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ANALYSIS – Thanks to Team Biden’s horrible immigration and border policies which essentially dismantled President Trump’s effective policies immediately upon Biden’s inauguration, the country is now facing two separate illegal migrant crises.

The first, better-known one is in Texas, where hundreds of thousands of migrants are flooding regularly across the border. Still, we are seeing a second wave of migrants surging toward the U.S. from the Caribbean into Florida.

The Washington Examiner reports:

As record numbers of Cubans and Haitians attempt to cross the southern land border illegally, others are increasingly taking to the sea. Department of Homeland Security authorities with the Coast Guard told the Washington Examiner its personnel are interdicting more migrants at sea than ever before.

However, these illegal migrants are generally not counted in the numbers provided by the Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, policy director at the Washington-based American Immigration Council, wrote in a message to the Examiner:

Interdiction at sea is a Coast Guard function and individuals who are intercepted at sea do not get processed under immigration laws. Haitians … are taken back to Guantanamo Bay and processed at the Migrant Operations Center (MOC), then deported back to their home countries. 

But Cubans and Haitians are also crossing by land. More than 170,000 people from Cuba and Haiti have attempted to cross the U.S.-Mexico border since last October — 10 times more than all of 2020 and the highest-ever number of Cubans and Haitians seeking asylum in the U.S.

The Cuban government has refused to take back its citizens under removal procedures. Thus, Cuban migrants who reach land largely avoid being deported.

“Just from Cuba alone, we already have more people in the last nine months than the entire Mariel boatlift. That’s just from one country — just from one country,” Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said Wednesday, the Examiner reported.

Meanwhile, the Coast Guard is warning of the dangers of these sea crossings:

The Examiner adds:

Since the start of the federal government’s fiscal year last October, the Coast Guard crews deployed to the southeastern coast of Florida and waters around Haiti and Puerto Rico have intercepted more than 10,000 people attempting to enter the United States illegally by boat. Just 2,000 of the 10,000 were off the coast of Cuba and Puerto Rico, while the remainder were around South Florida and the Florida Keys.

Roughly 3,400 were from Cuba and 6,100 were from Haiti — four times more Haitian migrants than the previous 12-month record.

As many Texas counties declare their border crises as an ‘invasion,’ we can now see that we have a two-front migrant invasion of the United States – one by land in Texas, another by the sea in Florida. ADN


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  2. This is a rotten disgrace. My country being invaded by illegals. Damn it it has to 🛑 stop. Biden has to go and all his disgusting regime. God dispose of this inhumane fool I Pray.

  3. Biden is an idiot…He’s a puppet, he is a traitor to the country he is supposed to protect…What is really sickeningly present is the media…Lack of media…For instance…The ten year old that was raped and wanted an abortion was attacked and raped by an illegal Honduran…The same way people hate Trump it’s triple that for Biden ..

  4. I will never vote for another Dem. as long as i live,this country was in great shape until you spineless people fell for that b.s joe was selling

  5. Governor Abbbott should have the National Guard shoot the invaders and not recover the bodies. Dead bodies will act as deterrents.

  6. This is an invasion that is being promoted by the current White House administration and all Progressives who want to add as many government dependent people to our already strained social system as they can. This’s how Progressives will Socialize the U.S.

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