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Last night, President Biden stood outside of Independence Hall in Philadelphia. He stood at the cornerstones of freedom and liberty that were built on the backs of our Forefathers. As he stood there, Biden engaged in a mudslinging, divisive speech tearing apart MAGA Republicans and labeling them as “fascists”. Our Forefathers are rolling over in their graves.

Not too far from Independence Hall is the Liberty Bell which rang for freedom from oppression and government control. Yet, halfway through President Biden’s term, that is exactly how American families feel – we are oppressed, with freedoms taken away. We are oppressed because of the high inflation which has hit every family in the pocketbook. The freedom to feel safe and secure in our homes has dissipated with the Biden Administration’s mess at the Southern border and the attacks and hatred of our local police. In his 2020 campaign, Biden called for unity. As is typical of his contradictions, Biden was wholly divisive in his mudslinging speech on Thursday night.

CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp reacted to President Biden’s divisive speech with these words:

“Biden claims to want to unify the nation, but label tens of millions of people as extremists. There is a frightening pattern under President Biden of using the state to go after political opponents from the “Disinformation Governance Board” to the raid on Mar-A-Lago to tonight’s declaration of war on Republicans.

Why does Biden continue to target conservatives and divide America? Because it is easier than standing on his record of failed policies, government expansion, and a perilous march toward socialism. The very claim of fascism he throws at his opponents is one of projection as his government colludes with big tech and woke companies to usher in his leftist agenda against the will of the American people.

American was founded as a nation based on a founding character that limited government and protected the rights of the people. It is insulting that President Biden used Independence Hall as the backdrop tonight as he attacks our very Constitutional rights and promotes a reckless federal government which seeks to further take away the power granted to the people.

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America symbolizes unity, liberty and freedom. In fact, our Declaration of Independence declares that each Americans inalienable rights are the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. President Biden tore apart all of these rights in his prime-time speech on Thursday night. His divisive speech spat in the face of our Forefathers.

America will rise up. We will fight back against the tyrannical mismanagement that Biden has us under. History repeats itself. Americans have a history of fighting fascism and tyranny. We’ve done this since our inception, and we will rise again. The MAGA Republicans that Biden tore apart in his speech will rise with a fiery passion for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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    1. I totally agree. There was no legitimate reason he had to go on a rant and a tirade. He has no right to be in office and should go quietly into the shadows. I think we have had enough of him.

  1. Outrageous, degrading behavior for a president – but that’s Joey. He has nothing to offer but noise, demonization, criticizing. Nothing of value to contribute to a civil discussion. This man is totally void of any value, except to the left to manipulate him to push their absurd agendas. God help us get past this destruction.

  2. I’m sorry, but there was no “divisiveness ” or “mudslinging” in the speech Biden gave last night . He was telling THE TRUTH !

    1. Ahh NO, he was lying as usual! Who has been rioting,looting and destroying everything in their path since this jacka.. took office? Maybe BLM, ANTIFA, blah blah!!! That’s a fact and plenty of TV footage to prove it if you’ve had your head in a pile of sand!

    2. I love the America I grew up in. where all were free and politicians lived by the constitution (mostly) When I can express my own feelings without being called an enemy there is something wrong. why can’t you see that.

    3. I disagree. I saw it a little different than what you may have seen. In any event he should definitely apologize to the American people for his vile rhetoric.

  3. Sadley Older Americans know what is happening and how are freedoms are being taken away by this administration, but the young people were not taught true history of America if any history at all. They are being duped and too ignorant to know it. America needs Gods help. We once had his blessings, when we had Christian Values. We need to return to our Christian Values to seek Gods help.

  4. Don’t hate President Biden because he is but a vessel of the drivel poured into him by his keepers. We need to prevent another puppet from ever running for the biggest office in our nation.

  5. In an attempt to look Presidential and intimidate, Biden managed to look and sound the most tyrannical and give the most divisive speech in Presidential History. The Democrats are not a political party, but a massive leviathan of a criminal organization in the guise of a political party. Biden’s appearance before Independence Hall went against everything the Founders who met there stood for and risked their lives for. Biden and the Democrat Crime Cartel are trying to goad the Patriotic, Bill of Rights supporting people of the nation to violent action. Don’t take the bait. If there is violence let it come from Biden and his criminal associates. Then we have grounds to take control of the government by Article 5 and return this nation to the Founders’ Vision.

  6. It was pointed out before the election that Biden was an empty suit, a career political gasbag with a very unremarkable record of accomplishments. Now we see he’s that and much worse. His approval numbers prove that Americans are done with him and he’s acting out like an angry old man, which of course, he is.

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