President Biden Delivers Concerning Remarks at ‘United We Stand’ Summit at the White House

Joe Biden press conference August 20, 2021. Screen shot via C-SPAN YouTube

President Joe Biden delivered the keynote address Thursday at the White House during his ‘United We Stand’ summit which purported goal was to denounce the hate-fueled violence that has been perceived to threaten America’s democracy and its citizens over the last years and to mobilize various sectors of society in an effort to curb the trend.

Participants at Thursday’s summit included federal, state, and local officials, victims of violence, civil rights groups, and faith and community leaders, as well as members of law enforcement and leaders in technology and business.
During his address, the President compared the January 6 protests to the deadly 2017 attack on demonstrators in Charlottesville, VA at the hands of a self-proclaimed Neo-Nazi.

When I went to the first G7 meeting in England of the largest democracies in the world, I sat down and I said — you know and have heard me say this before, Rev — I said, “America is back.” You know what these leaders said around a small table with no press there? “For how long? For how long?”

The combination of January the 6th, what they saw in Charlottesville: That’s not America, not who we are. –

These comments were delivered in the wake of his Philadelphia address to the nation at which he characterized former President Trump and his supporters as extreme and a threat to the country.

“Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very republic,” Biden said in a rare moment of calling out his predecessor by his name. – Politico

During his opening remarks at Thursday’s summit, Biden stated that domestic terrorism and white supremacy are the most significant terror threat to the United States today.

You know, as a result, our very own intelligence agencies — our own intelligence agencies in the United States of America have determined that domestic terrorism rooted in white supremacy is the greatest terrorist threat to our Homeland today.

Since the start of his administration, President Biden has claimed to be working toward healing and reconciliation for the country while describing President Trump’s supporters as semi-fascists and domestic terrorists.


  1. Biden disregarded the People Right to Assemble which is what they did – they were unarmed – the cops used undo force beat people, used bad crowd control procedures and weapons and ultimately the cop killed a defenseless woman. Who is investigating the cops? Why has the gov.’t. put citizens in solitary confinement without charging them? Why did the gov.’t. break the law?

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