition:


A White House Coronavirus Task Force report dated May 7 documented a significant spike in cases in Amarillo, Texas (population: 190,695).

While statistics show that the growth rate of the virus has plateaued for the time being in Texas and a plurality of states, spiking infection rates in multiple cities and counties in America’s heartland suggest the pandemic has moved beyond America’s coastal cities.

Texas’ Dallas County (population: 2.6 million) and Fort Bend County (population: 811,688) are on the White House Coronavirus Task Force’s “locations to watch list,” having seen a 116.8 percent and 64.8 percent increase in their numbers of recorded cases, respectively. 

Dr. Mark Escott, a Texas health official, told the Austin City Council that “the people who are getting sick right now are generally people who are working” and that the frequency of workers contracting COVID-19 will increase as more liberty-minded governors attempt to jumpstart their economies.

While Republican Gov. Gregg Abbott is committed to making sure the cure isn’t worse than the disease, liberal localities like Austin could reimplement lockdown orders at the county level.

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First, the good news: the number of new cases is decreasing in Kentucky. The bad news? The White House Coronavirus Task Force’s data and analytics unit determined Central City, Kentucky, has seen a 650 percent surge in coronavirus infection rates.

While the spike in Central City can probably be attributed to an outbreak at Green River Correctional Complex, such reports may be enough to get Gov. Andy Beshear (D) to reverse course after relaxing his restrictions.

Other reports may influence Kentucky’s chief executive, too. Preliminary modeling from the University of Louisville on behalf of Jefferson County (population: 766,757) states that if the post-lockdown contact rate between Kentucky residents doubles, “a second surge will be inevitable, even if we perfectly identify and isolate those with the virus.”

Whether or not that comes true remains to be seen. Models have been wrong many times before. However, that point becomes decidedly moot if Beshear and others decide to lockdown their states again.

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A cadre of scientists from Harvard, MIT and Georgia Tech published a revealing state-by-state coronavirus simulator, which shows under minimal restrictions following Gov. Brian Kemp’s lifted lockdown orders, COVID-19 could potentially kill 20,000 Georgians by August 30.

For his part, Kemp is confident in his reopening strategy — unlike numerous Democrats. On May 13, he held a press conference extending the closure of bars, updating guidelines for restaurants and laying out a path for summer camps to open provided they meet certain guidelines. Kemp also strongly urged residents to wear face masks.

The numbers show that new cases are currently decreasing in Georgia, and Kemp is determined to keep it that way, telling reporters, “We are just in a good place and we want to keep these numbers moving in the right direction.”

The governor’s office has not responded to inquiries about whether or not he would shutter his state again should cases increase (as is happening in Virginia, Arkansas, South Dakota, Maine and Montana).

Responding to the Daily Beast, Dr. Andreas Handel, an infectious disease epidemiologist at the University of Georgia, said: “If we see a consistent trend of increasing new daily cases for a week or at most two weeks, another shutdown or other restrictions are needed.”

Handel may be the kind of expert who attempts to persuade Kemp in the coming days and weeks.

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Michael Brigham has written for American Action News since the summer of 2019. His areas of expertise include foreign affairs, government, and politics, but regardless of the subject matter, he has a nose and an insatiable appetite for news. In his free time, he enjoys reading nonfiction, watching a mix of comedies and true crime documentaries, and spending time away from the swamp hiking in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


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    1. Here is truth. The lock down has not saved a single life. The figures that the Democrats put out included deaths from many other causes. They included them in order to keep the panic going. Even in Teas, the numbers were wrong. They included those who were tested FOR ANTIBODIES and were not sick as being POSITIVE for Corona.
      So the numbers of deaths are inflated by 25% at best estimate. That means that the 68,000 deaths claimed is less than 52,000. And MOST of them are old people. And most of them were already sick with other stuff.
      So what was this about? It was about DESTROYING OUR ECONOMY in order to defeat Trump in November.

  2. If people decided to start walking across the interstate to get to the other side the rate of pedestrian deaths could skyrocket. If pigs had wings they could fly. I project that every single person on the planet today will be dead by the year 7785, give or take a couple days.

    1. Jim I am convinced that God gives us X number of days to live. When it is your time it is your time but we still should be cautious so as not to make others sick. Total lock down? No.

      1. Chrikies! First off, the new cases are up because more people are getting tested.

        And secondly, more than 98% of the people who come down with the covid – 19 get well.

        So, what is the emergency? Seasonal flu is still killing more people than covid-19.

        1. Actually, a lot of states are counting all deaths as being from coronal And if you ask about the number of flu deaths, they will get angry at you and accuse you of being racist.

      2. It is written 3 score and 10, but God says we can lengthen or shorten our days upon on this earth. We are not given the days but God knows when it ends. I’m 3score and 10. So I will be cautious. But our God didn’t give us a spirit of fear.

      3. A lot of people make statements about God that are not true. Look at the Lord’s Prayer. “……Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”. Now if God’s will was done in all things on earth, Jesus would not have needed to make such a request. NO. Many things happen according to the BAD choices that the individual MAKES. Don’t blame God.

