Photo edit of Rep. Adam Schiff. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of Rep. Adam Schiff. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

Last month, Representative Anna Paulina Luna introduced a resolution aimed at expelling Representative Adam Schiff from Congress. The resolution was predicated on accusations that Schiff, during the Trump-Russia investigation, allegedly propagated unsubstantiated narratives, leading to significant financial burdens on American taxpayers. Luna’s stance has been echoed by the Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, who cast aspersions on Schiff’s credibility, citing his statements on collusion and whistleblower knowledge as concerns.

This resolution emerged in the wake of the release of the Durham report. The report cast a spotlight on shortcomings within the FBI’s framework, and substantiated the absence of definitive evidence linking the Trump campaign to Russia. Schiff, backed by his fellow Democrats, voiced criticisms against the Durham report. In contrast, Luna and several Republicans contended that lawmakers should be held accountable for fostering false narratives. Expulsion from Congress, however, is not a straightforward procedure. It requires a two-thirds majority vote and a process encompassing investigation, hearings, and rigorous debate. Impeachment, conversely, is a broader initiative targeting specific federal officials.

Nevertheless, 20 Republicans voted to table the Schiff censure resolution:

  1. Kelly Armstrong (N.D.)
  2. Lori Chavez-DeRemer (Ore.)
  3. Juan Ciscomani (Ariz.)
  4. Tom Cole (Okla.)
  5. Warren Davidson (Ohio)
  6. Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.)
  7. Kay Granger (Texas)
  8. Garret Graves (La.)
  9. Thomas Kean Jr. (N.J.)
  10. Kevin Kiley (Calif.)
  11. Young Kim (Calif.)
  12. Mike Lawler (N.Y.)
  13. Thomas Massie (Ky.)
  14. Tom McClintock (Calif.)
  15. Mark Molinaro (N.Y.)
  16. Jay Obernolte (Calif.)
  17. Mike Simpson (Ind.)
  18. Mike Turner (Ohio)
  19. David Valadao (Calif.)
  20. Steve Womack (Ark.)

In an effort to articulate her position, Rep. Luna leveraged Twitter last month, stating:

“The deliberate use of one’s House Intel position to propagate falsehoods that tore our nation apart, burdened taxpayers with exorbitant costs, and authorized intrusive surveillance on a sitting President, coupled with an unwavering commitment to this deception even after the Durham report’s release, renders one unsuitable for public office. It is imperative that ethics inquiries be conducted.”

Durham Report: Trump-Russia Probe Witch Hunt EXPOSED

However, Rep. Schiff refuted these claims, responding:

“Following the motion filed by a MAGA Republican to expel me from Congress, history will remember this chapter. It will recount how, when Republicans failed to display the courage to confront an incredibly unethical president, they sought solace in attacking those who did. I refuse to retreat.”

Unfortunately, Luna’s resolution was stalled as 20 Republicans, seen as defenders of Schiff, voted against it.

On May 15, the much-anticipated Durham report was unveiled. The detailed report highlighted a significant operational failure within the Department of Justice and the FBI during the Trump-Russia investigation. Spanning over 300 pages, the document unveils an absence of rigorous analysis and raises alarm about the reliance on politically inclined sources during the FBI’s “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation. This dereliction of duty is attributed to former Director James Comey, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and others.

The report illuminates the undue influence exerted by Trump’s political adversaries, most notably Hillary Clinton, who played an instrumental role in both initiating and perpetuating the investigation. Despite Trump’s subsequent acquittal, the report emphatically asserts that the Clinton campaign coordinated a deceptive campaign to connect Trump to Russia. Certain media outlets, complicit in this strategy, painted him as an “illegitimate president,” a label that still resonates in the political discourse. The Durham report, thus, exposes the narrative surrounding the Trump-Russia investigation as an orchestrated political maneuver.

Durham Report: Trump-Russia Probe Witch Hunt EXPOSED


  1. And you wonder why this garbage continues the 20 spineless Repub’s These should be
    primed and voted out!!!!!! Examples here of what’s WRONG in Congress….hang your
    head in shame. His crap will continue ….had your chance….to bad…

  2. Too much corruption on both sides & the demonrats get a way with anything. God re3ally is the only hope for this nation.

  3. Shameful RINO Repubs not voting to at least censure Schiff. Young Kim (CA) bugs me for money- no more.

  4. While the nation could do very well without Schiff. He remains the perfect mascot for the State of California. Let them keep this worthless dishonest pig.

  5. It’s past time to reconsider the idea of popular state vote to elect representatives. As the Constitution was initially written; return to States Representatives being appointed by the Governer of the State and thereby also recallable by the Governer.

  6. Disgraceful cowards. Knowing Schiff is a liar and corrupt, they voluntarily decided to protect Schiff. Voters, remove these people from office. They betrayed the American people.

  7. I blame McCarthy Pelosi would never allow these defections to threaten them with no committee appointments

  8. No they voted that way to deter Dems from doing same to them or they should vote to censure him unless RINOs in mix

  9. These 20 Republicans have degraded the integrety of the House. By voting to bail out Schiff, they are putting their seal of approval that lying to Congress and to the American People is acceptable. My House representative is on this list. I am very disappointed and this could be a deal breaker for my vote for him again.

  10. You 20 rinos who voted not to censure and fine lying schifty schiff better hope to god a demoncrap doesn’t censure you if the same thing happened to you cause shifty schiff would stab you in the back just for the fun of it you got in bed with a scumbag now watch your rino backs cause your all done! We have your names come election time in 2024 your Not going to come back losers!

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