1st Lt. Andrew Layton, U.S. Air National Guard via Wikimedia Commons

Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) issued new executive orders last night to extend Michigan’s state of emergency after the Republican-controlled legislature voted to sue her for unauthorized use of power.

Whitmer’s orders extended her stay-at-home orders until at least May 15.

The Daily Wire’s Eric Quintanar reports:

The governor asserted in a statement that the executive orders come from “independent sources of statutory authority.” Whitmer also refers to the coronavirus as “an enemy that has taken the lives of more Michiganders than we lost during the Vietnam War,” and later accuses Republican lawmakers of “putting their heads in the sand and putting more lives and livelihoods at risk.”

“We’re all in this together,” said Whitmer. “Defeating COVID-19 is an all hands on deck moment for our state, and I remain hopeful that Republicans in the legislature will stop the partisan games and start working with me to re-engage our economy safely and responsibly.”

Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield (R-MI) told the Detroit Free Press that the legislature was willing to work with Whitmer on some of the measures she wanted, excluding a statewide stay-at-home order, but that the governor declined to do so.

“We’re all in this together and we should all work together. We believe upholding the democratic process is best,” tweeted the speaker, who writes that “she just said no.”


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      “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

      1. Well, your vote isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.
        In case you haven’t been paying attention, the demoloons do what they want, not what you want.
        Most probably get elected by fraudulent means – what other explanation could there be?
        So when the purge comes, be prepared to take your community back, your country neck from the nonsensical demoloons.

        1. It will depend on how many BROWN SHIRTS you have working in Law Enforcement.
          I have seen enough of the LEOs in Virginia and Tennessee to say that you had better be ready to fight and die. Those guys are fanatic gestapo types who firmly believe their word is law.

        2. She is a DEmocrat. She wants to take down the economy so Trump will lose in November. But she is not the first dictator. We have Clay Jenkins as county commissioner in Dallas County. He does not bother even telling the other commissioners what he is doing. He just makes decrees. And he is still doing it. Oh, and yes, he refuses to talk to the governor of the state since Abbott is a Republican.
          Take a look at him. Typical leftist Democrat.

          1. Sounds like “emperor cuomo” here in COMMUNIST-RUN N.Y.
            UNCONSTITUTIONAL “royal decrees” (usually done in the dead of night) to keep the citizens CONTROLLED.
            Anyone hoping to get him to run for POTUS should;d stay as fay away from this corrupt dictator as possible. Or expect to be turned into “subjects of the crown” if ANY democommunists get power.

    2. When I read the headlines, i immediately thought this article was about gavin gruesome nuisance. The head ass wipe doing his damnedest to destroy California with his total shutdown order, in effect since March 16th. This thieving and lying socialistic idiot does nothing but flaps his gums trying to make himself look important yet fails miserably. it’s obvious this clown doesn’t have a plan in place to reopen things with safety in order so he just goes on and on and gives his BULLS**T updates daily without saying anything important. Just who in their right mind elected this bastard in the first place? Pretty much the same can be said of the governor of Michigan.

      1. You know as well as i do Aunty Piglosi elected him after he was done destroying San Fagisco…him and his girly pal eric in LA are out to destroy our state…..our flag says CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC not CALIFORNIA PRISON….vote these idiots out

    3. I think it’s time we start just ignoring these leftist politicians.
      While it’s established law that governors, and even local mayors, have the power to quarrantine sick people they have NEVER had the power to do the same to healthy people. Their FEAR is not adaquate grounds to deprive citizens of their constitutional rights.
      If they want to quarrentine people, make them PROVE their accusations.

    4. She’ll be dragged out by something if she keeps it up, and not by the republicans in the assembly but by her own subjects – er, citizens.

  1. 3866 deaths is not 58,000 plus deaths we suffered in Vietnam you moron! Learn some damn history!

    1. Compare apples to apples please. Michigan lost 2649 persons in the Vietnam war. So, I hate to admit it, but Whitmer is technically correct in that we have lost more in our state to the coronavirus than we lost in Vietnam. Having said that, it’s irrelevant how many died by virtue of coronavirus vs. Vietnam. So what?

      Let’s go to the Civil War. Michigan lost 13,000 in that war. MUCH more than we have lost to the coronavirus. So what?

