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Washington, D.C.’s government-run school system racially segregated employees as a way to “reflect and process following the murder of George Floyd,” newly uncovered documents reveal.

In response to a Freedom of Information Act request by the public interest law firm Judicial Watch, District of Columbia Public Schools turned over 194 pages of documents on the district’s so-called “affinity spaces” program.

Under the program, district employees were urged to segregate themselves by race into discussion groups to discuss the May 2020 death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers.  

“These shocking documents show, in evident violation of the Constitution and civil rights laws, that the public school system of our nation’s capital pushed blatant racial segregation among its staff based on radical, divisive CRT principles,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Organized liberal groups pounced on the tragedy to push a movement to eliminate police departments, with liberals using riots and arson to intimidate.  DCPS appears to have also used it to push a “woke” agenda.

“Affinity spaces are gathering opportunities for people who share a common identity,” a September 2021 PowerPoint presentation reads. “This space will be organized based on the racial identities represented in Central Office as we aim to lean into the Courageous Conversation condition of isolating race.”

“[T]he goal of these affinity groups is to create a safe space among colleagues to process the impacts of racism and white supremacy within our school community and identify collective actions to take as individuals and as groups,” a June 16, 2021, email from Samuel Cuadro of DCPS to Principal Katie Lundgren and several colleagues states.

“DCPS staff is asked to select ‘Which racial affinity group(s) do you plan to join via Teams? (Select all that apply to you and your racial identities. A separate calendar/Teams invite will come from the DCPS Equity calendar.),’” Judicial Watch reports.

Employees were also urged to adopt “gender identities” and report which pronouns they wished to be addressed with, a form of social performance popular with liberal activists.

“A form in the presentation asks respondents to submit their pronouns, which include she/her, she/they, he/him, he/they, they/them, ze/hir, she/he/they, or ‘other,’” Judicial Watch reports.

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  1. Once again another example of how the Democrats accuse Republicans of doing exactly what they’re doing. The Left are the racists in every scenario.

  2. Demands to the US from China? Russia get richer, over it’s oil and gas sales, China is getting our National security oil, US “non production” has caused the Saudi’s not to be able to keep up with world demand, great plan joe again the American tax payer gets screwed, won’t leave a vacuum for China/ Russia? BS.This is your energy policy for the US..

  3. Okay, BACK to the “good” ole days, but this time around, since we are so RICHLY in Debt, they can have their own busses just to prevent blacks from whites MINGLING on busses…..

  4. Wasn’t THAT to be expected from the party of Segregationists…..Biden is a strong supporter of Segregation…..

  5. Under the headline it says – Racism in Action – so why then are my comments awaiting approval…?????

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