Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Pro-Choice Activists Use Vicious Tactics to Disrupt Pro-Life Prayer Vigil

As the number of violent assaults on peaceful pro-life activists seems to be skyrocketing, prayer vigils are also being attacked with a new tactic – public sex acts.

Activists with Students for Life continued a prayer vigil in front of a Bellingham, Washington abortion clinic even as a mob of pro-abortion liberals threatened them with rape, screamed “Hail Satan” and even publicly masturbated.

“I knew we would get flipped off and I knew that people would cuss at us, but I didn’t think that the words would be so violent. Like specific words when they say to us, ‘We hope you get raped, we hope you die, your mother should have aborted you,’” said the mother of one of the students. “It was just so violent; so dark.”

“Satan is the one true lord,” one woman told the students as they prayed. “Satan, the dark lord.”

One man, riding by on a bicycle, threw a glass container of clear liquid at the students. It did not hit them and shattered on the sidewalk. When pro-abortion liberals tried to disrupt the Texas State Legislature in 2013 some tried to smuggle into the Capitol jars of their own urine and feces, presumably to throw at legislators.

The events took a darker turn when one man exposed his genitals to the women in the prayer vigil and began masturbating at them. 

“The threats and vitriol must be stopped. Every day it seems like we hear a new account of vandalism, threat of violence, or acts of intimidation towards peaceful pro-lifers,” said Kristin Hawkins, president of Students for Life. “What happened Saturday shows us the worst of the worst of the pro-choice movement; obscenity, Satan worship and lewdness toward students. We firmly reject all acts of violence and intimidation toward our students.”

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Michael Brigham
Michael Brigham
Michael Brigham has written for American Action News since the summer of 2019. His areas of expertise include foreign affairs, government, and politics, but regardless of the subject matter, he has a nose and an insatiable appetite for news. In his free time, he enjoys reading nonfiction, watching a mix of comedies and true crime documentaries, and spending time away from the swamp hiking in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


        • Sorry but the only one promoting murder by their own ‘logic’ (I put that word in quotations namely because the God they typically believe in demands that they follow the laws of the land they reside in and in order to be murder killing has to be unlawful or illegal and because, even if He never did demand that of them, forced abortion was commonly practiced in the bible and pregnant women were killed quite frequently so abortion is obviously not considered murder by any authority they are supposed to follow) are you people ignoring provisos for people to stay at home thereby spreading the virus and potentially killing very much wanted fetuses. Remember, killing a fetus is murder no matter how it happened or are you just a regular old pro-‘life’ hypocrite after all? *Gasp* ‘Murderer’! By actual laws spreading the virus knowingly (which means any time you gather in groups of two with people outside of your household) and leading to the death of a born and sentient, feeling and aware individual could be considered murder. In that case, once again the actual pro murderers are calling pro-choicers murderers. Quelle surprise.

          • nowhere in the bible is the murdering of women, pregnant women, babies or fetuses condoned. ELOHEEM condemned the worship of baal hamolech considered worse than satan worship. but not as hated as the worship of hamavreek.

            murder is contrary to the prime directive to be fruitful and multiply with ELOHEEM.

      • killing seniors isnt legal yet. what they will do is refuse to provide treatment because of the odd’s that say you wont make it. they already do this in great britten and insuerance companies are looking at it here. if government has control of helth care it will take effect and quickly. They will issue pain pills and that is all. We will see changes for seniors because we cost government too much, and we hold too much money in savings that government wants freed up, so they can tax it. government forced people to have sterilization procedures in the 40s when women have two abortions they will force them to have a sterilization procedure, and they won’t have a choice. I believe women should have control over their own bodies. its called self-control ! —-Grampa

        • Those death panels you’re so worried about are being put in place by your beloved pro-‘life’ president. He’s the one who wants seniors to die to save their grandchildren. Shocking? No. Also sex is not a crime for women only. Misogynist.

      • It’s 1860. Slavery is legal. Indians (they didn’t become Native Americans until much later) and women can’t vote. And that is that. In other words, just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s right.

        Everything Hitler did, from assuming dictatorial powers, to depriving Jews of their property, to gassing six million Jews to death in concentration camps, was perfectly legal.

      • Funny Joe, y’all don’t seem to take that same attitude toward the 2nd Amendment. Which is actually in the Constitution, not some BS extrapolation on the right to privacy. But you’re right murdering babies is okay as long as you don’t tell anyone for now. We do aim to fix that.

      “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

    • I have always believed that the choice to name the “sides” of this debate are part of the problem. After all, who would be “Anti-Life” or “Anti-Choice”? Whoever chose such banal names for these groups did the world a disservice. They both sound reasonable and rational.

      Call it what it is: “Pro Baby Killing” and “Anti Baby Killing”! Even satan worshippers driving by in cars might have a hard time saying that they are in favor of killing a baby.

  1. The violence began with the so called “pro-life” nut cases. They were the ones that murdered doctors and nurses. They were the ones that assaulted poor women trying to get to a clinic. They were the ones that had to be ordered by the courts to cease their blockage of the clinics. The law is clear. Abortion is legal. Get over it!

