Photo edit of President Donald Trump. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.
Photo edit of President Donald Trump. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.

Attorney Joe Tacopina appeared on Good Morning America (GMA) a few hours before Trump is set to appear in court for arraignment Tuesday. GMA anchor George Stephanopoulos pressed Tacopina on whether the former president would consider pleading guilty to a misdemeanor to “make all this go away.”

“One thing I can assure you, as I sit here today, there will be no guilty plea in this case,” Tacopina responded. “That’s one thing I can guarantee you.”

Tacopina continued to say that he doesn’t expect the case to reach a jury, and he is anticipating the matter to “go away on papers” despite not yet seeing the charge.

“It’s based on not seeing but understanding the basis of the charge, which is going to be regarding a federal election and a state prosecutor bringing charges on a federal campaign law violation theory that has never been prosecuted before,” Tacopina said. “We’re going to be making a lot of motions obviously, selective prosecution motions to dismiss will be coming, there will be a lot more, but we’ll decide that once we see the indictment.”

Stephanopoulos asked Tacopina about the potential of a “gag order” being imposed, but the attorney said there is “no indication” one will occur. While referring to Trump’s presidential campaign, he noted the difficulty of placing a gag order on someone who will be consistently “fielding questions.”

President Trump, who is campaigning for another White House term in 2024, is the first former or current U.S. president to face criminal charges. This is a historical day.

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  1. Historical in a condemning way for the Democratic Party and the lame media that follows its marching orders.

  2. And anyway New York is a hotbed of Democrat hatred for Pres.Trump probably the worst in America and this is why the Democrats have contrived to persecute Trump there with the new DA Alvin Bragg who charged in the same day he took the job . This is about the ultimate in TDS coming from this man who hates Trump because of all the negative media he has heard about him over the years . He doesn’t know him he just has this irrational hatred born of all the lies he’s seen in the media over time .

  3. It’s a shame that these charges being acted upon our 45th President. I remember during Watergate, President Nixon, had changes against him; but The new President Ford gave him a pardon. Well charges are pending against President Trump, are still unknown…It sounds like a political play of some sort to romove him fro upcoming elections in 2024. Right now there is uncertainly in his behalf….

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