Cinematic Shot of a Robbery / Photo by Lucas Edmonds

At a time when many police departments are understaffed after Covid-19, the George Floyd riots, and efforts to defund the police, President Biden is making it harder for Americans to protect themselves. After the Democrats said they’d defund the police, take on the NRA, ban assault rifles, and make guns harder to buy and legally own, the NRA believes that Biden taking on the NRA is causing the rise in crime we are currently witnessing. Americans are having to jump through more hoops to protect themselves, and the rising crime rates in many major cities are only adding to their concerns.

The National Rifles Association (NRA) said “Joe Biden’s America” and his soft on crime policies are to blame for rising crime in America, firing back at the president after he promised to “take them on” in his effort to ban “assault weapons.” 

During his speech in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Tuesday, Biden said: “We beat the NRA. Took them on and we beat the NRA straight up. You have no idea how intimidating they are to elected officials.” Biden then claimed that the majority of Republicans in Congress did not vote for the assault weapon ban because “they’re afraid of the NRA.”

Biden and the Democrats have been pushing for a national ban on all assault weapons, loosely defined as automatic and semiautomatic firearms, but Second Amendment groups are fighting back.

“The sad reality is that a majority of people are indeed afraid in Joe Biden’s America,” Dalseide said. “Average, everyday citizens are too frightened to walk their streets or let their children play outdoors because of his administration’s woeful inability to address violent crime that often has deadly consequences. Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and other cities large and small remain under siege thanks to the revolving door of justice his soft-on-crime policies created.”

American citizens in major cities are left with the dilemma of having to go through long processes to buy guns during a time when we are facing record-high crime rates in many of America’s largest cities. The police force has been stretched thin in many areas of the country, then the legal system in major cities are soft on even violent offenders. Americans are worried, and rightfully so. The NRA is at least in part correct in their statement, of course disarming people will create a system where more people can be left a victim, and the Democrats’ policies are allowing this to happen.


  1. The primary reason why the socialists / Marists want to take your guns is that they don’t want to get shot when they do their final push to overthrow the Constitution. Nancy Pelosi told Howard Metzembaum long ago, “In order to have socialism succeed, we have to get the guns.”

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