Fentanyl overdoses are on the rise and killing thousands of lives. It is especially targeted to young adults 18-45. Just a single granule the size of a grain of salt can kill you. These drugs come primarily from Mexican cartels into our southern states due to Biden’s open border policies. China sends the drugs to Mexico where the cartels cook it up and send it across the border into our country. Fentanyl is how China, and the Mexican cartels are acting in forms of terrorism against our country. And this terrorism comes at the hands of Biden and Kamala. They have blood on their hands.

With the help of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the Mexican Cartels are raging war in the streets of their own country, just minutes from our borders. They are now raging war on the United States.

But the liberal media is silent about this. Biden is silent about this. The social media giants – whose platforms are used to pedal the killer drug – is silent about this. In fact, the social media giants were pressed by Senator Steve Daines about the part that they play in the fentanyl crisis. The social media giants have yet to respond to Senator Daines office.

In 2019, President Trump threatened to designate these Mexican cartels as terrorists in order to put pressure on the Mexican president. But the Mexican president isn’t threatened by Biden like he was of President Trump. Drug smuggling went down under Trump. But under Biden, they are flourishing. State and local governments are left to fend for themselves. Arizona is Ground Zero.

Kari Lake, the gubernatorial candidate for Arizona has a plan; and its aggressive. Her state will take back control of the border with Article 1, Section 10 in the United States Constitution. This is the remedy for the federal government refusing to help states such as Arizona. On day one of Kari Lake’s time in office, Arizona will declare an invasion on their border and call in the National Guard. Other state governors have agreed to help. Under Kari Lake’s direction, they will defend their state from the CCP and the Mexican cartels who are committing acts of terrorism against our country. In an interview with Jesse Waters on Fox News yesterday, Kari Lake said that she would be “damned if they use Arizona” to bring down our country.

During the interview, Kari Lake reminded viewers of the history lessons that taught how dynasties were brought to their knees during the opium wars. Kari Lake stands in the way of the CCP and Mexican cartels trying to repeat history. Kari Lake will not allow this country to be brought to its knees.


  1. China desperately need us as a trading partner and yet they try to kill us with fentanyl. I will not buy if it says made in China on it. Sometimes I must get an old item repaired instead of getting a new one only available from China. I do a lot of public speaking and share this in hope that others will adopt this method. Even if we succeed 90% of the time, that Is a huge massage if sent by enough people. this policy by China shows that they will attempt to hurt us even if it does harm to them in the process. these are evil people. They do not have good hearts.

  2. I noticed in a recent article that Katy (the Hobbit) Hobbs is referred to, more than once, as being a candidate for the Senate. Is she lagging that far behind our beloved Kari Lake that even the mainstream media can’t get her straight? No wonder there’s no debate. Maybe after Kari Lake gets Arizona secure we can make her the first TRULY female president?

  3. This is the approach we so urgently need a world of thugs and tyrants! The democrats favorite people!!!!!!!!

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