      1. It is ridiculous to compare losses to a virus to losses in a war. Why not to auto accidents or drownings? Apples to apples. How about comparing COVID-19 losses to run-of-the-mill flu viruses over the last five years? Or to the Swine flu, Mers, or SARS?

        Using war losses is just a way for the left to sensationalize the situation. create fear, and subliminally link COVID-19 losses to the president, just as Vietnam war losses were linked to the president at that time. At least during war the president, as commander-in-chief, actually is responsible, ultimately, for losses. Not so for a world-wide pandemic.

        1. I agree. 1,340 people die each day in the USA from secondhand cigarette smoke. Where is the screaming outrage?

          1. Go to worldometer.info to see the stat’s for all deaths from flu’s, cancer, aids, hunger, smoking and traffic fatilities that will put things in perspective! Where is the outcry over these deaths?

        2. Break down the damn door where she works and remove her sorry excuse of a human. If people in that state can’t work and get paid neither should she. She is acting more of an idiot and playing politcs with people’s lives instead of being a leader. She must be a good puppet to be this bold, someone is watching her back

      2. Whitmer numbers and all numbers are terribly inflated. All deaths are counted as Covid-19 deaths.
        Heart attack. Covid
        Car accident. Covid
        Seasonal Flu. Covid
        More money is made from Govt.

        1. This is a MAJOR problem with all these so called “statistics”. IF someone dies from an auto crash but has one molecule of Covid on their lips, then the death is obviously a Covid death. Just add it in. Why?? Because the hospitals get more money that way. The death figures are BOGUS. The fake death figures help to raise fear in the populace, which is what the dems and the RINOs want. More fear means more control. Don’t fall for it.

    2. I saw that lie too. I was thinking what the hell? But then remember they tell this crap to people who don’t know any better and would never dream of fact checking or ever looking anything up. There was a headline the other day claiming that the U.S. has a 12% COVID-19 mortality rate. Anyone with a minimal math education and some quick calculating would realize that with an over 300,000,000 U.S. population – 10% would mean over 30,000,000 people have died.

      1. Tell a lie to the useful idiots long enough and they will believe anything. You can tell them Biden is intelligent and they would believe that.

        1. A true oxymoron: joey touchy feely biden and intelligence. Kind of like jumbo shrimp.

      2. The Media needs to be held accountable for help spread this lying making these democracts act like they are God when they are the devil

        1. You got it brother they are all evil demonic corrupt idiots. I say we hang them all an put an end to this evil once and for all.

    3. Facts are nothing to these people — ideology is everything. Reality is only relevant when it supports the ideology.

    4. Although I totally support the cause and agree with all of us that she should reopen her state I just wanted to clear up your talking point so your correct. She didn’t say more then Vietnam altogether, she said more then MI specifically lost in Vietnam. No doubt she’s a moron, but I want your talking points to be correct

    5. I hate to correct you since I agree with your sentiment, but Whitmer was talking about Michiganders who died in Nam.

    6. I think she was talking about the number of Michiganders lost in Vietnam, tho I’m not sure she’s even correct in that.

    7. Sorry Buddy but the death toll counted as wuhu flu deaths isvover 60,000 in the US.youre number is probly more accurate as to actual deaths caused by wuhu flu but the “experts” are claiming 60,000.

  2. I find it interesting that the Democrats have said for so long that the first dictator in our country would be a Republican, specifically Trump, and yet here it is someone from their own camp who is the first dictator. Hmmm, gee, imagine that! No one could have predicted that, now could they? (Heavy Sarcasm)

    Whitmer needs to be removed from power by any legal means at the disposal of the legislature and the constituents they represent. She does no good for herself, her party, or her state. She needs to go away and have her foolish, immature, far-left ideas removed from public view forever more.

  3. Buddy;
    Not defending her in any way (I think she is a closet socialist/fascist) but I think she meant deaths by MI residents (see below-IF Googl correct). A more relevant and apt. comparison would be flu deaths in 2020 (not over yet) or each of last 4-5 years–probably higher than COVID deaths).
    State V’nam Dead Deaths Per 100000 Pop
    Alabama 1205 34.9
    Massachusetts 1322 23.2
    Michigan 2649 29.8

  4. Buddy;
    Not defending her in any way (I think she is a closet socialist/fascist) but I think she meant deaths by MI residents (see below-IF Google correct). A more relevant and apt. comparison would be flu deaths in 2020 (not over yet) or each of last 4-5 years–probably higher than COVID deaths).
    State V’nam Dead Deaths Per 100000 Pop
    Alabama 1205 34.9
    Massachusetts 1322 23.2
    Michigan 2649 29.8

  5. This lady is a complete and utter idiot and needs to be removed from office. Like Gavin Newsom, the power has gone to their heads and they are making irrational decisions. Today in California many thousands of people rallied, against the threat of severe fines, to get our country back to work! Newsom, opened some beaches but not in Orange County (I guess he doesnt have Democrat majority there so he is punishing the citizens!) and said it okay to volunteer but not work (what about social-distancing!!!!)

