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An MSNBC panel headed by the notorious left wing host Joy Reid were triggered into a genuine meltdown when the topic of discussion turned to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his keynote speech at this year’s CPAC.

As The Daily Caller reports:

MSNBC host Joy Reid and a panel on her show obsessed over Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban Thursday evening in the wake of Orban’s speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

“It’s obviously more convenient in some sense to Orban-ize the party rather than Putin-ize it,” Reid said, noting that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine made Russian President Vladimir Putin “objectionable.”

“Anything Joy Reid thinks about the Republican Party is as irrelevant as her show,” Republican National Committee spokesperson Nicole Morales told the Daily Caller News Foundation in a statement.

“Orban talked in 2018 about the access of the willing,” Rula Jebreal, a Palestinian foreign policy analyst, said. “Orban, Trump, Salvini in Italy, the fascists in France and VOX in Spain. There’s a real ideology of common values, anti-immigration, trying to use the powers and tools of democracy to try to destroy it from within.”

Orban, a staunch conservative, has become a primary target for liberal media ever since he expelled the Soros funded ‘Open Society Foundation’ from his small central European country.

Orban received a standing ovation at CPAC and lam-blasted ‘Globalists’ and called for ‘less drag queens’ and ‘more Chuck Norris’:



  1. man i agree with this guy!!! i would vote for him to be president. he would drive all the fr left idiot morons nuts. it would be hilarous to watch. hot damn!!!

  2. Viktor Orban is a truly vile, evil man who has been turning his nation of Hungary into a totalitarian dictatorship . He is a vicious homophobic bigot who has been doing everything in his power to persecute gay people in Hungary . So it’s not at all surprising to see the CPAC admiring him so much . Ugh. Go figure .

    1. Hey berger, you’d vote for hitler while saying that Churchill was “a vicious homophobic bigot who has been doing everything in his power to persecute gay people in” England., you dubag!

  3. When the CCP or Isis eventually conquers the USA ‘from within’ as they stated they would do – then the woke agenda will be corrected.

  4. Awesome….we don’t need “any” drag queens, but we sure do need more Chuck Norris….gotta like Orban.

  5. These loony ladies blow enough hot air to keep a wind turbine running. Not only are they nuttier than a fruit cake they are always about to blow a gasket. Sad thing is they do nothing but generate hate and division. One could say they engage in hate crimes each time they open their mouths. I

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