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A SWAT team raided Big Daddy Zanes, a bar in West Odessa, for having the audacity to peacefully protest to reopen.


Per everythinglubbock.com:

The business was open but also there were armed men carrying on a peaceful protest near the bar.

Owner, Gabrielle Ellison, said she spoke with the Ector County Sheriff’s Office prior to the protest. According to Ellison, she was told everything would be fine as long as men with guns are not seen on the property. Out of respect for law enforcement, she said she confined the men to an area in the back, which is her private property.

Ellison opened up her doors despite Abbott’s latest order.

“We can’t take it no more. We’re not going to make it,” said Ellison. “I am shocked. I had customers come through saying, ‘You know they have SWAT built up, they have SWAT built up.’  Why would you bring in SWAT on a peaceful situation?”

Ellison told the press that the risk of staying closed outweighed the risk posed by the coronavirus, exclaiming “The possibility of losing my license – heartbreaking. But they’ve already taken my income.”

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  1. Ok I’m getting about sick of reading these types of situations in of all places the United States of America, and this coming from someone who served as an law enforcement officer, there needs to be law suits & firings over these types of sisuations, period. You aspect the general public to “Back the Blue” , a b4h4 en your running around like little henchmen in Cuba or Venezuela? Really.

    1. Fully agree! This anti-Constitutional behavior will continue, and get worse if reprisals are not carried out. The individual police officers need to be held accountable too. They CHOSE to use their badge against fellow Americans. If this has happened to you, please sue EVERYONE involved!!!

    2. The tyranny of democrat government officials who care less about health. They are ONLY concerned about having their UNCONSTITUTIONAL orders obeyed. lWhat happened to freedom? That must be sacrificed so democrats can destroy the economy.

  2. ****-like behavior is just going to enrage everyday citizens. They must want a civil war. That will come after lawful protests are ignored.

  3. I wouldn’t stop suing the Sheriff’s dept. until there was a precinct building named after every patriot who was arrested!

      1. There are always some Gestapo that will throw the living little children into the ovens. They will claim that they are “just following orders” or “just doing their jobs”. That excuse did not work at Nuremberg, and it should not work now.

    1. Not ALL. PLEASE, let’s use common sense. I would dare to say the police who participate in this behaviour are very few.

  4. Why are Business owners attacked by a Swat team for a “Peaceful Protest ” when the Police Chiefs and the Mayors or whomever makes the “Real Decisions”allow the Terrorist Antifa crowds violently attack Peaceful people while Law enforcement officers are told to “Stand Down”

  5. Vote these liberal morons out of office.
    It’s either that or we are looking at a
    possible civil war of biblical proportions.
    No more bullshit!

  6. When you sue any type of Government, you are only seeing yourselves. They don’t care, its not their money. You need to sue the individual person!

    1. Pig hunting is always open-season. Now, I know you are being sarcastic, but the four-legged kind is open-season all year long, all the time, as they are deemed a nuisance.

  7. It goes to show how quickly the government can take over your total life and down the road if the democrats get control of all 3 branches you haven’t seen anything yet.

  8. Unbelievable this is happening in Texas! The libs must really be taking-over one of the last bastions of freedom in this country. Sad…

  9. This is following Karl Marx’s, Rules for Radicals. To take over America and abolish our Constitution. Lowes, Target, and other stores are open…but churches are closed??? That’s Marx’s “Divide and Conquer” strategy. Why can Gates and Fauci be out partying while the rest of us are locked up??? They are the leaders of this Communist take over.

  10. shame on you officers you took an oath to protect the citizens and the constitution, SHAME ON YOU , May God have mercy on your souls judgement will come, Amen

  11. Yessir, I’m sure the people of Texas can feel safe, knowing SWAT is being paid to take down hardened crooks like this.

  12. This is why I dont even bat an eye when someone with a badge is killed. Their all a bunch of unamerican pieces of shit that deserve nothing less than a shot behind the ear.

  13. GOVERNORS, Stop the BS! Stop putting police officers in harms way. Stop harassing regular folk who just want to get back to their businesses and get back to their jobs. Stop power tripping and let people decide for themselves what is necessary to protect themselves and their customers. Stop the insanity because you’re losing the support of the people.

  14. The whole thing is that this fake crisis is just another power grab for the demoncrats! They all are committing high crimes of treason they are nothing more then the new **** party of liars. They all need to be punished to the full extent of their high crimes of treason! They have all broken the OATH they all took to get into office. They are very UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND MUST BE DELT WITH IN THE PROPER WAY OF THE LAWS IN OUR CONSTITUTION. TEXAS STAND STRONG.

  15. For goodness sakes, who the hell called in a sqat team? Talk about throwing gas on an open fire!! Go talk to them first!! This was a peaceful protest and if a gun scares you this badly, you shouldn’t be living in Texas. We own and carry guns.

  16. I’m a retired police sergeant. This action is an excessive use of force issue. Secondly, it’s a civil rights issue. Let me explain. Use of force (UoF) is a hot topic concerning law enforcement (LE). The UoF is a revolving menu that contains physical presence to deadly force. Academy Instructors teach that LE can go one threat level higher than the suspect’s force presentation. Example: Suspect pulls knife, LE pulls gun. The protest was peaceful and anyone with a gun was in a defined area. There had been no issues or disturbance at Zane’s Bar. The fact that SWAT showed up at a peaceful protest fully geared up and ready is an issue of excessive force. Let me add that it is an administrative issue and civil rights issue as well. The incident needs to be investigated by the State Police (DPS) not the Sheriff’s Office. This is to ensure the integrity of the investigation. Especially, when LE administration is suspect along with the deputies on the SWAT team. The Civil Rights issue comes from using the SWAT team (Strike Force) to answer the call. The issue stems from US law covering “assault under the color of authority.” Finally, to open Zane’s Bar was a violation of a county code/resolution that appears not to be in line with our US Constitution. At no time has Martial Law been declared during this pandemic. If DPS doesn’t want to handle the investigation then the Texas State Attorney General’s Office should do it. I believe Governor Abbott should take a stand for the Zane’s Bar owner. Incidents like this need to stop immediately!

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