  6. Buddy, you are the idiot. Read her message; she said “Michiganders than we lost during the Vietnam War”.

  7. what really gets me is that any death right now is put under the name of covid. you can be in a car accident, go to the hospital and the doctor is told that if you die of complications to the accident to put it down as covid. give me a break. we are all being hoodwinked by an overreaching set of lawmakers that think they can rule us instead of represent us.

    1. That’s because only covid-19 pays big money and again the stupidity of our federal government setting up such a system. Funny how the normal flu all of a sudden disappeared and there was only covid-19. Guess the covid-19 killed off our normal flu season.

    2. Worse than that, due to furloughing hospital personnel because of the Wuhan virus outbreak, how many OTHER people are dying from lack of medical care, such as heart attacks, diabetes, cancer, and other ailments that are NOT being treated

  8. Democrats have always had a math problem. Wonder if all the reported deaths in Michigan are Covid-19 related or just deaths by any virus including Pneumonia or influenza? We will never know because they cover up that kind of information.

    I know they did not test dead people in NYC to see the actual cause, they just buried them and now want payout for Covid-19 reasons from the Federal Treasury.

    1. It is not a math problem, it is a problem with basic facts! Democrats don’t know how to deal with the truth and it always comes back to them, yet they never seem to care!

    1. Point and case !!!
      Maybe one day hopefully not too late
      people all over America will realize the
      democrat party is the communist party
      and stop voting communist!

    2. Not when the liberal and lawless Dems keep digging up dead people to vote, and/or truck people from one polling place to another to vote multiple times.

  9. Just ignore this communist biotch. Go back to work Michigan and you better damn well vote republican in November if you want to keep the United States of America and the freedom she protects for her citizens.

  10. This makes me think back to Helen Reddy. “I am woman, hear me roar”. She stated that she would work with the legislature but when the republicans offered a compromise she turned them down. This is typical. I’m sure she is now feeling how our President feels having to fight for everything.

  11. China did us a favor, their engineered virus is exposing the Left for who they really are…and thankfully before they disarmed us.

    1. People/Citizens all over America are ready to rock n roll … This is the Land of the
      Free not the Enslaved ….

  12. She’s a George Soros girl that’s who she works for before she became governor of Michigan. So what do you expect being affiliated with George Soros a real true Criminal

  13. Hundreds of thousands of signatures on her recall list already. I hope she walks her way into criminal charges from Bill Barr. Forever now known as “her hiney” to all of us Michigan Deplorables… Just get out before WE, The PEOPLE of Michigan, kick you out….

  14. Hasn’t anyone thought that the Virus could be a conspiracy between China and the Democrats. After all, Trump has been putting pressure on China lately and the Coronavirus is supposedly worse for the aged (senior citizens). They are supposed to be more vulnerable and generally speaking would likely be the more conservative and Trump voters. Think about that pertaining to the upcoming November election !

    1. It is becoming more clear every day that this has been a conspiracy between China and the Democrats!! I’m sure they are upset because not all of us old people even got Covid19! Be on the look out for National Health Care now that they have just about bankrupted all our hospitals by not allowing and surgeries. This has been and continues to be a test to see just how much they can suppress us before we fight back. We need to show them enough is enough! Pray for President Trump as he tries to deal with all of this and not sound like he’s crazy, as they would like him to sound. He has to be very careful because there are so many people that have fallen for all these lies and think we should all just stay inside for as long as they tell us to. Pray that people will wake up! And beware of the vaccine that Bill Gates says is almost ready!! I for one will not be taking it!! Anything coming from Bill gates is not good for anyone! He is an evil filthy rich man who only wants to control populations, and have one world government. He and all those like him.

