World Economic Forum via Wikimedia Commons


According to a new report from Breitbart News, billionaire leftist investor George Soros and his daughter are now funding 13 different far-left Democrats running for Congress.

Here are all the radical Democrats Soros is trying to get elected in 2022:



  1. Soreass And his kin need to be tried and executed for sedition and all his money Ben to the lower class in Aremica which use to be America. The assholes are traitors and would be shot on site in their native country but Aremica continues to let these pos hits run lose and why

  2. There must be a solution to Soros. I’d be willing to bet that if Putin had a problem like Soros, he’d find a solution relatively quickly!

  3. The Republicans need to include this more prominently in their campaigns. Not only is he far-left, but his recipients will care more for Soros than their constituents, and Soros directly represents foreign control of the U.S.

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