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Help President Trump Stop Joe Biden [ACT NOW]

Amanda Head returns today to discuss one of the most moving displays of support for President Trump so far, this time in Beverly Hills. Tens of thousands of patriots from all walks of life recently congregated inside this insular liberal bubble.

What do you think of Amanda’s election prediction! Tell us what your forecast for tomorrow and enjoy more content from Amanda every day at The Hollywood Conservative!

Help President Trump Stop Joe Biden [ACT NOW]


  1. THIS is Beverly Hills?! (sniff) This is one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever seen in my life!! Beverly Hills actually flipped!!
    If there’s hope for that,. maybe there’s hope for other places too!!

  2. Voting for Trump tomorrow right when polls open in New York (about 20 miles outside NYC limits) with my husband (also voting for Trump). Interesting that you have NY in the pink. You really think NY has a chance to go Republican in this election? What makes you think so? NYC is certainly in sad shape–maybe they want to try a fresh approach?

    1. What makes us think so? Three words- Bill. De. Blazio.
      But IF they come out for Trump, that’s proof of miracles!
      Lucky you, you can still go to the polls. Here in New Jersey we HAD to have mail-in voting, which I did all the way in mid-October.

  3. Hi ” There is no doubt about it TRUMP , will be our President FOR anouther 4 years ! He is a man after my own heart , so if i was a little years younger ! wope !

  4. Voted for DJT last week in Florida early voting. Live in the Panhandle and we’ll collectively increase the President’s total vote count.

  5. Yes I Voted mail in, I Dropped off my Ballot at the collection center. I voted RED down Ballot. he have a lot of Idiots in Montana that vote BLUE.

  6. Trump on 1st day of early voting in Florida. I didn’t want to take a a chance on something getting in the way of me voting

  7. Voted by absentee ballot for Trump in NY. Took my ballot to the county election board office instead of mailing it. Trump 2020!!

  8. I voted early at the voting station. Did not trust the mail and possible voter fraud that may go on. Go TRUMP from Texas. Biden is a crook and his son. Biden has benefited from the Government and deals with Foreign countries as well as his son. Unfortunately Biden’s mind is slipping. My Uncles, Dad, Husband etc has all fought for our Freedoms. Let Freedom Ring throughout the USA.

  9. My husband and I are from Texas and we voted early for President Trump in person. We are 81 and 83 and wanted to be sure our votes counted!

  10. requested absentee ballot. Voted. ballot received, but is processed on election day. Oklahoma. (first time voting absentee ballot)

  11. Suzy, Billings, MT. Everyone in Montana had mail-in voting, I think? But, I hand carried my ballot to the election office, as did my other friends. And, of course, we all voted for Trump along with a straight Republican ticket.

  12. I absolutely LOVE this! A Trump parade in deep blue Hollywood, if THAT can happen, anything can happen. A RED typhoon can sweep the House, Senate and White House.

  13. Voted by mail in NJ. What do you think of NJ flipping to RED? Quite a few people are very upset with “Lord Murphy’s” (gov Murphy) edits and quite upset when he said that protecting the Constitution was above his pay scale (when asked a question on the 2d Amendment). After which he refused to let the reporter into following news briefings. This is the arrogance we as his bosses have to deal with!

    1. I always thought he was a parrot and a jackass, which is why I didn;t vote for him here in Jersey! The man has no brain of his own!!

    2. I never liked the guy and never voted for him. On the plus die, that means I can say whatever I want about him!

    1. Lucky. We can;t vote in person here in Jersey. Had to do it by mail Which I did all the way in mid-October.

  14. I am temporarily in Arkansas, I voted early on October 26th, though my ballot will not be counted until the 7th due to the fact I still have an Idaho License. I didn’t get an Arkansas License because I’m only here a few for a few months. So because of that my vote probably won’t count.

  15. This is great!
    This ought to blow the minds of old cher, mettler and the rest of the old has beens that want to live under socialism and communism.
    Maybe they will all leave America now and move to Venezuela where they will be most happily ever after.
    Thank God for President Trump as we lift him up before our Almighty God.

