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Kim Kardashian schooled former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a test of legal knowledge in an episode of Clinton’s upcoming Apple TV+ documentary series.

Fox News reports:

The former Secretary of State went toe-to-toe with Kardashian, the reality TV star and criminal justice reform advocate, in a pop quiz on criminal law issues like use of deadly force and self-defense. Kardashian, who last year passed the baby bar exam after completing her first year in a law apprenticeship program, beat the Yale Law graduate 11-4. Clinton described the loss as “heartbreaking,” in the interview with PEOPLE.

The contest was filmed for an episode of Gutsy, a new Apple TV+ series hosted and executive produced by Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea, based on their book, The Book of Gutsy Women.

Chelsea Clinton, who played quizmaster for the legal trivia matchup, told PEOPLE she thinks her mom could have had the upper hand if the former First Lady had faster “reaction time” hitting the buzzer when she knew an answer to a question.

The elder Clinton says she was “really intrigued” at how well Kardashian fared in the test of legal acumen, and said she wanted to “put the spotlight on her”, the global influencer billionaire with 329 million Instagram followers. The failed presidential candidate insisted to PEOPLE that she did not let Kardashian win but rather wanted to help showcase how hard her opponent had worked to achieve her legal knowledge.


  1. Good cover job Hillary. (Sarc.) Maybe Kim should run for President. NO, but I do congratulate her on her win and knowledge.

  2. who the hell cares about hillary????? country is in shambles and all you want is a useless news story. Shame!!

  3. 🤦‍♂️🤣😂😂😂…But wait, I thought that Mrs. Clinton was the smartest woman in the world! That’s what we’ve been told by the MSM, Hollywood, and the rest of the establishment gang. In fact, didn’t Obama say that she was going to make the “best President ever,” or something like that? He (Obama) told Mr. Clinton that they both have to admit it: “she will be better than both “Slick Willy” and Obama.” Oh, well…

  4. This is truly ROFLMAO; Hillary Clinton, who the left considers the Smartest Woman Who EVER Lived, has been handily bested by a vapid, vain, self-absorbed, bubble-headed, socialite bimbo. My ribs and face hurt. I can’t breathe.

  5. The most evil and corrupt woman in the world and the most shallow air head on the planet. Now that’s two names for the Democratic ticket in 24!

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