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The United States has sent over $44 billion dollars to Ukraine to assist in their war efforts. While supporting Ukraine on a personal level is completely warranted and understandable, how much money can we send Ukraine because its too much? The United States has sent the most money to Ukraine by a large margin, and until other countries in the United Nations feed the same desire to assist Ukraine we need to slow down by giving them more money, otherwise, this war turns into United States and Ukraine vs Russia.

IM JORDAN: I’m obviously for helping Ukraine, we’ve done that. I’m not for this spending an additional $14 billion or whatever he’s [Biden] proposing now. I opposed the last $40 or $50 billion that the Biden Administration wanted, but yes, we should always be talking to see if there’s a way we can work this out. But remember, I think we can never forget Russia is the aggression here and has been, and we’ve been supporting Ukraine as we should. 

I’m all for helping Ukraine. I just don’t think it should be the American taxpayer continuing to give and give and give. Again, let’s hope it continues to move in the right direction as it seems to be doing, and we want Ukraine to prevail in this war, let’s be supportive, but I don’t know that we need to be sending a bunch of more American tax dollars there. I get the privilege of representing the [Ohio] fourth district, and folks I see all over the country, they want to focus on the concerns we have right here in the United States.

Jim Jordan, a Ukraine supporter, believes that the Biden Administration has sent more than enough, and nearing in at over $50 billion dollars to Ukraine while we’re in a recession ourselves is making for an economic disaster. The United States is currently dealing with inflation at over 8.5%, and we can’t afford to be funding a war that doesn’t immediately impact us. The United States, ideally, should be part of a larger effort to support Ukraine financially, but without the help of the United Nations together, the American taxpayer is the main financial supporter of Ukraine. This is not a task that the American taxpayer should have to take on.


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