  16. It is my personal belief that Pres. Trump was chosen by a much higher authority to be our president and to save this country from the evils of the dreadful “-isms”, i.e. fascism, socialism and communism. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to successfully win an election against a party that has blatantly admitted they have the most sophisticated “voter fraud” organization in place to ensure they win–and that came straight from Biden’s mouth. President Trump may not have the demeanor that many folks would like to see in their elected officials but considering what the progressive socialist Democrats have in mind for us and for this country if they are able to steal the election, I think I’d prefer a president who can successfully fight for me like the proverbial “junkyard dog”, rather than kowtow to the demands of his opposition. If you folks out there who want to destroy what Trump has accomplished in less than 4 years because you hate him more than you love our country, then you are definitely a major part of the problem and not the solution.

  17. I’m in NorCal voting tomorrow for Donald Trump with my absentee ballot. I’ve heard he’s winning in a landslide. Yay!

  18. 70+ guy and wife in Kentucky. Voted in person yesterday. No problems, waited about 30 minutes, masked and socially distanced.

  19. Only sign for President & Huntington Beach & voted via drop box, fill out at home then drop box
    BH event only visible sign for Pres from CA

  20. Voted in person. Forty-five minute line, moved constant outside Polling Place. Five minutes inside, Voted ALL Red.

  21. I’m with you Amanda. I am reluctant to make a prediction but agree, with what we are seeing this election is Trump’s to lose. I will be performing my civic duty and casting my vote in person today since I have no reason or impediment not too.

  22. mailed my absentee ballot on Oct.27 to make sure it arrived on time ⌚ I voted for President Donald J. Trump. WWGIWGA

  23. My wife and I received our absentee ballots on Oct. 16. Filled them out and turned them in at the US Post Office a couple of days later. We are Trump Patriots in Oro Valley AZ

  24. I voted a few days ago, me and my son both took our ballots to the local police station, and yes, we voted for President Trump, even tho we live in Hawaii. We are overwhelmed with Democrats in Hawaii and praying any running for office, may not get back into office. Our governor for two different ones has been Democrat, prior was Republican. I have voted Republican since President Reagan, my first vote was for JFK in 1960, never voted Democrat after that. I am age 86 and a strong conservative.

  25. I lived in Los Angeles for many years and now live in the San Francisco Bay Area, the bastion of liberal ‘progressivism ‘ that’s turned the one time California jewel into the ‘new doo ‘doo doo’ capital of the USA and a huge toilet and third world dump. Glad to see these yahoos in Beverly Hills finally get sense and start paying attention. Trump has been good for America and the economy over all but could have done better if the liberals would have let him do the job he was elected to do, but this was not his fault.. On the other hand, if God forbid joey touchy feely sniffy biden and his ‘ho’ running mate kamala ‘heels up’ ( her nickname as she began her career on her back by screwing San Francisco mayor willie brown and then screwed the people of San Francisco as the cities worst district attorney and has been screwing the people of California for years with her leftist and downright marxist aka ‘communist’ ways) . It’s hard to believe there’re thinking rational adults believing this BS the corporations and individuals earning 400 thousand or more per year will pay for his programs . Yeah right, when pigs fly. These programs will be paid for by the middle class as has always been the case with all these liberal programs. If you don’t believe this take a look and smell at California for as real as liberalism and ‘progressivism’ gets which has turned this one time golden state into one huge CRAPHOLE and in the case of San Francisco, it’s, the new ‘doo doo capital of the USA. . Do America and yourselves a huge favor and vote out these liberal liars and thieving buffoons who’ll turn the USA into the Venezuela of the northern hemisphere. You’ll be glad you did. BTW: joey biden’s done nothing n his 47 years in Congress for America other than get obscenely rich while sitting on his worthless lazy ass and America got SQUAT and pretty much the same can be said about ‘heels up’ harris as well. Are these two socialist buffoons who’ll take America down the drain what we want for president and vice president? I along with millions of other Americans will pass thanks. One more thing: Trump has done more for America in the last 4 years than joey and he worthless black bastard boss ‘obozo did in their 8 year long luxury vacation in which these liars and thieves got obscenely rich, promised a lot, didn’t deliver while America got the SHAFT. Trump’s not a politician but a businessman who knows how to get things done and tells it like it is. He doesn’t sugar coat BULLSHIT and tell you it’s chocolate pudding. He might be brash and abrupt but has business experience and smarts and running America is like running a business, perhaps the worlds largest business.

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