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According to a troubling new report, the FBI was allegedly looking for documents that could exonerate Trump from the Russia Gate scandal during their raid on Mar-A-Lago.

As The Daily Caller reports:

The FBI was reportedly seeking documents President Donald Trump believed would exonerate him from Russian collusion claims and other election-related charges when agents raided his Mar-a-Lago residence, anonymous intelligence officials told Newsweek.

The FBI collected all of the documents that were government property and used concerns about classified documents to justify the raid, but agents were looking for Trump’s personal stash containing documents related to Russian collusion accusations against him, fearing that he would “weaponize” them, Newsweek reported. One former Trump official said he may have planned to use the documents to help in a presidential run in the coming term.

“Trump was particularly interested in matters related to the Russia hoax and the wrong-doings of the deep state,” the official told the outlet, adding that he may have intended to use the documents in a 2024 presidential campaign. “I think he felt, and I agree, that these are facts that the American people need to know.”

Initial reports of the Mar-a-Lago raid focused on a trove of classified documents Trump was reportedly storing at the Florida residence, including 42 boxes of classified documents that had been accidentally shipped there during his move from the White House, according to Newsweek. A report from the Washington Post also claimed the search was related to nuclear information in classified documents Trump possessed.

The political and cultural fallout has continued to grow ever since the FBI’s unprecedented raid on the former President’s home.


  1. we the people need to know how to mount a successful legal attack on these rogue agencies, then go at them, and never let up until they are legally destroyed.

  2. It’s already been proven Hillary began the Russian collusion lie! President Trump is already exonerated!

  3. Americans need to face the fact that the federal, and a large number of state governments, are rotten to the core, and can NEVER be corrected under modern political conditions. There must be a thorough dismemberment of the rotten organizations that now perform a large majority of operations in federal and state governments all over the country. The modern Democrat Party will never do this, since they, themselves, comprise the great majority of these rotten organizations. The modern Republican Party, likewise, will never do this, since 75% of them are just as rotten as the Democrats. Donald Trump is the ONLY answer. Without Trump in the White House in 2024, the United States will continue the long, slow slide into complete dictatorship – a condition so strongly desired by a huge majority of modern politicians – both Democrat and Republican. This will give them the complete political power they truly want over the American people.

  4. President Trump was already exonerated before the investigation even began so the FBI couldn’t do a thing about it unless they planted false evidence.

  5. It seems a bit far fetched considering the fact the entire Russian collusion was a delitberate smear tactic aimed at Trump by Clinton and her Parasitic Democratic Party.

  6. THis makes no sense. IF such documents existed, why hasn’t Trump made them public, esp. when Kash Patel has been yapping about the existence of such documents for months and months. Don’t believe the hype.

  7. Absolute nonsense. If Trump knew of such documents he would have proudly made them public previously. Moreover, the Russia issue is in the background as to any election cloud for Trump. It is no longer relevant for this election though he clearly colluded with Russia (knowingly accepted their help). Finally, how would the FBI know which documents in which boxes if any Trump thought exonerated him re Russia? If they exist, and I doubt it, he can now claim publicly what they are and where they were located and ask the DOJ to produce them. Simple.

  8. This raid, just caused the demise of the corrupt,bias FBI. Americans don’t trust them, or the CIA,or DOJ. When law enforcement can’t be trusted, this country is doomed.

  9. No proof of any of this but given the vitriol, hatred, and disrespect thrown at this president I would not be one bit surprised.

  10. Political games that win big are most desired if they cause great swing in voting choices. They are always extra useful, if taxpayers pay for them. Sending key invaders from NYC to Miami weeks after way is cleared under a false fear- something like the target is telling Russian and Chinese nuclear weapons that are now obsolete! The stupid notion is that Tump gets rich this way and Dems need to destroy those that might pay to counter Dem lies. The word war may soon be obsolete too!

  11. They are covering their own azzes, because they know they, with obama’s And killary’s help, created the Russia hoax! Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out! Obama thought he had the “ rig” in to put killary in the White House, so she could continue the Obama agenda of destroying our country! But—- Trump upset their apple cart, which infuriated Obama, and he is out to destroy Trump and his followers any way he can. He politicized the FBI, DOJ, NSA and IRS to go after Trump and all of us. That is why they want more armed IRS agents to go after us. Edward Snowden and Julian assange blew the whistle on him, that is why he wants them eliminated, “ because they are traitors”, when HE is the real traitor! Wake up folks, this is HIS vendetta against Trump! If they extradite Assange, he will be executed as soon as he is brought into the u.s. they are still after Snowden, but he is smart enough to stay in Russia, out of their grasp. Pray and fight for Trump to be vindicated and protected.

  12. What a joke, since the FBI has everything about the Russia Russia hoax because they were in on it with Hillary. What a load of crap

  13. America is in a very dangerous place with an FBI that cares nothing about the safety of the citizens. They are fanatically intent on destroying a decent man who did more good for America in the eyes of our citizens as well as our standing on the international stage. These criminals in that agency need to be exposed fully, arrested, have their citizenship taken away and expelled from America permanently. I doubt most other countries would allow them to do to them what they have and are doing to us. We deserve better. May they rot in hell.

  14. a wonderful morning gift as I drink my covfefe would be to see on the news,that Hillary ,the Obamas,”Ugly Nancy”,Schumer,McConnell,Schiff all were lost on the same plane when it crashed. Dreams!!

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