    • How can we get over the slaughter of thousands of innocent lives every day? We will not get over it, but continue our fight against abortion. Yes, these “pro-lifers” who killed people are embarrassing for the movement, but there are many authentic pro-lifers who do not do such terrible things. I, for example, am leading a peaceful fight against abortion by advocating for sex-ed and birth control in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies. We aren’t all religious nuts, you know.

    • The use of exceptions to the rule to paint a picture of generality for an entire belief is laughable. As is your logic by the way.

    • Well Joe its a damn shame your mother didn’t abort you !! The violence did not start with pro lifers, it started when the baby killers decided it was Ok to murder babies as a form of birth control.

    • So, You have NO feeling at all for the 340,000 innocent babies murdered every year by Planned Parenthood? Oh, and BTW, A CONDOM prevents an abortion. And Planned Parenthood provides those FREE!

    • And all we are saying besides we feel its wrong! You play you pay and it just be done by a REAL DR! And you live the rest of your life knowing you are a KILLER!

  2. Gosh, Joe, most Texans are smarter. Abortion is MURDER. The woman in the Roe vs Wade decision came out later and said she was forced to lie about the entire thing. Of course the criminal pro-murderers and Media wouldn’t cover the confession.
    The Bible says it is a person at the moment of conception. All the murderers are criminals and are bound for Hell…and all who foolishly support them whose brains have been singed by Satan.

  3. On both sides – pro-life and pro-choice – people do and say terrible stuff. Get over it, guys, this is irrelevant. Instead of pointing out each others’ mistakes, we should listen to the science.
    Being made of cells, a zygote/embryo/fœtus is biologically alive. Human life begins at conception, when a human sperm meets a human egg. Then come fertilization and implantation, when the embryo establishes himself in the uterus. Having human DNA, this new entity in the woman’s womb is 100% human. Regardless of size, stage of development, location, other people’s feelings, etc, every human being should be guaranteed the right to life. Abortion ends a human being’s life, therefore it should be made illegal.
    At the same time, being a woman myself, I understand that unwanted pregnancies are not something easy to handle. This is why they should be prevented through sex-ed and free birth control offered by every public school and state company. Also, poor people should receive financial help, for the great majority of abortions are due to socio-economic reasons. The problem must be cut at its root. We, pro-lifers and pro-choicers, must unite so that women don’t end up in the situation where they feel abortion is their only choice. We must reduce as much as possible the number of abortions, for abortion is not only the leading cause of human deaths in the world (150 000 per day!), but also a heartbreaking decision for the mother.
    Yes, we can be both pro-woman and pro-child. Yes, we can be pro all human lives. Though I am an Orthodox Christian, my pro-life beliefs do not come from the Bible, but from a Truth I knew within me way before converting. It is written in the human heart that all lives matter from conception to natural death, that we must seek compassion and protect our fellow human beings. Whether you want it or not, your conscience knows that abortion is wrong and immoral.

    • Ann, so many individuals are not taught personal responsibility the past many years and so it is so easy for them to say “it’s not my fault” and have them killed. Sad but their parents, educators, peers, the DNC, CPUSA are all in this cesspool together.

    • And really in this day and age there are far too many ways to NOT get pregnant, FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN! ITS called protection!

  4. As a Christian and I have kids. I lost a baby full time, he had to many disability and I now know it would have been a burden on the whole family. It took me 10 years to get over the loss. I volunteer with a rehab center. I was lucky to work and that helped. Many of the women get into drugs and alcohol abuse after abortions. I can’t imagine having a full time baby and have it killed. I think the People who are pushing for abortions have invested in the baby parts market.
    God will take care of the doctors who are doing harm to women and killing babies. Prayers
    Trump 2020

  5. As a once young mother, I use to think I was prochoice until I had to make that choice. I couldn’t KiLL the Baby that was ALIVE in me. The CHOICE Had to be to KEEP This LIVING BabY Alive. That was 40 years ago and things Worked out FinE. We had Our good times and rough times Both growing up. we’re good people, mothers and Alive. Sometimes I think how my life Would be had I KepT that appointment that day BuT I left it in God’s hands and Know the Decision I made was the Only one That could be made. It was time to be Responsible. .There IS help out there for Young mothers IF TheY seek it and Keeping the Baby themselves is what they think is best, and there’s thousands of people that can NoT have a Baby that Pray for one through adoption.
    It’s REALLY NoT a Choice! It’s Killing a LIVING BABY! Unless there is a danger to the mother or Baby the Living Human inside SHOULD NoT be taken away.

    PS. Birth control would HAVE Been Great if it was available in High School. (Just iN Case needed). I, as Thousands of other young ladies Didn’t know how to get it,, UntiL after the fact. 😕

  6. WHERE WERE the Police??
    The VIOLENT Protesters SHOULD have been ARRESTED! It’s usually the SamE one’s and they KEEP Getting away with it. That’s BS! ARREST THEM AND KEEP THEM A WHILE.

  7. What I want to know is: Were any of the people arrested for the crimes they committed against the pro-lifers? 2 major violations stand out.

  8. Where were the Police? Ohh, yeah, this is Washington. The Police were probably directing the fascists to the prayer vigil!


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