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Not long after Ron DeSantis flew immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard on private planes, he flew to Kansas to campaign for another Republican. During his time in Kansas, he embarked on an hour-long speech that sounded akin to a presidential campaign speech.

During his time as Governor for Florida, Ron DeSantis has created a heavy track record in which he has earned the title, “America’s Governor.” From ensuring parental rights, to taking on Disney, to flying immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, DeSantis is the voice of the conservative movement. DeSantis has earned the respect of many that are encouraging him to campaign for the 2024 White House.

There is speculation that if he wins his second term for Governor in Florida, that he will quickly make an announcement of a presidential campaign. DeSantis’ stop in Kansas was one of many in which he is working to build a donor base and national profile – key goals for any presidential candidate.

DeSantis raised nearly $180 million between his re-election campaign and his state-level political action committee through Sept. 9, setting a new record for gubernatorial fundraising, according to OpenSecrets, a non-profit organization that tracks campaign finance.

USA Today/Suffolk poll released on Wednesday showed DeSantis leads Trump 48%-40% among Florida Republicans in a 2024 presidential primary contest. That was a reversal from a Florida poll in January when Trump edged DeSantis 47%-40%.

Ready for Ron, a federal fundraising PAC, wants DeSantis to seek the presidency. The group has run television and digital ads and has spent between $250,000 and $500,000 since its launch in May, according to Dan Backer, a lawyer working for the PAC.

The conservatives are looking to “America’s Governor,” Ron DeSantis to beat Biden in 2024. They are hopeful that DeSantis is the guy to bring back our cultural values that have been spat upon by the Biden Administration.

Ron DeSantis is a highly respected Governor with a proven track record of fighting for what he believes in. He has the backbone to stand up to anyone, including Disney and big government. If he wins his second term as Governor, it’s likely that he will announce his candidacy for President of the United States in 2024. We need someone like Ron DeSantis who isn’t afraid to fight for what’s right and will work tirelessly on behalf of the American people.


  1. Prez Trump gave DeSantis the Backbone. When DeSantis was caving to the left during this Plandemic, Trump told him not to do that. Stand up and fight back. Slowly but surely, DeSantis did what Prez Trump suggested. So, Prez Trump built this guy into what he is now. Thank you Prez Trump.

  2. Right now DeSantis sit alone as someone that can get things done that actually help the citizens, and has favorable country wide recognition. We can only hope that the RNC doesn’t try to nominate Trump, because if they do they will ensure that the republicans do not end up taking control of the house or senate. The hate for Trump is very deep and widespread throughout this country, and people no longer want him in our government. His time has come and gone and what we need is for him to just shut up and fade away.

  3. We need Ron DeSantis to win the state of Florida and continue the fight there. If he leaves, who will take his place, and will they continue the fight that Desantis started with Disney and others? Why do you want to pit DeSantis against Trump and maybe neither win because the people will be divided among them, and we end up with Clinton? I doubt that Biden will be running as he is not doing a fair job now. If we split the vote between Trump and DeSantis then a Democrat could get in. I do not know who this PAC is, who are you? I am tired of Republicans saying they will do something just to win and don’t do anything after they get in. I am tired of RINO. I am not says DeSantis is a RINO as he is not, but who is PAC?

  4. What is most important is we have the one who will stand for America and the people first. While he says he isn’t running for president, when called upon will run. President Trump is taking the attention away from the governor. the left with such devotion and effort insuring that Trump will be prevented from running that their tunnel vision is being used against them. President Trump’s campaign is perfect for keeping everything in the open. The media with all their talent cant cover up the government reality that Trump keeps in the spotlight. It won’t be long and we shall hear ” Its the economy stupid” phrase that can’t be denied by government. Blaming Trump only gets a nod of the head confirming the hear we go again. Another attack trying to divert blame. As DeSantis  travel’s about the country campaigning for fellow Republicans, gaining recognition that he supports Trump candidates. All without being a real threat to the left. So let’s hope they focus on Trump, the real threat to corrupt government. ——– I, Grampa

  5. IF Trump runs and DeSantis stabs him in the back, my vote will be for anybody but DeSantis. And, I will never support him for any office in the future. To the point, I would even hold my nose and vote for the DEMOCRAP over him.

  6. We don’t see anybody else who could fit that moniker! God Bless this Governor and keep him safe because we need him desperately!

  7. I get a kick out of all this. If, and when he decides to run, I’ll believe him. Not the trash printed by stupid people.

  8. He knows the plight of immigrants…He knows service and respect for this country…I’m in Florida and love what he has done…The only negative I can think of is who would replace DeSantis in Florida ??? Sheriff Grady Judd comes to mind…

  9. I am along with those who declare Ron a first-rate candidate for the White House. But then what will Florida do? We need him as the protector of a fine red state, as well. We had better hope the next Governor of FL will be a similar or likewise conservative fireball.

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