U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas signs the paperwork making Sonny Perdue the 31st Secretary of Agriculture as his his wife Mary looks on April 25, 2017, at the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C.. Photo by Preston Keres. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Hillary Clinton

The ex-U.S. Secretary of State bashed Clarence Thomas as a “person of grievance” who she said is full of “resentment” and “anger.”


  1. Clarence Thomas is a great man the black race won’t leave him alone because he is right and smart. He did not decide alone. I am white and I care for him very much

  2. First off, those that made these attacks are spiteful little b*tches (male or female). You deserve to be beaten within an inch of your worthless lives.
    Second, You Loony Left Democrat’s need only look in the mirror, to see the person responsible for Roe’s overturning. You did this to yourselves. You had 49 years to codify this “made from thin air right to an abortion.” You were warned many times that Roe would not survive review because it was a horribly bad decision. Even Late Justice Ginsburg warned you this day was coming. You ignored the warnings and multiple missed opportunities to codify Roe.
    When Roe was decided, Abortions were limited to the 1 Trimester only. Not content with your win, you kept pushing for later and later Abortions, now even including after birth. While a small majority (around 52%) of Americans support 1st Trimester Abortions, and overwhelming majority (nearly 80%) oppose Late Term and At Birth Abortion. Again, you kept pushing and insured a case would make it to the court, conveniently forgetting the warnings that you’d received.

    You all have No One To Blame But Yourselves For Roe’s Reversal.

  3. Democrats are the most racist party by far. You know when they accuse you of something it’s the exact thing they are doing. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  4. You know when radical Democrats call you a racist you’re NOT racist but you’re doing something right. They hate when you’re right and name calling is all they’ve got.

  5. it is just like the commie democrats to sit on their donkey hole and not even try to pass real laws with real legislation. only if they could understand, what they say they are attempting to read, when they violate their positions of duty! but that is asking too much of these donkey holes.
    House and Senate write laws, the courts just use their scrutiny to make sure what these donkey holes write does not violate our Constitution and Bill of Rights. period!

  6. There’s one thing in life that always holds true. Those who did accuse those who didn’t. This Clinton nut job is a fine example. She is an example of what she is accusing others of, what Clinton is famous for; Resentment, grievance, anger.

  7. It takes a Hollywood actor to come up with the script having an “Uncle Tom” with a different name!

  8. This Thompson fella is a fine example of ignorance…the kind of ignorance being practiced by the Jan 6th committee. Where does he come off knowing anything about equality and honesty. Just another fine example of the Democrat left’s blindness and brainlessness.

  9. Just another copycat remark. All this hate and discontent is broadcast via a central Marxist bureau. These morons can’t come up with anything unique. All their thoughts are generated by a think tank.

  10. Funny how when he was made a scj. The blacks were so proud, but now that he isn’t on their corrupt side he is no longer a good black guy. So much for blm . Your not black if you don’t vote for the democrats and do as they say. They want him to hand in his black card. I say only after they hand in their white supremacist cards first. Then maybe we can talk.

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