Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Billionaire George Soros Funding Prosecutorial Takeover

“Progressive” Manipulation of the Law

Billionaire “progressive” George Soros has been spending millions of dollars around the nation to elect state and local prosecutors as part of an on-going campaign to radically transform law enforcement in the United States and weaponize the law to use it against those who won’t go along with the progressive agenda. He’s enjoyed some success at the county level in Virginia, in Chicago and at the state level in Missouri, New York and California.

Soros backed prosecutors often refuse to enforce existing drug and immigration laws as well as other criminal laws they view as “unfair” or “discriminatory.” The infamous Jesse Smollet case in Chicago has proved an embarrassment to Soros-backed Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxxbecause she wanted to let Smollett off with hardly a slap on the wrist. New York Attorney General Letitia James, elected with Soros’s backing has been leading a jihad against the National Rifle Association – which she promised during her campaign to “take down” if elected. These and other cases should serve as a warning to voters: allowing such candidates into office is dangerous both to the rule-of-law and to those who dare disagree with the “progressive” agenda.

Another Soros backed candidate, St. Louis, Missouri’s chief prosecutor Kimberly Gardner (elected in 2016) investigated and forced Republican Governor Eric Greitens out of office on what, it turns out, were fabricated charges. Her abuse of the prosecutorial powers she was allowed to exercise as the result of her electoral victory has been perhaps the most serious to date and illustrates to what lengths Soros’s acolytes will go to destroy their enemies.



  1. Lets re-elect Donald as President in November and give the Republicans majorities in Congress and the Senate. Then, damn the torpedoes; full steam ahead !!


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