  15. You are absolutely correct. The Democrats are in with the Chinese. Think Soros, Bill Gates, and none other than Anthony Fauci. They all own ownership with the Chinese in UNITAID along with WHO. They also own the new drug they have been using for Wuhan flu under patent by GILEAD owned by the Chinese and above. Also add Hilliary to this and yes we need to take our Country Back.

  16. Our Constitution automatically removes her from office, as she has broken her oath of office.

    There are ways to stop these type people. They have to know that “we the people” are the ones who run our America & not some mini-Hitler.

    A multitude of people pitching in $1.00 will get the proper attorney for our Civil Liberties to sue the hell out of her. She will be stopped.

  17. I believe Michigan’s Gov Soros Girl Whitmer has qualified for the ugliest American Woman and is now in the running with Frig Pelosi, Mad Max Waters, and Georgia Peach Slim Abrams. The competition is stiff.

  18. This virus is exposing the true nature of democrats politicians – absolute control and power over the masses.

  19. This is just a show of things to come if the Left win the elections this November and take power. In my opinion, you will see the Liberals wanting to take away our Constitutional Freedoms. You will see protests because of this on a larger scale, but those Liberals in power will try to suppress the protests with law enforcement and/using the National Guard.
    You are seeing small examples of this such as in Virginia where a Democratic governor and Democratic controlled legislature are attempting to take away Virginia’s citizens 2nd Amendment Rights with gun control legislation.
    That is why it is important to get out and vote this November and vote the Liberals out of office. Our Country depends on it

  20. It seems true that Democrat Governors want to shut down the economy to make Trump look bad. How does it make Trump look bad when it is the DEMOCRATS who are causing people to lose their jobs, their houses, their apartments, their families’ food, and their complete livelihoods. American voters are not completely stupid, no matter what Democrats think; Democrats are causing the extended shutdown, over advice of scientific experts, and they are responsible for the ongoing economic disaster.

  21. Sometimes I have trouble understanding people. For example, the voters in Michigan voted this woman as Governor and now many of them are bitching about how she is running the state government. You would think voters would have done some basic research before blindly casting a ballot for her. The old adage you should be careful what you ask for because sometimes you get it. I think that is appropriate in this case.

  22. As a native of Michigan, and a V.N. vet I refuse to take orders from anyone who will not live up to their oath of office in any tier of American government.If I were a man of means, I would file a citizens arrest against Witler for braking the law i.e. the Constitutions of both America and Michigan.
    I travel where I want, when I want, and refuse to wear a face mask. I do not practice their so called “social distancing”; which is a total joke, and have never bought into the hyperbole that this virus is anywhere near as bad as we were told it was.
    My personal belief is that this virus was funded by certain ‘deep state’ operatives (who have vested interests in Chinese pharma) and was released prematurely only because the impeachment hoax did not work.

    1. you are right about this china virus it goes along with a long list of viruses and diseases the have giving starting with the pandimic of 1919, We also will never know how many people realy died of this mess because no mater what the people died from if they had been around it they listed china 19 as the cause of death and heck we loss 60 thousand people every year from the flu and this stuff came in the middle of flu season so who knows whats going on

  23. Leave us call a spade a spade….democrats really want to make America a S#it hole…..If you do also; Vote a straight democRAT ticket and you’ll have a real S#it hole country.
    Donald Trump has been trying to drain the sewage from the swamp, with some good, albeit limited, results. But the process isn’t finished. As proven by the governor of Michigan.
    Please!! End the political careers of these democrat traitors.

  24. “Governor” WHitler is demonstrating that she has little to no interest in acting as a responsible public servant but intends to be a Despot.
    Historically, Americans do not tolerate despotism well, nor do they have any respect for those who demonstrate despotic tendencies.
    WHitler needs to tread lightly, or she will become a noteworthy figure in American History, and not for her sterling record as a politician.

  25. The only way we can win the election in Nov. is to vote in person. Trump should emphasize this in every one of this speeches from now on. Do not allow Nancy and Chuck to pass vote by mail – that’s how the Dems cheat.

  26. It’s interesting that Whitmer, Newsom and Cuomo all have so much in common. All like the taste of power and what it all brings to them. Unfortunately they don’t see the future where the folks in those states rise up and decide that their dictatorships have lasted long enough. Sometimes the rise of the people is not always a peaceful one. They should keep that in mind.

  27. What the hell is…“independent sources of statutory authority.” What a lot of fudaball. This lady has the idea that everyone is a fool. Time for the walk of shame Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI).

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