Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio and the Dayton Women’s Med Center are ignoring orders to ban elective surgical abortions during the coronavirus crisis, despite explicit requests from state officials asking them to help stop the spread of this disease.

The Daily Wire’s Hank Berrien reports:

But as the pro-life organization Live Action pointed out, Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio’s Cincinnati Surgery Center thumbed its nose at the state, writing on its Facebook page the very next day that it was “complying” with the order, but added, “Under that order, Planned Parenthood can still continue providing essential procedures, including surgical abortion … Our doors remain open.”

LiveAction noted, “According to The Columbus Dispatch, one abortion facility spokeswoman whom the news outlet contacted ‘pointed to a statement from a consortium of gynecological groups saying clinics should remain open,’ disregarding the state of Ohio’s order.”

Ohio Right to Life president Michael Gonidakis wrote to Ohio Planned Parenthood President Iris Harvey, “By performing surgical abortions, your company is putting the health and safety of all Ohioans in danger. Your current noncompliance will undoubtedly contribute to the spread of COVID-19 and put the lives of first responders, nurses and doctors in danger.”

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine declared that a statewide lockdown would begin tonight at 11:59 pm. All of Ohio’s 12 million residents must remain at home for the next two weeks unless they have “essential activities, essential governmental functions, or essential business and operations.”

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  1. Confiscate all of their medical supplies and put a 24 hour guard on the facilities to make sure they don’t try to sneak in any other supplies.
    Spot inspections for any additional “contraband” being sneaked into the premises with Wartime Penalties for any violations discovered.

  2. Planned Parenthood is not an organization that can be expected to “do what’s right”. If it were, it wouldn’t be doing all the abortions that is does. It must be forced to do even the minimum required by law. If it were a reputable organization, it wouldn’t be resisting laws to require its abortionists to have hospital admitting privileges, which it is doing at the expense of the health of its customers.

  3. Apparently PP is getting a pass. Evil will prevail in this corrupt environment. Our govt officials are complicit. Dont you think they could shut them down immediately if they want to?

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