  3. It is nice to see business reopening. However, I will not patronage any business whose employees wear masks. People wearing masks are just too creepy. i avoid them. Also, one thing we should have learned from this Chinese Communist caused virus hysteria, is that you should NEVER, EVER give up any of your freedoms to ANY government for ANY reason. Once you do that, don’t expect to get those freedom fully back. Don’t be surprised if we have similar “emergencies” proclaimed over and over and over again.

    1. The low bred Democrats don’t need an emergency to steal our money kill the babies promote the perverts agenda. I don’t go anywhere people are not distancing or wearing masks. This damn virus is killing more Americans than any other country. It’s designed to kill, already more than died in the Nam. Be flippant and wind up dead.

    2. Yes Paul… are right. Has everyone been enjoying their free sample of socialism these past so many days??? I know I am not looking forward to anymore of it… way to have to live after growing up in a free country….

  4. All of the Democrat run states are going to have these lockdowns to prevent people from Voting in November just you wait and see. Very evil Anti-Americans, Anti-Constitution, Anti-Freedom Bill of rights Democrat Politicians that is what we are up against.

  5. All of the supposed “experts” predicted that regardless of when the states started to re-open, there would be an increase in the number of cases. That is a given. The whole point of the lockdown to begin with, or so we were told, was to make sure we didn’t overwhelm the medical facilities, or to “flatten the curve”, as they called it. That has been done. A lot of additional medical facilities that were hastily put into operational status, at some significant cost I might add, never got used at all. Health care workers are being laid off at record rates because hospitals have not been doing other types of procedures. I say we should STRONGLY resist any attempts to re-shutdown businesses and our society. Be a bit careful in your interactions, yes, but let’s get on with living!

    1. I agree Bruce…on with living!!!! And I agree about strongly resisting any more attempts to shut down people and to further finish ruining small businesses.

  6. What I am waiting for is for all of these states headed by Democrat governors who are shutting down businesses for multiple more months (The Illinois governor earlier today said he plans to keep things closed until the COVID-19 virus is totally eradicated (like never). What are these states going to do for tax funds to keep the government running? No companies open means nobody working which means no taxes being paid.

    1. Don’t worry about the small stuff, Nancy Pelosi and the house will pass a bill for a few $ Trillion for the states to squander. Unless Trump vetos it. In which case he will be the bad guy…

  7. Different cities and towns need their own strategies for reopening based on their epidemic trends. I’m happy local leaders are the ones making most decisions about lockdown and reopening since both Trump and Abbott don’t seem to listen to their health experts. Glad Abbott isn’t up for re-election because he wouldn’t get my vote for trying to prematurely open Houston and trying to over ride local leaders attempts to decrease Corona illnesses through mandatory face masks and fines for non use while not considering or better yet reviewing Houston’s new case rates. Houston’s new cases actually tripled the day Governor Abbott promoted businesses open. Just wish Trump and Abbott cared about their citizens rather politics and BS!!

    1. Leslie you know what’s worse than a deadly virus ? If not here is just a couple of things that will happen, and happen so fast you will never see it coming till it hits you & there is no recovery for it, at least not in our lifetime. 1st this country will become a third world country quickly. ( just look at the food supply now) People working 7 days a week 24 hours a day it will take 30 months to get it back like it was before this virus. Can you imagine what just another month would do? Food ration ( can only purchase food with coupons from the gov.) Our leaders with have no choice but to go to war with someone and do it fast. They will try to lose as many people as possible. Control birth’s, no babies. Apokolips will will start law and order will be gone. Dictator will take control of this country. If your living in denial thing it won’t happen, not here in the good old USA think again

  8. America demands logic – why was the nation shut down for SARS 2 and not for SAR 1 or Ebola or MERS or Avian Flu or Swine Flu N1H! that killed a thousand before we knew Obama was sitting on announcing it, and 38,000 die each year in this nation alone despite the vaccine and noone shuts down the nation.
    And why is the threat being allowed the Covid is going to start right back up again when the Flu has yet to go away even with a vaccine in over a hundred years?
    Someone is out to frighten this nation to death, literally, create chaos with claustropohia of being shut up in our houses bringing on suicides and so many other things of abuse including experimenting with opioids and other drugs, and permanently shutting down the economy.

  9. People under the age of 65 have a 99.98% chance of surviving the virus. A new major out break could lower this to 99.96%. If you want a guarantee of perfect safety, you are living on the wrong plane of existence.

  10. This is not about the virus, it is about power and covering up the crimes now reported committed by Obama now being exposed. I do not expect anyone to get arrested who commit felonies for former leftest dictatorship. We lost our freedom and our republic was placed upon a fast death of self destruction the day that sneaky lying new world order globalist socialist Obama took office. Funny how someone as evil as lying Obama could be worshiped by the morons in majority in the House of Representatives. Everyday they plan on the destruction of America and secretly pass laws we oppose while laughing in our faces.

  11. Gee not NY or CA or OR , hooray somewhat.
    Read WH Guidelines again no dates or specifics guesstimates for ending lockdowns
    Unless Dems care to wait 18 months for virus cure Go ahead Dems

  12. The states ran by communist should remain locked down until the citizens of these states drag the communist out in the streets and execute them! All other states should fully open tomorrow!

  13. I have it ,all Democrats open up and go and do all you wish. All Republicans lock down. Who ever dies first loses. Of course Biden still calls it the Huwan virus. Oh if Biden is elected his VP. Will be the actual President.

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